Tropical storm Flossie cross the Hawaiian Islands

The displacement of tropical storm "Flossie". © Gismeteo

July 29, 2013. Tropical storm "Flossie", which became the sixth season of tropical storms in the northeast Pacific, was born on July 24 near the Mexican coast. Monday morning local time, it will be released on the Big Island of Hawaii, and then continue to move west over the rest of the archipelago.

Despite signs of weakening in the last hours, the storm will bring dangerous surf on the island, damaging winds, intense rains and flooding. Center of the storm will pass very close to the town of Hilo? the second largest in Hawaii.

The last most destructive hurricane to Hawaii was "alien beings", which brought down the wind up to 70 m / s in September 1992. In general, due to the same name — Hawaiian — anticyclone, which is a permanent center of action of the atmosphere, the Hawaiian Islands are not frequently exposed to shocks tropical elements.

Since 1950, when officials began monitoring such events were observed only 5 times. But even a weak tropical storm in a complex orographic islands can cause disasters.

The greatest risk are concentrated in coastal resort areas. Limitations in the National Park of Hawaiian volcanoes. The park will continue to work, but some of its routes will be closed.

During Monday may fall from 100 to 200 mm of precipitation are very likely severe thunderstorms and some tornadoes.

Experts suggest that the meeting with Hawaii will not benefit the cyclone. By Tuesday morning, "Flossie" weaken and will likely dissipate into a depression or a tropical wave.

Satellite "Aqua", 23:10 GMT on July 28, 2013 © NASA

Source: News Gismeteo

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