Truth and untruth about the events in Libya

Truth and untruth about the events in Libya

Prior to that, explain why not share that beheld and experienced in Libya, immediately upon arrival at the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations first board — on a cargo plane Il-76. Also tell you why I decided to write about it at the moment.

In 1-x, the whole flow of misinformation which gushed from the horns of Middle Eastern, Western and Russian media at the beginning of clashes in the east of the country, put me in a deadlock. I could not understand why Twitter and Facebook every 10 seconds, there were reports in which it was suggested that "the fire enveloped in all areas of Tripoli, that the skirmishes between the police and the rebels, and the death toll has exceeded 100 people," at the While I quietly working in the office of the company. I puzzled at first, "Let him in our area all relaxed. But you can not vouch for the other. " Decided to check out. Talked with our Libyan drivers. Those in one voice uttered that all the areas in the center and quiet, no disturbances. They can believe, because they are whole days are long romp through the town and down. And in the next, after the evacuation, I'm cautious, trying to catch a particle of truth in the weeds of heresy, which is readily perceived by faith and exaggerated our TV. In the end, I came out of the impasse, realizing that rely only on his observations and memoirs, telling my Libyan friends, with notes of our citizens, who also happened to be witnesses of the Libyan drama. And to keep quiet any longer.

Who exactly a week since the bombing of Tripoli began coalition forces. And before that, for almost a whole month was carefully planned psychological attack, which ended in victory for the United States. One has only to think — who still have enough in our time so much money and influence to lead this kind of large-scale information war to keep the ballet shoes for the management of large news agencies!

At the beginning of the unrest in the middle of February, Cyrenaica in Libya did not have international correspondents all the latest information on the situation in the east of the country, clashes and rebel militia came from the Qatari channel "Al Jazeera". She picked up the Dubai channel "Al Arabiya", and then CNN, BBC, FRANCE24 and our media. February 20, the other day the riots in Tripoli, my friends and I went to the greenish area. There was held a rally in support Gaddafi, similar in that the story of the last days are: a few hundred rabid youth representatives greenish waving flags and shouting frequent slogan of the day: "Muammar Muhammad, Libya — and more!". By Omar Mukhtar Street — the main street of the town — raced cars, pasted posters of favorites. Were sitting on the hood of reckless daredevils, peeping out of the windows screaming men and maidens in the greenish head scarves. In the center of the square were set wide land banners subsequent reading "Al-Jazeera — offspring of Zionism", "Qatar's lying," etc. Passing by young people in their care. Not far was undeveloped improvised scene, which came so beloved of the Libyan youth reggae. There were a lot of intoxicated that magnificently for Libyans: they never occur in a similar position in a public place. Created a very sad feeling of desolation and hopelessness. These guys from the so-called youth committees paid the government for the fact that they took to the streets and pobesnovalis for creating visibility of popular support for the favorite. As well as pro-Western players, skillfully guiding the mass sentiment in any required direction, paid the opposition youth. After all, is to look at their faces — unprincipled, idle, empty gaze — it is clear that fool you. This is not the heroes of the revolutionary enthusiasm of the Cuban young men and women who supported barbudas at the end of the 1950s., And courageous protests Prague residents in 1968. Demonstrators from both sides in the Libyan conflict — is screaming "revolutionary meat." And ordinary Libyans — ordinary workers, traders, managers, clerks, engineers — just standing to the side of the rebellion, relaxed and generally doing their daily work. There is an old Jewish proverb: "When young people laughing, old age thinks." While the young loafers rallied Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and parasitism youth sang eulogies custom-Gaddafi Libyans reasonable, far from politics and, perhaps, far not all sympathetic favorite, but the faithful his own fatherland, and wrapped in a sense of duty, just worked. Since everyone needs bread, so as not to starve to death, are all in need of gasoline, clothes, electricity and tap water — things that do not reflect the protesters.

