Truth and heresy about the disaster of Kursk

Truth and Lies about the tragedy of the "Kursk"

An excerpt from the book submariner Alexander Leskov

10 years ago, August 12, 2000 that practically live on the boat was lost nuclear submarine "Kursk" — a new, fully, in the opinion of professionals, rugged. 118 people were killed. 18 months there was a consequence, the outcome of which looks like this: "The accident occurred Aug. 12, 2000 at 11:00. 28 min., In the Barents Sea at the geographic coordinates 69 degrees 37 minutes 00 seconds of sitting down. latitude and 37 degrees 34 minutes 25 seconds eastern. longitude, due to torpedo explosion 65-76A inside the torpedo tube number 4 and the future development of the explosive process in the warhead section of torpedoes that were in the first compartment submarine. "

The death of the "Kursk" was the subject of plays, movies, legends. Open a discussion of why she exploded torpedo, which, according to experts, could not be undermined for a long time, it was not accepted. Force majeure, irresistible force, no povinet. This official version, and the other is not required. Last year, broke the heavy silence recognizable submarine St. Petersburg Alexander Leskov.

Captain Alexander Leskov submarine "Kursk" was shot missiles "ground-to-ground"

Shot the submarine "Kursk": Questions and Answers

Publications in the "free press" caused a flurry of responses. People are yearning for truth. Hard not to see what a disaster "Kursk" was the prototype as if all of the following state disaster suffered by Russia in the past 10 years. Because so important to realize that all the same all the same happened in the Barents Sea, who and how to lie — and then now …

Now we publish a chapter from the book Leskov, which sheds light on the actions of a decade ago.

August 12, 2000 Time "W" — 11:00. 28 minutes.

The regular polygon in the Barents Sea.

Nuclear submarine "Kursk" (class "Antey", etc. 949) drifts in the position under the rather weak position of the northern summer wind gusts. On board the 22 supersonic missiles "Granit", 16 combat plus two "practical" (educational) torpedoes, seventeen 100 officers, enlisted servicemen, seamen and one seconded civilian. Nuclear-powered ship is the current face of the play under the title "command-and-staff exercises of the Northern Fleet."

Willingness to number 2. Raised sliding device. Work on the ventilation system
airing the freshest air compartments. Otdrait bulkhead between the first and second compartment.

First blow winged killers have in the bow compartment (rocket spontaneously brought upon protruding above the water cumbersome cutting). A powerful explosion instantly incapacitate the entire command staff, but the huge submarine, designed by tridtsatiprotsentny buoyancy in store, continues to be held on the surface regardless of the seawater intake.

Mortal Strike will cause the second guest, whose seeker also worked on an unscheduled goal …

The guys from the "Kursk" died horrible, but a happy death. Their exploits found out not only all
country and the whole world (and how many were killed earlier divers, whose names were allowed to mention only a whisper), and their bodies were interred with military honors and buried at the request of relatives (not in sealed zinc coffins, piled into a mass grave in the far northern hills , no farewell gaze wives, mothers and fathers) and their families have been unimaginable in years gone by monetary compensation, along with apartments for families in every town of the Russian Federation (instead of an insignificant one-time grants are made in past years for the existence of families in the first three months after the death of a breadwinner ). Thanks to you for this, Motherland! Thank you, President!

But why so many heresies?

It would be nice just lied spokesman Commander of the Navy, the captain of the second rank, whose father — a worthy admiral — he built in his time at khalyavnykh position and that the submarines beheld only from behind the commander of the shore pier. Good to lie to the chairman of the State Commission, which carried a nonsense of the whole world "is applied to the sunken submarine fuel (!) And hot coffee. (!) How can I submit a uranium for nuclear reactors? — Americans, I believe, were shocked by the new Russian technology!

But when they began to lie and impale people of good acting naval admirals and civilian military experts of the highest level …

A year later, the Attorney General of All Russia, to expose the picturesque background of a corpse cut nuclear submarines, as an experienced forensic anatomist, graciously spoke about very obscure causes of death submariners. Here I was not surprised. And maybe even have believed the Attorney General. If I was not a submariner. If he did not die inside a sound body …

Heresy number 1

Putin: (here and in all the expressions of the upcoming presidential taken from the transcript of the meeting with the relatives of those killed in the club section Vidjaevo placed in "Kommersant-Vlast» № 34 dated 29 August 2000).

"I'll tell you … they have also lost contact with the boat in 23 hours twelfth. Began to find. Found a 4.30 in the thirteenth … ".

Obscheflotskie command post exercise conducted in accordance with the plan, signed by the commander of the CSF and approved by the commander in chief of the Navy. Make up its smart guys, staff officers who work on it more than 2-3 months. In terms of a time of "W" is strictly regulated by the order and all the acts of each participant obscheflotskogo performance. For the smallest deviation or failure to comply with at least some serious punishment should Fri, right up to removal from office. This is only a silly Russian movies some "northern" or "southern" during military exercises show spontaneous improvisation and, with the massacre of brave and valiant races paratroopers were victorious over an imaginary foe.

