Trying to impartial analysis of the problem of the Russian-Polish relations from the perspective of a Pole


Fears Nicholas (1828-1896.) — Russian philosopher, essayist, literary critic, and a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

What porozhdaet enmity exciting polyakov protiv russkih? Let us try to grasp unto nastroenie polyakov, perenesem unto itself ih polozhenie and budem review? Sh ih be the point sp? Niya.

Obviously Chrome? prichin kosmopoliticheskih and natsionalnyh unto the hostility vhodit still odin element that kak nam seems very much objectified? lyaet gf lo. Poles are excited protiv nas also kak narod protiv educated people changed? Obrazovannago e neobrazovannago or even at all. Whatever the reasons Ks fight? But odushevlenie fight obviously voplamenyaetsya t? Nb that ting one hand is taken narod civilized, and other Sh — barbarians.

Takov work at th? R? should be vzglyad polyakov. To ub? Ditsya unto deep gf ystvitelnosti this reason, kak constituent element of hostility, stoit just remember that polskiy narod them? Et fully entitled to consider himself unto tsivilizatsii par? with the Sun? mi other European nations, and that naprotiv on nas they hardly mogut review? otherwise be kak on varvarov.

Poland was the beginning ot par? ting the rest of Europe. Wm? Article? ting other Western nations, it adopted Catholicism, the same ting other developed unto my spiritual life. Bb naukah, unto iskustvah, unto literatures?, Markups in the Sun? Xb proyavleniyah tsivilizatsii she ever competed ting fraternize and other members of the European family and has never been unto her chlenom otstalym or chuzhim. Vot kak unto kratkih slovah govorit volume etom IA Cyrus? Evskiy:

"The Polish aristokratiya unto XV and XVI century? For? Was notonly samoyu educated, but samoyu shiny, samoyu scientist unto Europe?. Thorough znanie inostrannyh languages have, a profound izuchenie drevnih klasiko, unusual razvitie umstvennyh and obschezhitelnyh darovaniy puteshestvennikov and were surprised vsegdashniy predmet relyatsiy nablyudatelnyh panskih nuntsiev that time. Pers? dstvie this education litratura was amazingly rich. Its scientists were komentarii drevnih klasikov, udachnyya and neudachnyya podrazhaniya, pisannyya part on schegolskom polskom, partly on obraztsovom latinskom language?., numerous and important transfers, withdrawals koih n ? to that por-sih-honored exemplary, eg kak? pv perevod Tassa; drugie dokazyvayut depth ray of light? scheniya, eg kak? pv perevod Sun? xb sochineniy Aristotle Sd? lanny even unto the XVI century? for?. Bb one tsarstvovanie Sigismund III shone 711 keV? stnyh literaturnyh imen, and pain? rhe? Nb unto eighty gorodah bezprestanno tipografii worked. "

Takim obrazom Poles mogut review? Kak be over for quite narod? evropeyskiy, mogut identify themselves k "countries? chudes the saints", Ks this great west, sostavyaet top chelov? quality and containing unto SEB? central tok chelov? cal istorii.

And we? What are we, the Russkiy? Budem not fool ourselves, try to understand kakim vzglyadom should review? Nas be on the Poles and all Europeans. They are pre-sih-por no prichislyayut nas Ks his commandments? Ne seven?, Despite our usiliya Ks join her. Our istoriya was accomplished fin? Flax and will not chap? Lyali ting Europe has sudeb Her or Her razvitiya. Our nyn? Shnyaya tsivilizatsiya, our science, literature, and so it all just to them? Et istoriyu all this recently and bl? Bottom, kak belated and vehemently podrazhanie. We do not boast mozhem nashim razvitiem not see? Em to put yourself in a number of other ting ball? Happy e tribes.

Tak on nas smotryat and ourselves chuvstvuem that many spravedlivago unto etom look?. Unto the present moment, it is over the counter ting Poles, we unwittingly began to look unto SEB? some points of support, and what do we find? Our thoughts turn Ks single visible and clear proyavleniyu narodnago spirit, Ks our state. One in nas is: we have created, defended and ua? Drank our state q? Cavity, we obrazuem huge and cr? Pkoe state to them? Em their ability, independent life. Not a few were for nas unto etom otnoshenii hazards and ispytaniy, but we braved the ih, we cr? To stand for the idea of self-sufficiency and independence, and now if you complain, they? Em sad advantage samih complain about yourself, not to drugih.

