Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" is coming to Australia

Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" is coming to Australia Natural Disasters

A tropical cyclone is moving in a south-easterly direction to the north-west coast of Australia. It is predicted that "Iggy" caused numerous tornadoes in Indonesia, will bring heavy rains and storms.

Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" a tornado on the Indonesian island of Java to Bali. As a result, destroyed about 1,000 homes, with about 500 of them destroyed Seribu Islands. About 50 people were wounded, 7 died (three killed by falling trees in Purbalinga, two — in Bali — one in South Jakarta and one — in Vonosobo).

Formed in the eastern Indian Ocean, the cyclone is moving towards Australia with wind gusts 89 kilometers per hour. It is believed that the cyclone will pass near Exmouth, Western Australia, but if it fall on the land, is still unknown. Most estimates tend to models in which the cyclone will bring heavy rain and wind storm in Western Australia. Reaching Exmouth, "Iggy" will continue to move to the south-west. It may increase to 2 degrees hurricane speed of wind gusts of 150 kilometers per hour.

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