Turkish fifth-generation fighter

Turkish fifth-generation fighter
In the leading countries of the world is creating new fighter fifth generation. Projects 3 states have already reached the stage of flight tests, or more advanced, and several countries have only designs the latest aviation technology. Not so long ago, it has intended to join another country. By 2020, Turkey is going to start mass production of its own fighter fifth generation. Noteworthy that this will be the first Turkish fighter its development. Such an attempt is a descent to a modern machine with little or no experience, once lured to the draft attention.

Before the Turkish engineers is very, very difficult task. In 1-x, make your first plane is not so simple. In-2, planned lifetime promising fighter forces to look into the future and try to guess the trend, in accordance with which will develop aviation technology. In the best case it is necessary to analyze the ability of some 20 years ahead, although under certain circumstances, this period may Strength. In connection with the conceptual complexity of the project company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has started drafting the TFX (not to be confused with the symbol of early South American aircraft F-111) from the real brainstorming.

Turkish fifth-generation fighter

For several months, a special group of analysts worked with the available information on projects zabugornye modern and promising fighters, comparing their data and building the overall picture. By the end of 2010, analysts have developed immediately 6 variants form a promising light fighter. All versions of the TFX fighter were presented to the customer in the face of the Turkish Ministry of Defence. Then, the military and the company signed a contract to TAI development and construction of a new first-generation fighter. According to reports, soon after the signing of the agreement was the first comparison of the proposed concepts. As a result, comparison of half design options, equipment and weapons of the new aircraft dropped out, and the work there were only three concepts.

Under the agreement, the first two or three years, TAI spendest on the final formation of the requirements for the production of promising fighter and its general form. Judging by the large quantities of initial thoughts, the first step is the development of the aircraft TFX pass relatively smoothly and painlessly. At the same time, admitted at this stage errors can occur only after a couple of years in operation or combat use fighters. Because, despite the apparent ease, concept development promising aircraft is almost the most complex and important part of the whole project.

Unfortunately, information about the project in the current time TFX are sketchy nature and do not allow a general picture. Yet, in the Turkish press has already appeared some details. Thus, it is clear that engineers TAI put in front of him rather fascinating maximum program. As reported by the Turkish media, the new fighter will be able to conduct TFX interaction with unmanned aerial vehicles. In this case, the link will consist of fighters 1st TFX aircraft with the pilot and maybe the navigator-operator, and a few (3 to 5) drone. Through this approach, only one crew will be able to provide protection rather huge front. It is alleged that Turkish analysts concluded diverse perspectives remotely controlled UAV. In the application of electronic warfare management of the land is at least difficult, which is not the air Fri team which can become new TFX. Too early to read, it is true that decision, but a reasonable grain in it, as any communication channels are not protected from interference jamming sufficient power.

Turkish fifth-generation fighter

Fascinating approach to the power plant. Designers from TAI perfectly understand their abilities and do not even hide the fact that Turkey will be able to make their own first modern turbofan engine no earlier 2025-30 period. Because TFX meant to be tailored to install engines zabugornogo production. Reportedly already at the moment there are negotiations with Russian, European and South American engine builders.

Certain requirements to the necessary engine has not been announced. The fact that the Turkish engineers hitherto working on a common view of the promising aircraft. Without accurate requirements and awareness of how the plane will sooner choose a certain type of engine. In the public domain there is a number of drawings with a presumptive external appearance of the new fighter. Almost all of these images are identical in only one: they depict aircraft configuration without the ability to wing geometry. With regard to its form and other aspects of wind assembly, it offers a variety of options. This flying wing and tailless, and the plane, vaguely reminiscent of South American F-22 and F-35 or the Russian T-50. About the same case with the engines. Is offered as a one-motor circuit and double-motor. Because it is too early talk about the properties of some of the new aircraft.

Avionics and Aircraft TFX hardly be able to compete with vsepolnotsenno zabugornom counterparts, but even with the modern development of the Turkish electronics may be the emergence of systems at the level of at least the fourth generation. In the near future, when zabugornoy support Turkey fully able to start work on modern systems, such as radar with active phased array antenna, etc. Also worth noting is that the plane, if information about the link of fighter drones and not only were all the rumors will need to carry a specific set of equipment designed to control multiple UAVs at once.

There is evidence of intent to Turkish engineers to ensure the highest protection of the aircraft. To do this, a number of fundamental structural parts will be manufactured using resistant materials. For example, in the skin may be used fighter comparable thin clay broneplitki based on boron compounds. How effective and comfortable to such protection as hard read, but it is unlikely to seriously affect the price of the finished aircraft. In Turkish soil is above 70% of the known supplies of boron, because the final price of the shell plates may be approximately at the level of the prices of plastic or composite panels. Only question remains such mass «broneobshivki» and the need to install it on a light fighter.

Relatively TFX fighter weapon until there is no disk imaging. Maybe he will carry missiles «air-air» of different types and built gun. But now some facts they say that the Turkish military and engineers do not yet determine with the final requirements for the nomenclature of arms. Most likely, the aircraft will be able to use the existing types of missiles, also in its design lay some ability to exploit new models. At some informal images promising fighter gruzootsekah noticeably in the fuselage. Since the middle of its requirements listed including stealth, one can imagine that really TFX will carry all the weapons on the inside of the suspension.

While Turkish designers worked on the general concept of moments, a new report on the TFX project came from Italy. In February 2012, aircraft manufacturers in this country have expressed a desire to take a role in the development of new aircraft. Turkey and Italy in recent years, increasing their military-technical cooperation with the passage of time in Rome began to consider TFX as likely new cooperative project. According to reports, the Italians have some proposals for concept aircraft can also provide a range of technologies, utilized in the design and production of fighter aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon. It is expected that the partnership will help to significantly reduce development time and testing new aircraft.

As probable partners while also considered South Korea and Brazil. Both countries are also interested in developing their own fighters 5th generation and have some production on such projects. Cooperation with Turkey, despite all the problems, it might be profitable. But in the same February 2012 received new sudden news. As it turns out, the Turkish company TAI as an assistant elected Swedish SAAB AB. The Swedish concern, in accordance with the criteria of the contract to provide the Turkish side of some technology, will also participate in the design of a promising fighter TFX.

According to current plans, the Turkish command, TFX fighter will be adopted by around 2020. If everything goes in accordance with today’s idea, by this time armed with the Air Force in Turkey will immediately three types of fighters with different abilities. Protect the country’s skies are manufactured in the United States F-35 and F-16 (later versions), also developed in cooperation with Sweden TFX. Turkish Air Force needs are estimated at more than 250 new aircraft. After the news of reaching agreement with SAAB new messages have been received. Times on Turkish Internet resources dedicated to aviation, there are regular images Tipo promising fighter. But the total number of similar figures have run across is the limit when they are worth considering.

Most likely, on some of them really shows something remotely similar to the finished TFX. Yet, the very promising fighter fifth generation, apparently, until now at the stage of formation of species. Because the correct image of the new aircraft can be considered only fortune artist. Moreover, at a certain course of events, these pictures may well remain the only «incarnation» of the project. Turkey does not have any experience in developing their own fighters, allowing fluctuate successful completion of programs from TFX or at least in getting the expected result.

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