Well but this iz cl? Duet? Nas for independence is a great blessing, but kakov Her mozhet be in? Sh unto glazah drugih? Nam skazhut that the state certainly has the capability of independent life, but still not the most lives. The state is a form of very simple, very basic proyavlenie. Most dikie and primitive peoples unto easily folded state. If the state cr? FFP, it certainly horoshiy Znak, but only Znak only hope of having the first zayavlenie national life. And because our praise nashim gosudarstvom nam mogut holes? Tak chat: no sporit you barbarians podayuschie bolshiya hope, but t? Nb NEMEN? F you are still barbarians.

And vot is the wound that is more or less razberezhaet polskiy vopros. On stoit nam netolko blood and deneg, notonly sostavlyaet ulcer, which stradaet ot t? Lesnyya, physical life Rossiya — n? Mh, on each connector has withdrawn pain internally, on navodit on nas after a hard thought his insides, deep side. Kak soon we ponder unto nastroenie polyakov, we can not help to feel it otrazhenie on nashem sobstvennom nastroenii.

Poprobuem only bring cl? Dstviya iz predyduschago. It is clear that the Poles should review? Houses for nas ting high? Riem, it is clear that the lifting vliyaniem vrazhdebnyh otnosheniy ih high? Rie should strengthen tyasyachekratno, to reach last? Days of possible border. Etot element neizb? Zhno and potoyanno prisutstvuet unto etom in? Kovom discord?; Sostavlyaet on odin iz samyh glubokih and chistyh his istochnikov and pridaet usiliyam and fight? polyakov infinitely-geroicheskiy harakter. Unhappy narod! Kak hard you feel all dolzhen nesorazm? Polarity of your polozheniya ting tvoim vysokim ponyatiem of SEB? W? Nb above your tsivilizatsiya, h? Nb thinner you feel h? Nb gracefully? S say, h? Nb clear? S for you and your virtues drugih t? Nb deeper Teb? to suffer, t? Nb unbearable? s for you whatever it was pens? ting on the sides? tvoih changed? tsivilizovanyh e sopernikov. Your high culture is for you nakazanie. Gd? another tribe could still accept and submit, tam impossible for you primirenie no, no humility.

These are the feelings polyakov and we always bol?'s Or changed? Th ih understood. We accepted the share of equity unto ih high? Rii and lyrics? Dstviem it was smirenie pered ih education. This is reflected even smirenie historically and very clearly. Only recently has become strong? Th and strong? Trebovanie e speak to Sun? of imperii, prichastnyya European tsivilizatsii, used sometimes more, sometimes less, different advantages and benefits. Why did this happen — it is clear, the reason was involuntarily Felt excellence and because we r? RCD murmured and complained predpochtenie, give, kak says pasynkam pered a family? Tmi. This also should include the Sun? t? benefits from kotoryya nas generally falls to the lot and inozemtsam inoplemennikam evropeyskago proiskhozhdeniya.

Itak clear?'s Or dark?'s We chuvstvuem failure of our obrazovaniya and fight ting Poles alive? Rhe? Nb everything else should turn our thoughts to nas samih nam and remind our lower level unto row tsilizovannyh narodov. Tut, we just feel more mozhem nesorazm? Polarity of our national strength ting nashim nravstvennym znacheniem.

Bb etom sense? vopros them? et huge posted? ry. Bb samom gf l? Poles obviously ting this point sp? niya might not agree even become ting us just?. Tak Sun kak iz? Xb slavyanskih plemen once they have reached a higher culture, by law, by the id? E im should have the main role unto slavyanskom mir?, They would have to stand at the head? and lead other tribes. This is perfectly natural prityazanie vytekaet iz polozheniya polyakov and ih impossible to condemn, if only they sought to bring him unto ispolnenie.