The main purpose of the step information war waged against Libya, was to sow panic among the population and, more importantly, in the midst of foreign people working in Libya. After all foreigners should leave the country — it is possible without a twinge of conscience of its western bomb without fear of international scandals related to their likelihood of death from NATO bombs. Main same puzzle the Western establishment with a vengeance fulfilled: inspired the entire world that Gaddafi — a villain, the second Hussain (by the way, is reprinted comparison leitmotif runs in news reports, analytical articles, talk shows). Recall the constantly repeated frames of mass gatherings in humus, careening through the mass of the car with armed men. These shots were given by different channels — both Russian and European — but the place of events varied: it was Tobruk, then Ajdabiya, the Benghazi. Let's remember to whom quoted news agencies … On ephemeral riots witnesses who wrote about developments in blogs and social networks. All the messages were awesome character: the massacre of peaceful inhabitants kaddafievskimi mercenaries, overcrowded clinics wounded, constant bombing … dial in to our staff from Benghazi after a couple of days after the beginning of the unrest. He said that in the town all relaxed, open shops, banks operate. The only dirty and a lot of garbage left behind by the rebels after the squares and streets. Another observation: direct attention to whom quoted news agencies, passing a summary of events from the Libya. On the company to protect human rights "Human Rights Watch", sponsored by the South American financier and philanthropist George Soros lobbyist. In the Near East for its own organization aims to sponsor the fight against authoritarian Arab regimes. The question is, where did they reliable information about the events in Libya, the way in which, for the Western media usually ordered?

Gaddafi forces bombed Tripoli, Tripoli International Airport was opened. While we amicable column heading from the embassy towards the airport, you do not see either of the 1st sign of damage — it seemed city living world. And this despite the burning of police stations, violent shootouts, overflying tracers and covered with artificial barriers streets and alleys in residential areas of the town. At the airport, took ostentatious demonstration in support of Gaddafi. There was a sense that a greenish odezhki Costumed men and girls want to prove: "We are all very well, do not give in to provocations. Do not leave. " I met a friend at the airport military translator of Tripoli suburb Tadzhura said that while "Al-Jazeera" aired reports of inhumane bombing, "there were so quiet that you could hear the birds sing." Employees of "Tatneft" in one voice
said that there, in the south, in tysche kilometers from the capital, and know they were not aware of riots and clashes that took place in the coastal areas of the country. They were told to evacuate, they were shocked. For what? But in order that we could put together management of things, leaving, as we do, all the facilities, equipment, technology, and moved in the direction of Tripoli.

Meanwhile, in the central streets of the town on the morning after the first night rebel clashes with the police were lying dead, the sidewalks were covered with blood. In the depths of the soul lingers anxiety — and that if true would be a terrible war? Now, after a few weeks after the evacuation, just talk about what was necessary to stay, to stay together, to ride out the mess. Then, according to my theory, the presence of the peaceful people of foreign military intervention would have contained the United States and Europe. But what is past is past.

In the 10 th of March contacted tripol'sko friends. They were in charge of that city lives an ordinary life. Operate ATMs, banks, shops, a school. He was called back enthusiastically talk about the fact that we still have almost everything you need to get done. Called them a few days back, after the start of the military operation of NATO … to report that most of the dead and the wounded — the peaceful inhabitants. Afraid to go out. Impose on the fact that for them to intercede Our homeland and China (in fact they should be interested in helping Libya, they built a metal road, working on the implementation of several large projects in the country). My colleague called up with our Libyan employees. In the 1st brother died with his family during the bombing Tadzhura, 2nd rushing through the town in search of food products to feed their families. Food in the town of hell is not enough. Such stories weave. Since so loudly sounding phrase "surgical bombing" — is nothing more than a myth. Yes, the modern myth of those in power, that the media "eaten", but not a lot of feverish at the thought of genocide and oppression of human rights. South American, English, French soldier does not care about the peaceful inhabitants of a Libya where the existence or whereabouts of which he had never known (as, by the way, and the absolute majority of our people.) Since Libya into the modern post-industrial era of advanced electric media has never been a newsmaker. And, at first, since the average soldier do not care who to shoot and that bombard. Unless, of course, he is not the hero of film-war movie, tormented by remorse and guilt. This soldier instilled disdain for all things related to the East. Terror Middle East, Near East oppressed lady — is also myths of modern society. If you continue the theme, we can say that our consciousness of many legends that are distributed and blown up by the same media.

