Trafficking in human organs in the U.S.


Waking up on the table for organ

A woman named Colleen Burns (Colleen Burns) recently opened her eyes and found herself on the operating table in a hospital in Syracuse (New York). Looking around, she noticed that the operations are performed on it. It was found that the doctors were going to cut her organs and send them to other surgeons, already waiting for their transplant patients.

This is not fiction. ReportedABC Newsand other news channels. It really happened.

And how did it happen? Doctors falsely declared her dead, they said that she had "heart stopped" and "irreversible brain injury." So they got a medical excuse to start operations by cutting out her heart when it still continued to fight.

It is a complete "Holy shit, I did not know about" that organ transplants — the doctors do not expect when you actually die. At least that is what normal people understand by the word "die."

You see, you and I think that the "dead" — meaning no signs of life, stopping the operation of your heart and brain. But hospitals that are making huge profits on the trafficking of human organs, there is a strong financial incentive to declare you a "dead from a medical point of view," long before you actually become dead.

In fact, they may call you a "dead", even if your heart continues to beat, but your brain is still functioning. They often do. So great is the harvest of America — Patients who are on the verge of death (but still living), simply "declared" dead, then cut out their organs, which eventually kills them.

This is a crime that happens every day in America, in which American hospitals many times been caught trafficking in human organs on the black market.

Industry with billions in revenues.

Trafficking in human organs — it is an industry that brings "income of several billion." Rich people around the world are constantly in need of new kidneys, liver, heart and other organs.

And guess who makes money on all these operations, organ transplants? Doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, of course. Organ transplantation — an extremely profitable industry — mainly because they get free bodies. Patients who killed these doctors have never paid for their organs. The fact that they are "victims" bodies, in fact, means that they give valuable body of a system that could potentially earn millions of dollars for a single donor organs.

So at that time, as the patient-donor is killed for the sake of his or her organs, doctors, cut, and organ transplants rich. Recipients of organs and medical insurance companies pay huge money for human organs, and these profits are growing because of the recipients are required to pay for the long course of anti-rejection drug, all prices, of course, determined by the monopoly policy.

In truth, the organ transplant industry focused exclusively on the money. We are talking about the dead patients who could survive if it were not cut out their organs and transplanted them to other patients in order to make millions of dollars. Moreover, these patients usually live only a few months after the transplant of them.

Transplanted organs are often damaged or infected by diseases.

Here's another dirty little illusion which organ transplant industry never will not tell you: the organs that are transplanted to other patients are often severely damaged and infected with infectious diseases.
Evidence of this only increases, take the case with Colleen Burns mentioned above. She tried to commit suicide by taking a poisonous drug combination. According to doctors, this toxic cocktail of chemicals was deadly and killed her (they declared her dead.)
However, at the same time, they claimed that her organs are healthy enough for transplant to another patient! That's why they started to cut them.
In other words, even those organs which doctors know that they are damaged toxic cocktail of chemicals will still be transplanted to other patients! (This is 100% true).
But there is something worse than that …

Organs for transplant often had hepatitis, stealth viruses, mad cow disease, etc.

In organ transplant industry lacks standards of quality. If the body continues to function in any degree, it "good enough" for tucking into a patient, even though the authority may kill him.
One of the reasons why patients often die soon after the transplant — the bodies that they receive — is infected with time bombs.
Transplant patient of heart or kidney into someone's body, for example, can infect the man suddenly hundreds or even thousands of viruses or diseases of the blood, which quickly bypass their weakened immune systems. This is compounded by the course of anti-rejection drug enforcement, which, by definition, inhibits the functioning of the immune system. Thus, at the same time as the body of the patient entered a new disease, its dosage rate compromised immunity against rejection. Not surprisingly, this is a recipe for disaster, and it's one of the reasons why many patients die shortly after transplant, "donated by donors' organs.

Iraq war veteran dies after cancerous lung transplant.

As an example, the above — the 2009 Iraq War veteran by the name of Matthew Millington (Matthew Millington) transplanted lung, which was hit by advanced cancer.

Not surprisingly, he died less than 10 months. All the doctors who participated in both operations, transplants, now pay compensation for an unsuccessful procedure? Of course not! On an organ transplant there are no guarantees and often give you a sick, defective and damaged organs that kill you. (But to pay for that patients are required!)

Right now in the United States waiting for organs for transplantation of about 100,000 people. But only a fraction of these bodies are available throughout the year. Thus, doctors are under pressure 1) when retrieving organs from people who are not quite dead, and 2) using ANY bodies as they can get, even the bodies of infected diseases.
That's it — dirty little secrets of the industry organ transplants, of which you will never tell any doctor. Expect to hear only denials, if you ask your doctor.

Holders of healthy organs "should suddenly die."

Another problem faced by the industry of organ transplants is that healthy people who take care of their bodies through healthy eating and exercise, do not tend to die quite often. The type of people who die more often (and thus, more sacrifice their bodies) — alcoholics, drug addicts, people suffering from obesity and other diseases. And this type of enforcement is most often available for transplantation: a disgusting "fatty" liver and cancerous lungs, for example.

Ideally, the organ transplant industry would like to see a lot of young and healthy people who were beheaded during a military exercise or after a car accident. As a result, would be guaranteed the supply of healthy organs suitable for transplantation.
The practice of arrests of people and enclosing them in jail, and sometimes killing them is rampant around the world, a lot more than you think. How do you think Steve Jobs received a new liver so quickly, when thousands of people were expecting it much longer? He bought it. Still, do you really think that Steve Jobs stood in line, like everyone else, and then it magically appeared for the liver, much faster than everyone else?

Presumed consent.

Around the world, a common practice of obtaining organs from those who do not speak clearly "no." These laws are called "presumed consent", and they exist only in order to ensure the supply of human organs for profit in the billions of dollars abnormal criminal organ transplant industry.
As the article explains, 2011 in British Medical Journal, these laws are "presumed consent" means that doctors can take organs of your wife, your children or other loved ones, even without asking permission from family members!
British Medical Journal says:

Presumed consent system is also known as "deviations", and means that if the deceased had expressed during the life of the rejection of being a donor, it is believed that he is willing to be. Herewith, a lack of consultation with the family.

This topic is dedicated website, which uses a lot of bright and pleasant words of images to hide the fact that it forces doctors declared dead more patients and take their organs to organ transplant industry has received billions of dollars a year. We say that the forced selection of feeds transplant industry and trade bodies.

Think about that the next time some ignorant bureaucrat will ask you to DMV: «Do you want to be an organ donor?"

Just say, "No thank you. I prefer that the doctors tried to save my life. "
Do not give doctors a reason to kill you. They are enough killing patients, even when you do not aspire to it.
Trust me and say "no" to the industry bodies. If you really want to help people, teach them to take care of their bodies, given by God — with the help of superfoods, healthy eating, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Source:Horror as patient wakes up in NY hospital with doctors trying to harvest her organs for transplant profits, Mike Adams, NaturalNews, July 11, 2013.

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