Polozhim yet did n? Mh. Polozhim nam skazhut that Poles refused ot its high? Riya and svoih prityazaniy they dopuskayut equal? Sie or even pens? Ting on the sides? drugih slavyanskih plemen and only pure and clear odnoyu natsionalnoy by the idea of independence. Types can be readily? Verify that this idea is gradually ua? Pitsya and vystupit nakonets polyakov in the first plan. But you can not hide the fact that she will have to fight hard nih ting by the idea of superiority and that unto tsivilizatsii Her def yes still very far away.

Bb samom gf l? Poles them? yut istoriyu long behind him. Unto this istorii ball?'s Or Men? S right ball?'s Or changed? Th consciously role they played and sang missiyu tsivilizovannago varvarov among the people. Kak representatives of high culture, they were constantly busy rasprostraneniem this culture, they sought Polonized prilezhaschiya country. Easily bldg? Subscribe remember u? Ly ryad of continued usiliy, napravlennyh Ks this u? There. Unto these kinds of efforts and included notonly Malorossiya and drugiya menshiya parts, these kinds of extended and Moscow, Moscow itself was subjected popytkam opolcheniya and latinizirovaniya.

Discarding temnyya features and particularly looking at the gf lo general, and unto u? Lom, can you not look? Bldg be? Subscribe samago pravilnago and blagorodnago proyavleniya tsivilizatsii? Not govorim of sredstvah, kotoryya to correspond ting vremenem, not govorim of chastnyh u? Lyah, kotoryya could be impure and self-interested; govorim only volume obschem yavlenii that Poland has sought to extend the benefits of European nations varvarskiya tsivilizatsii, tried to bring darkness to the St. ih? mh.

Polozhim yet — this whole thing is not znachit. Polozhim nam skazhut the Poles refused ot its istorii, they named? Yut unto mind just now polozhenie gf l and not unto zaglyadyvayut past. Let tak. But even if only they Phys? Whether to do this after a hard trebovanie, nam has ot nih require even more, they have to give netolko ot its istorii, but ot Her rezultatov, suschestvuyuschih unto the present time.

Bb samom gf l? istoricheskiya ih usiliya bear fruit. Bb odnih m? Stah they were bezusp? Shny were recognized, but they drugih unto them? Whether Phys? Xl half unto tretih were Phys? Shny completely?. In vsyakom cases? Poles much sd? Lali and unto the present moment seems to them? yut a right to the fruits of kak svoih trudov, tak and hopes someday to complete ih. And vot DG? and right unto ih myslyah completely? legal istochnik ih prityazaniy on t? Russkiy land kotoryya n? when they came unto sostav Poland. They were not the real Her dostoyanie, whether they have been partly, or sooner or later would become Her umstvennym zavoevaniem, fall within def? G? Her culture. Takim obrazom polyakov difficult to blame for these prityazaniya. Refuse ot nih would mean to give up the Pole ot znacheniya its tsivilizatsii. Kak whatever little progressed unto any area gf lo polonizirovaniya, yet it began, it mozhet be extendable, and lyrics? Consequently it would be strange ot give it up and not try to capture it again unto their own hands.

All bldg? Subscribe zavisit ot of kak smotrit polyak its tsivilizatsiyu and t? Xu people kotoryh hochet her subordinate. Which naturally vzglyad vytekaet iz it polozheniya? What on mozhet view? Eg be? Pv unto malorossah? Bb sravnenii ting his obrazovaniem they neimeyu? Yut no obrazovaniya; unto sravnenii ting his razvitym yazykom they govoryat grubym m? Stnym drug? Chiem not they? Yuschim literature unto sravnenii ting his svyatym katolitsizmom they professed? Duyut not? Py, and raskol, schism. Etih people need to civilize and why do unto etom cases? insignificant and unreliable Russian tsivilizatsiya should take advantage of the rich Polish pered?

Every tsivilizatsiya proud every obrazovanie lifted up? Vaet. Always unto a greater or lesser extent, the antagonizm between people, culture and plant mass of the people ting Her dark proyavleniyami. If nas samih is sometimes vzglyad on narod, kak on a simple materyal for culture, kak on rough clay, which form ot zavisit ney itself is not, then it seems like vzglyad Anywhere? and never to the extent byl usilen samym hodom istorii, kak unto polskom question?. Rear right? Camping on sostavlyaet significant uzel and therefore grown and OCD? Nh to the awesome power.