Speeches of American anti-globalization demonstrations in antimilitarist against external military intervention in Libya also seem to be orchestrated. U.S. wants to show that apart from their "hawks" is "doves." I think genuine Greek youth rallies against the war in Libya, antimilitarist performances Egyptian activists in Cairo. Although, perhaps, I am very critical. In the end, we have nothing to brag — Russian trade unions and the left side of the shares in international solidarity.

I do not want to share forecasts. In general, as the Ernest Hemingway (and I agree with him), "it is impossible to write about the war, as a virgin, she mom until she give birth." Media were trading information, but forget about the truth. In pursuit of sensation, they accepted on faith incomprehensible information, and in an ambitious quest to be the first to contribute to the spread of heresy. The situation is similar to the one that has developed first war in South Ossetia when the Western press is under pressure from the Georgian media (not ruled out support for the same accidents USA) has accused Russia of unleashing war on the territory of Georgia. Then, apart from the main front, electric front was opened in the web, in what was a real war Russian and Georgian bloggers. The fight proceeded as in Russian, and the zabugornyh websites, and we eventually won. At this point it's time to go back to the international arena and to write about right and wrong in the military conflict in Libya.

In conclusion, I will tell about the mood inside Libyan society. I spent 9 months in the country — is not that quite a few, many, and not so much to stay indifferent to the lives of Libyans. Much of the support of Gaddafi, who is a role model for many boys and proud Libyans. After all, he already leads the country in '41 for a very special way, putting into practice the concept of Jamahiriya — the power of the masses. Let them, the theory presented in the infamous "Green Book", far away does not always coincide with the practice (no free food distributions, based on the actual needs of the population, not fully implemented the concept of "armed people", not respected the concept of accessories, etc.). But in a country held and conducted are popular social reform (which is a lot said in the articles of our journalists), systematically put into practice is unparalleled in the world of project "The Great Man-Made River." At the same time, the Favorita has its own reasonable opposition. It condemns Gaddafi for his fabulous accumulation of foreign exchange in European banks, for ossification of the ruling top, for the lack of freedom of speech. Young people looking telly, uses Web, which revealed to them the whole world, and begins to associate the economic situation in the Jamahiriya with an abundance of wealth in modern Europe and America. They understand that with proper flow of huge funds received by the state from oil alone (about $ 50 billion. Dollars per year) country can develop a much more spirited pace: to build factories, develop urban infrastructure to irrigate more land than if it is done at the moment, the strengthening food security of the country. Slowly progressing the development of tourism and abilities for which abound in Libya. The older generation like obscure, in his view, the actions of Gaddafi, taken by him in 1970, the 80th, when he was at war with Chad, has provided military support to the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, organized public executions of Libyan dissidents from the local intelligentsia.

With all the pluses and minuses, Muammar Gaddafi held firmly and with dignity in power, while his Tunisian and Egyptian counterparts fled the country after the start of public unrest. Shameless and krivodushnaya military operation of NATO, the hunt hope will unite the warring parties in the face of external aggressor. But they do not stand alone. It's sad that Gaddafi threw his best friend Berlusconi that are silent, the Arab States and Qatar, on the contrary, treacherously sends its Air Force in support of coalition forces. Weary stone hanging load of guilt for the fact that our home did not enjoy the right to "veto" by voting for the adoption of the 1953rd Security Council resolution, simply abandoning his own principal economic partner, and almost the only remaining ally in the Middle East. Apparently, our management has a personal interest in making such flegmantichnoy position.

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