Truth and heresy Afgan

Truth and Lies of AfganConfessions of a lieutenant colonel emergency services to ensure Army (Rapid Equipping Force — ARF) Daniel Davis placed in the Armed Forces Journal («Army Journal"), should be translated one hundred percent. Just do not allow the format of the newspaper, well, almost all of what he says Russian reader is very familiar. If at the time a lieutenant-colonel in the Russian Army in Afghanistan has been able to publish what he beheld in the country, it would come out virtually the same picture. D.Devis writes: "My service in the ARF was associated (last year) with a visit to all the important places where our soldiers faced in the enemy … I have covered over 9,000 miles in Kandahar, Kunar, Ghazni, Khost, Paktia, Kunduz, and Nandagare other provinces … And all that I beheld, and heard, has nothing to do with the official statements of the brave U.S. military commanders on the situation there … At first, I sincerely hope pinned to make sure that these statements — the truth that the situation in Afghanistan is improving, his government and the military are on the road to self-sufficiency. I did not expect any dramatic change — only his hopes to behold let small, but alternate progress. Instead, I witnessed the complete lack thereof, in fact at any level. "

It was the second trip to Afghanistan, Lieutenant Colonel. He's there already waged war in 2005-06, previously participated in the Iraq operation "Desert Storm" in 2008-09 was again in Iraq.

In the last round of its own, it was oriented as inspector of ARF. In his puzzle was to find a situation in which there are military units and their needs. Running it, he met with scattered around the country by military patrols, with representatives of all the armed forces of various ranks, with Afghan military officials and civilians, including elders of the villages.

"I beheld the untold difficulties experienced by troops in an attempt to appease even some areas — he writes — I've heard a lot of stories about how the Taliban are kept under the control of each piece of land out of sight of the garrisons of U.S. troops or international forces (ISAF). And I beheld neither the 1st evidence that local authorities are able to provide a normal life for people. Many Afghan civilians read as I did not want to have anything to do with the greedy and corrupt local authorities. At times, I watched as Afghan troops voedinyzhdy connected with the rebels. "

Lieutenant Colonel knows how to Kandahar, vorachivayas after patrol base, he heard the gunfight. Going to the command post base, he saw that the base commander and his assistants watch the video picture of how the Taliban stormed south american only roadblock is just a mile from the base. Two Afghan police cars blocked the road, cutting off the rebels escape route. But here's two Taliban bikes headed to the car. The base commander on the radio said that the Afghans so that they have suspended the Taliban. Zero attention — Afghan police "not heard" a couple of times repeated warning, and the picture showed how the bikes slowly drove past the car and disappeared.

But the story of how last January in Kunar province near the border with Pakistan lieutenant colonel visited the 1st Squadron, 32 Cavalry (Motorized) Division. Together with his patrol he came to the base of the Afghan police, two hours back attacked by the Taliban. Through a translator, he asked the captain, commander of the base, from which the attack was made. He showed his hand in the direction of the mountains. "What do you usually undertake in similar situations? — He asked the commander. — Organizing a chase? "When the phrase was translated, the captain looked at the lieutenant colonel was surprised and laughed, and otsmeyavshis, he said:" No! We do not pursue. It's not safe! "And in the division have confirmed that the Afghan police rarely even look out of their own base, so that the Taliban are free to do what you want.

Davis disputed the Afghan advisor command of the American army in Kunar on culture. Here's the transcript:

— In the Afghan army prepared to significant strength. Are they able to keep the area after it left the South American troops?

— No. Not fully capable. At the moment there everywhere troops negotiate with the Taliban: Taliban do not shoot the military, the military — to the Taliban. If any Taliban captured, it will soon be released. After all, when the Taliban come back (after the scheduled departure at 2014 Yankees), many people, especially people like me, who worked with the coalition forces will need them to survive.

The interpreter told the lieutenant colonel, as the Taliban cracking down on those who cooperate with the Yankees — just kill, sparing them or their loved ones. And no one, including the Yankees, is not able to prevent this. Killed nearly a 2-steps from the U.S. bases.

"And it's not happening in the first years of his stay of our troops in Afghanistan, and after more than a decade — has been criticized Colonel. — No change! "

Said Daniel Davis and how falling morale of U.S. fighter. Also in Kandahar, he checked the unit where some soldier were killed in a clash with the Taliban. One of them, the last nearly the entire war from start to finish, took a special love of comrades. The unit commander said Davis, "How now, I look at my eyes guys, how do we get from them for a day or a day to go to the task? How do I report spouses and mothers that their sons and wife died for something completely stupid? "And the soldiers in that unit openly admitted that they dream that they be wounded. "I agree lose a leg — said some of them — I hope — the left …"

Lieutenant colonel writes that what you have seen and heard fairly reflected in their own reports. As did his colleagues. But the army's top management and the management of the country continue to make sure that everything goes according to plan, all the better. "Our reports were simply ignored" — outraged Davis. — How many more people have to die in an unsuccessful, in spite of all the life-affirming approval of the high command in Afghanistan mission? No one expects that the plans of our favorites are always successful. But people are living, fighting and dying there should at least hear the last of our favorites is the truth about what is happening. "

This confession to the South American military readers of the magazine can be a novelty, but for us, coming from the country, plenty to war in Afghanistan — deja vu. And the lack of progress, despite the efforts of the troops sent there, and the creation of local regulars parts, and the heresy of the top military and political control, and falling morale and wasted lives lost and enormous monetary and material loss.

Davis does not analyze why this is happening. I would like to express their thoughts on the matter. Afghan failure — that the Russian, the South American — can explain only a utopian political and outdated military doctrines. Russian Alliance tried to impose socialism feudal living in clan traditions of the most stringent Shariah society, United States — democracy. Neither one nor the other is not taking root there and can not settle down. "West is West, East is East …" — no matter how commonplace this quote from R. Kipling. Moreover, if in colonial times Kipling social resistance was still possible to suppress a ruthless force, it was dead rebels wrapping pork skins,
in our humanistic it is excluded. Means, and it made no sense to try to pull people into a modern one, and besides, the western civilization. Means there was no point in keeping it a large contingent of its own and allied troops, to make sacrifices. Let them live as willing as they can.

I look forward to the question: how then to protect the interests of our country in the world, how to react when we stormed, and attacks can be Straseni like 9/11? And this is the question of the concept of modern warfare.

The last war that gave States the winners of dignity, some, sorry, the benefits ended at the turn of the past two centuries. And now even more so there is no point to win, even at the time, any locality, some people — for themselves at a loss, not to mention the casualties on both sides. Another thing is that encroaching upon the interests of the country (society of states) should be prevented, and for the military action against the country aggressively punished, so teach it. That's what should be the duty of modern and well-equipped army, that's what has to be based on the concept of modern warfare: a hard one-off response — when using the short landing airborne special forces when using point-bombing. Funds more than enough.

I will say that someone may seem blasphemous, but convincing and sufficient response to 9/11 would be the Convention's bombing charges Afghan government installations, maybe houses, inhabited by its leaders, who supported al-Qaeda, and a tactical nuclear strike on Toro Boro, where they sat down bin Laden and his ilk. That would be, by the way, more humane and the Afghan and their own people, if lead is a 12-year bloody, standing almost a trillion dollars war.

That's just the people who did not notice the report of Lieutenant Colonel Davis and his colleagues did the same want to admit it. So how many of them will then irrelevant. And politicians do not want. It is easier to touch up paints rosy picture painted once utopian …

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