Poles are proud of his tsivilizatsieyu, they are highly fi? Nyat Sun? Her good and cr? PKO cling Her benefits. Who ih osudit for it? Who mozhet find bldg? Subscribe anything wrong?

Takim obrazom vopros complicated to the highest degree. Vhodit unto him with all his weight ponyatie tsivilizatsii; pered etim ponyatiem otstupaet on zadniy plan idea samobytnyh nationalities. Poles with his iskrennostiyu mogut consider themselves representatives tsivilizatsii, and unto her in? Kovoy fight? ting us look? evropeyskago be directly fighting spirit ting aziyatskim varvarstvom.

Well we skazhem protiv this? Until sih por we tried as much as possible to clear? Th show all that govorit unto favor polyakov, omitting all vague and insubstantial, we deduced iz very ih ih polozheniya justice in various parts in? Probability beznadezhnyh prityazaniy. Well now we skazhem unto his favor?

Sde? Laem kratkie conclusions iz predyduschago:
— High? Rie and prityazaniya polyakov proiskhodyat ot ih European culture.
— Tak kak high? Rie prizaniya and these are not satisfied, they sosotavlyayut deep neschatie polyakov.
— Tak kak they mogut only be satisfied naschet nas, they sostavlyayut for nas offense.
— Mozhet-be this resentment in their depths? this equals neschastiyu, but vot b yes, we terpim and that is to completely? conscious of: ih misfortune is very clear and no uncertain our offense.

Bb samom gf l? vytekaet iz all of polozheniya that we barbarians, and the Poles narod highly civilized. Cl? Sequentially to refute cl? Dstviya, kotoryya vyhodyat here, we would have to prove:
1) Or the fact that we are not barbarians, and narod full sil tsivilizatsii.
2) Or the fact that there is tsivilizatsiya tsivilizatsiya wearing unto death samom svoem corn?.
It is easy to agree that both are very difficult to prove.

Obviously our gf lo be full? justified, if only we could holes? chat polyakam tak: "you're wrong unto svoem vysokom znachenii, you donkey? his slivers of Polish tsivilizatsieyu and unto etom donkey? plenii do not want or do not mind? ete look? appreciated that the ting you struggling and not sopernichaet aziyatskoe barbarism, and the other tsivilizatsiya, pp? f cr? pkaya and firm, our Russian tsivilizatsiya. "

It's easy, but one wonders, h? Nb mozhem we prove it? Chrome? nas, russkih, nobody types? rit nashim prityazaniyam, because we do not mozhem ih clearly justify not expose mozhem nikakih ochevidnyh and Sun? xx, K? ditelnyh priznakov, proyavleniy, rezultatov that forced to admit gf ystvitelnost our Russian tsivilizatsii. All at nas only unto the fetus?, Unto the rudiments?; Unto all pervichnyh, neyasnyh formah, all fraught with buduschim but Undefined? Slowly and erratically unto nastoyaschem. Wm? Hundred faktov we opradyvatsya predpolozheniyami, im? Rezultatov one hopes, the VM? Hundred of which have t? Nb that budet or mozhet be.

If nas n? Kotoryya ukazaniya unto our favor gf la, then they are hard to be satisfied, tak kak Sun? they have them? yut negative, not positive harakter. They sostoyat unto tom that attempts polonizirovaniya Br? Styles unto russkih oblastyah bolshiya prepyatstviya that unto unto Malorossii and Moscow? they are for the most part integrated? Styles inexorable, irresistible otpor. Russkiy element okazal unto etom cases? extraordinary resilience, and tom is not real, do not bounce muskulov and recalcitrance and moral fortitude. On ting took soznatelnym and glubokim uporstvom Ks this tsivilizatsii, kotoryya tried to subdue him morally.

Iz this cl? Duet that mozhet-be and we are not barbarians. Mozhet-be unto nas lies glubokiy and fruitful duh, which although not yet manifested itself clearly and distinctly, but ohranyaet jealous of their independence and not daet nad him authority to any foreign to the spirit, which is so cr? Pok that sposoben repel any vliyanie, huh? depleting its identity razvitiyu.