If you plan on teaching nuclear submarine "Kursk" in twelve-hour day or had to go to the training torpedo attack, then in twelve zero to 5, with no connection to the Premier League team of scientists was to sound the alarm. Which probably was manufactured. Finding the sunken submarine seventeen hours is also not needed — the time "H" defined its whereabouts. Yes vpribavok besides two explosions recorded not only acousticians 7 surface ships, and the Norwegian tracking stations, having stood at 50 100 miles from the crash site.

What made these terrible command in seventeen hours, when it was still possible to save some of the people from the rear compartment? Certainly not were sitting, arms warehouse (hence these posts about bestalantnye knocks, fuel supply and coffee). Certainly, trying to help out. But it was to rescue some. By this time, the best rescue forces of the Northern Fleet were either busy filming on or sold to the firm "Nosta Metallhandels GmbH" at a price … 1 dollar. Such a fate realized ships "Octopus", "Photios Krylov", "Mikhail Marchenko," "Valentine Shishkin," "Victor Muratov" and "Nicholas Cicero." Principal adviser in the above company worked last prosecutor of the Northern Fleet citizen Katusev, organized in 80 years a second wave of persecution (the first
came in the period of the "witch-hunt" — the seventieth — 70 second's) best naval officers, under the pretext of "ideological cleaning staff." August 23, 2000 Katusev shot himself. Hardly of remorse before widows "Kursk". Most likely, the "rollback" for himself in the pocket for the sale of ships not by rank. As CEO of his company Grinin citizen who was a second sample soaked June 8, 2000.

Heresy number 2

On that fateful day icebreaker was in the normal range for combat training surface ships. The depth under the keel a little more than 100 meters. No self-respecting submarine commander would not sink into this place, even at a depth of 40-60 meters in length submarine 154 meters — is idiotic. Although some unauthorized trim by the bow or the stern, even at low rates of stroke, lead to hitting bottom. And even more so excludes swimming in the area of American submarine — something their commanders and navigators cretins is not exactly call. So Makar, shirokomyslennaya rattle on the television version of the collision with the Yankees — nonsense! Both fleets — the Northern and Pacific — in the history of the nuclear submarine fleet was over 10 ka collision with submarines "potential enemy" (pursuit procession — the main part of our strategy and American fleets), and they all dents came to an end, destruction or damage of the cabin enclosure strong case.

And it looks absolutely incredible version of the attack "Kursk" torpedoes from a U.S. submarine. No need to start a cancer of the stone, ladies and gentlemen, and divert attention from the basic fact of the disaster.

Putin: "Television? Means lying. Means lying. Means lying.

There's people on television who now lie the most and who for 10 years destroyed that army and navy, which now kill people. Right now they are at the forefront of the defense of the army, too, in order to discredit and final collapse of the army and navy. For a couple of years they have stolen money and is now becoming … The funds stolen, purchased the media and manipulate public attitudes. That's it. Difficult question, unfortunately, with the media disk imaging. I agree with you that at least some moral there must be respected. "

Golden words, sire president! In other words, the Prime Minister said. If they are supported by certain deeds — the prices they would not …

In the first day of death in the message of "Kursk" (on the third day after the actual death), a senior naval officer case mentioned, that "… the boat lying on the ground with raised drawer …" This is indirectly confirmed to me at the press conference edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and the first commander of the "Kursk", which showed a photo of the deceased special department boat to consult on the status of missile silos "Granite". Pull-out device on the submarine rise up only when the submarine surfaced or positional position. Later, when lifting the boat, they were safely cut off along with the main witness of the disaster — the first compartment.

Heresy number 3

Showing all the incredible stupidity of the High Command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

At the ORT channel on August 22, the only Russian marshal as Minister of Defense Sergeyev citizen publicly said that next to the "Kursk" someone sonar found "an unidentified underwater object." But they coined the term "NGO" has taken root among the people.

Unrecognized version number 4 — the basic version of the death of the "Kursk", which told its own people personally Attorney General.

If you try to torpedo shooting accident occurred a spontaneous explosion in the torpedo tube and, allegedly, two (!) Part of the explosion tore the front and back covers of torpedo tubes. In the Bay started the fire and immediately (optom!) detonated torpedo, turns a quarter of the submarine. And now sonar submarine ships documented, Tipo, eight successive explosions …

Let's go in order.

From the report submitted by the command of the Northern Fleet in the commission of inquiry into the death of the "Kursk", "… on the left side of the submarine in the 24th bulkhead between the first and second compartment Found hole the size of 2×3 meters. The edges of the holes are bent inward and melted … ". Means the outer strike took place to be, since the edge bent inwards. But let's say that the guys were wrong. Let's go back to the torpedo explosion. For such a giant as the "Kursk" — a bedbug bite elephant in the ass. There was a fire in the first compartment, which was perfectly ventilated and gaseous impurities such as antimony hydrogen accumulated in the compartment could, the fire could not be greater. It was a time of personnel at an emergency announcement excitement zadraivanie mezhotsechnyh bulkheads, and the commander just had time to make an emergency ascent from blowing ballast and give notification (signal number 3 passes for 0.05 micron / sec) on
Tragedy on a submarine. Even more awful big fire occurred in 1967 in the torpedo room "K-3": flaming people broke into the second compartment, but the commander of the compartment cap. Lieutenant Painter performed its own duty to the end and closed the back zadraennuyu focusing knob, blocking access to the third and the following sections.

