Truth and heresy Syrian War

Truth and Lies Syrian War

Not destroyed by helicopter at the airport "Taftanaz."

In war, everything must be in the war. Information on the rules of war are the same. But some "information front men" apparently soon started to overdo it. Or the customer requests impracticable, or the situation in "sponsored" absolutely disgusting. Yes, we are at the moment is, of course, about the Syrian "rebels" are also those who covers them. And in terms of information, too …

So here, now there was another incident. Are popular Russian Internet publication "Lenta.Ru", which in the framework of the reflection of the conflict in Syria, in his own one-sided coverage of the events of early recall Qatari "Al-Jazeera", broke out the next "sensation." It turns out "Assad has lost the largest helicopter base in the north of Syria". We are in the material "Lenta.Ru" comes to the airport "Taftanaz", which for several weeks stormed the terrorists. With all of this, journalists "Lenta.Ru" as proof of his own words gunmen shot lead roller, which, Again the same for disk imaging "Lenta.Ru" shot a man who "Located on a hill a few kilometers from the airfield". With such success can comment about capturing anything. By the way, even with the captured video so far distance clearly visible fighters defending the base Syrian army helicopters and undamaged. But without looking at so trivial facts, this heresy has started to spread, and some other Russian media. By the way, the Syrian province (also the city of the same name), which is located in airfield "Taftanaz" It's all the same Idleb, Idlib and not, as is "competent" states "Lenta.Ru"!

Truth and Lies Syrian War

— By the Syrian Arab army repositions. Aerodrome "Taftanaz."

This heresy of the "group of informational support of Syrian terrorists" might already far not the first time. It is not so long ago, "Al-Jazeera" has already expelled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Venezuela. For all this, instead of some of emigration, Bashar al-Assad delivered last Sunday to the people of Syria in Damascus Theater of Opera and explicitly stated that remain in their own homeland — Syria, together with his people forever!

But if there is heresy, means there is truth … The truth of today's war in Syria is the deepest catastrophe of the Syrian people, who underwent intervention from outside. Constructive Islamists gathered from all over the Near East, Africa and even Europe, at the expense of Qatar and Saudi Arabia have waged war against Syria. Training terrorists instructors of NATO. Member of the block NATO — Turkey, provides a terrain for militant bases, warring against Syria, also has a supporting role in this war. What do the Islamists design and NATO? What they do not hit one hundred percent secular Syrian mode which support to many years of peaceful co-existence of many ethnic groups and religions in Syria?! Why ordinary Syrians suffer from sanctions krivodushnyh West to undermine the already weakened economy of Syria?

Answers to these questions are obvious. This is the real true this war, hostages and whose victims are usually innocent civilians. This happens only in order to comply with the interests of a narrow group of people in the Middle East and overseas who wish to omit the whole region into chaos of the Middle Ages. What would happen to the state, which is against the will of the subject of "democratization" can look at the example torn apart by chaos local conflict Libya. In Libya, the "democracy" defeated and instead of a rich and powerful country — out: poverty, civil strife and bloody showdown 2-thousand tribes. At the moment, more immersed in chaos and Egypt, the United States sold to Qatar came to power, "Muslim Brotherhood." The same fate of these "puppet masters" have prepared and Syria. This infection at the moment and is opposed to the Syrian people! Here's the truth of this war …

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