Despite the fact that Poland nam akin to that cherez it could just close d? Ystvovat nas on Europe that we were unto bezpreryvnyh stolknoveniyah ting the Poles, we never were lifting nravstvenym vliyaniem Poland, and when evropeytsam heads to imitate and learn from ih razvitie, then went past polyakov Ks golandtsam and frantsuzam. We pushed hard vliyanie Polish, and yet were vpered unto svoem razvitii, kak would medlennym and slabym razvitie it may seem.

All this dokazyvaet only one thing — we have saved ourselves, we are ready, we give them? Em full opportunity for samobytnago razvitiya, but more difficult to bring it iz.

Vozmem now the other side. Polozhim, we would find fault unto Polish tsivilizatsii. Her in order to destroy? Sh unto etom gf l?, To eliminate Her prityazaniya and justify himself unto tom that we ostavlyaem ney for significant deficiencies podryvayuschie all Her dignity. We could say, "she istoriya osuzhdaet your tsivilizatsiyu. Tsivilizatsiya This did not give cr? Posti your people, not prenesla him health and strength. Znachit it was normal tsivilizatsieyu, and may-be even had pryamym zlom t? Nb connector? dayuschim nachalom that svoim vliyaniem spoil the life of your people. Razvitie Poland was bol? contaminants and Her education netolko not they? la force cure this ball? znennost, and was itself the cause of Her yazv. "

Polozhim we would have said so. But unto takom cases? — Unto chem we might consider essential nedostatok Polish culture? Her unto the root of chem wrong? Tom is not unto you, that it was not popular, not Slavic? What unto her, there was no identity and therefore it could not merge unto cr? Pkoe u? Loe ting narodnym duhom? If it is not developed and ua? Saw the people's life, it could only happen ot one — from the fact that it was not unto garmonii ting elements of this life was not ih pravilnym proyavleniem and lyrics? Consequently they could not? Be the force that they should? be any cr? pkaya and correct tsivilizatsiya.

Let us budem razsuzhdat takim obrazom and calm down myself with the thought that the fate of Poland is Her inner neizb? Zhnaya fate. Not unto takih ut? Sheniyah all gf lo. We budem inexcusably careless, if not etom samih turn on itself. Not zabudem that h? Nb p? Zche budet our osuzhdenie t? Nb big holes? Tstvennost we berem over. Bb etom stolknovenii we mozhem lower znachenie Polish culture not otherwise, kak uvazhenii Ks based on our own culture?. Who vam warrants mogut nam argue that your tsivilizatsiya something better? What she did not nosit unto SEB? also zachatkov ball? phobia, kotoryya n? when razrushat huge rj lo of your state? She agreed ting folk elements? What she prineset people bol? S full life, not death and ugliness?

One shudders to think what in? Ting how disadvantageous for nas znachenie mogut them? Be takie and similar questions unto glazah inostrantsev. Would not I? Whether they are at the thought of the possibility of a kind of tsivilizatsii? And defend it hopes to impose on the ney and anticipating? Ney be for the future — not chistyya whether this dream Do not pustyya predpolozheniya unto glazah kazhdago European?

Some we Russkiy, just take it a mozhem? Lo serozno. Some we do not give up mozhem ot in? Ry unto their future. To save our honor unto nashih sobstvennyh glazah, we must recognize that the same tot narod, which sozdal great t? Lo our state hranit unto SEB? and his soul, his spiritual life cr? PKA and healthy, it sovremenem develop and show up as much as widely and clearly manifested unto kak cr? fasted and strength? State.

Essentially the same bldg? Camping is that we have to rely just on the narod and its samobytnyya, svoeobraznyya start. Bb European tsivilizatsii, unto tsivilizatsii borrowing IVN? Shnei we ustupaem polyakam, but we want to get in? Verify that unto tsivilizatsii folk, roots, we are healthy or work at prevoskhodim ih-m? R? mozhem them? prityazanie be no im not concede, nor to any other nation.

A £ lo obvious. If we stanem itself m? Rit of the European obscheyu m? Rkoyu if budem believe that nations and states differ only in the greater or lesser degree of education, be the co-Poles stand much higher than nas. If for kazhdym narodom we priznaem up or changed? F cr? Pkuyu distinctiveness, we stanem not lower polyakov and mozhet-be higher.