Further, as the highest commission to the "Kursk" detonated some part of the 22 torpedoes and smashed down and remains in the first two compartments. More than doubtful …

The term "detonation" in this case is unacceptable because it can not generally torpedo detonated — fitted at their three levels of protection. At the very highest temperature (greater than 3-thousand degrees) can be blown up ammo, but … in-1's, when the first explosion torn covers torpedo compartment in a gushing seawater. This is the important factor to reduce the combustion temperature. In-2, torpedoes could not detonate all at once (because the commission and were far-fetched, "eight" bombings, allegedly heard underwater acoustics. But all reports previously appeared only two explosions: in 11.28 and 11.30). Even admitting the possibility of a torpedo explosion of ammunition from the ultra-high-temperature introduced through the breach seawater would be very localized heat source … Because, sir last attorney general, your version is not fully suitable for people whose best years of his life were strong inside the housing.

November 24, 2000 in The Hague, was a demonstration video showing the state of the bow of the "Kursk", made with spices, "Mstislav Keldysh", the movie clearly confirmed the catastrophic and complete destruction of the strong body of the submarine, which could not have come from the explosion of one or 2-torpedoes . (By the way, in blocks or flashed by a torpedo or torpedo tubes were lying next to the remains of the boat).

Commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Popov (like a real explorer kept to the last, on the glasses, do not behave like an idiot, nonsense in front of the TV cameras did not carry)

— I will try to do everything, I will strive to do my whole life, so look into the eyes of the man who organized this tragedy "(?)

And what a particular person brave admiral was going to look in the eye? However, had the courage to not forever, and his chief of staff and the sovereign Motsak, who stood in formation on time "commentators" rapidly calmed sinecure in top positions (apparently as punishment …)

Mysterious "deeply personal," a posthumous note by Captain Dima Kolesnikov. (In its own beautiful book "From" Thrasher "to" Kursk "smart, one of the most competent divers practitioners, too, started his career with the first atomic" K-3 ", and then passed through a s
ubmarine's second and third generations, Admiral Nicholas G. Mormul great spoke about the role of this Russian lieutenant-captain … Being as Head of Technical Department of the Northern Fleet Kohl Mormul received full credit for his loyal service to his beloved homeland, which sent him to 18 months in jail on trumped-up Murmansk hackneyed pretext of embezzlement of funds fabulous … Thank God, Kohl's and it withstood the test!)

So here, Lieutenant-Commander — this is a fully developed military officer. And he could not Dmitry Kolesnikov write in his own posthumous letter — first! — About the causes of the unfolding disaster. Being in the rear compartment, he could not know the details, but it is probably a fact outlined fatal blow … And there was this note one phrase option will become transparent, and despite all the halo of secrecy around the "personal" letter — "… I they would shoot them all … ". A submarine guns there. Means Dima dreamed fulfill his desire to shore. If Kolesnikov's own suicide note written about the explosion of the torpedo, it is a message not only would not classify, but exactly the opposite — to be presented as the primary confirmation confirming the municipal version.

And, in the end, unfairly unnoticed article in the newspaper "Moscow News" of investigative journalism in the part concerning the testing of new missiles like "Granite" CDB staff "Diamond" (Khimki), conducted in the period from 2 to 12 th August 2000 year and included in the plan of command and staff exercises of the Northern Fleet. Shooting a new missile was performed not with the ship's systems. What tests are completed? — The story tactfully silent.

All who have tried to consider the prerequisites catastrophe "Kursk" finished their articles, essays and books on the same apparent phrase: "… the truth no one ever finds out …".

And those who need it — right? Relatives of the victims? — They were well compensated and, most proper, calm down … well, maybe just a naval father Dima Kolesnikova beating his head against the wall … The relatives and friends who died in the "K-3", "K-8", " K-429 "," K-219 ", the ill-famed titanium Komsomolets" K-278 "did not get a hundredth bit of attention in comparison with the" Kursk ".

Earlier, the truth was needed. Its scratch out the particles of highly classified documents in a whisper passed from mouth to mouth the surviving witnesses of the tragedy, were sitting in jail as an excellent commander of the "K-429" Nikolay Suvorov, the last at the risk of life left the submarine to get 10 years camp on the shore. The truth was needed,
the next generation of nuclear submarines did not go out to sea on the orders fearful of command, with the unprepared for the service crews, so as not to burn down the submariners in a sturdy case because of structural defects on the electrical system, that knew how to fight the threat of radiation, etc.

For a long time it seemed to me that the truth of "Kursk" useless. Since nuclear submarines of the Russian Federation actually ended up there. But now people have doubts in the official version. And if you live a doubt — there is hope that we will know the whole truth. Personally, I still believe it.

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