Poland is not it? Et no right to Russkiy area only unto tom cases?, If Russian land has its own destiny, its distant and important naznachenie. Protecting the indigenous our area, we are right budem only if etim samym priobschaem ih Ks that great razvitiyu, unto kotorom odnom it? mogut reach its istinnago good.

What is the final vyvod iz that fateful gf la? Bb chem you can search for it pravilnago outcome and hope for primirenie?

If readers nas realized they should look? Be that we do not govorim bldg? Camping on ext? Shnei sides? gf la and nikakim obrazom not dumaem switchgear? lyat rights or the area between the Poles and Russian. We have them? Unto mind only if the internal nastroenie double-tier plemen, tried to pass for kak perhaps deeper? Dit of the sources of internal pain, which speaks unto nih in mutual struggle?. Therefore, we are now only about sprashivaem tom kak have changed? Nitsya nastroeniya plemen so that you can over? Yatsya on moral ISC? Lenie.

With regard to the nas, russkih, we obviously need more in the Sh? Dig and hope to address Ks narodnym nachalam. We had just budem right unto svoih sobstvennyh glazah when types? Rim unto future still haoticheskih yet uncomplicated and nevyyasnivshihsya of elements of the spiritual life of the Russian people. But only? Rit little, and only t? Sew myself hopes inexcusable. On nas lezhit obligation to understand these elements, lyrics? Dit for ih razvitiem and promote it entirely? E m? Authors. Nam mozhet be in our sweet? Mr. unto narod and priyatny blestyaschiya our hope. But not zabudem and gorkago, not zabudem that nas lezhit dolg after a hard — to justify our pride and strength.

With regard to polyakov, then im predstoit also a difficult task. Obviously they have to give up ot the share of pride, which relies on high ih tsivilizatsiyu. Even unto tom cases? When Poland would be independent, the Poles have to put down unto SEB? then lifted up? nie, which im vnushaet ih obrazovanie: otherwise they will never be the co-unto unto SEB silah drown? that nagging feeling that vozbuzhdaet unto nih more power Rossiya or vyhod areas iz-lifting polskago vliyaniya.

Only takim obrazom may primirenie and discharged? Shenie this site vrutrennyago unto rokovom Questions. Conversely, if these usloviya not be the co-performed, it is difficult to imagine that one could huts? Reap future? Yshih b? Dstviy. If not Rossiya soderzhit unto SEB? cr? pkih duhovnyh sil if she did not proyavit ih unto buduschem unto yasnyh and moguchih formah, she grozit in? terpart kolebanie in? chnyya danger. If Poland does not give up his pride ot education, that it was bound to strain their budet power from m? Ry, budet constantly feed trebovaniya, kotoryh udovletvorenie extremely difficult or even impossible.

Kakiya problem! What unknowns? Rimaya severity is unto etih slovah, kotoryya tak just utter!

Russkiy spiritual deeds of power! Gd? it? Who Chrome? nas im types? rit until it? no ad ting grope ochevidnostiyu, Sh unquestioned vlastiyu? And ih razvitie and raskrytie — it trebuet in? Kovoy struggle, labor and time tyazholyh usiliy, of tears and blood.

Ot give up his pride tsivilizatsieyu! Entertaining? is it easy? Mozhet-be it even at all possible! in? qb tsivilizatsiya vhodit unto flesh and blood chelov? ka c? qb nedarom it high benefit, honor, and pride istoricheskih narodov. Nothing n? Mh strannago that for her umirayut kak for the shrine.

Pozhelaem ot all my heart that when p? Shenii that fateful question kak possible blood flowed double-tier rodstvennyh plemen; budem call Sun? Our E zhelaniyami most peaceful, Naim? Th destructive ext? Shniy iskhod for this gf la. But the h? Nb deeper we poymem his vnutrennie sources, t? Nb better; h? Nb clear?'s We soznaem vzaimnyya otnosheniya t? Nb easier mozhet accomplished ih right razgranichenie. So do not hide stanem ot themselves entirely? Xb difficulties of the internal problem that lies unto Questions. Polskiy vopros in? Ably long budet glubokim russkim vopros; h? Nb on hard?'s And important? E, m? Nb need? For e nas aware otnoshenii Ks unto him his dolg.

"Time", No 4, 1863DOOM VOPROS.

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