Tuvalu government denies that the people affected by drought

Tuvalu government denies that the people affected by drought Weather and Climate

Health Ministry denies information on improving health risks during the drought in Tuvalu. It is believed, however, that the country is in a state of emergency. It is estimated that water availability is 5 days. Residents of the capital of Tuvalu, Funafuti, relies on two buckets of water per family per day.

In Tuvalu, there was no rain for 6 months. During this period, there were about 30 diseases transmitted through water. Hospitals, according to the Minister of Health, prepared to combat the effects of drought. In turn, the Australian Government has provided special hospital Tuvalu sets, reducing the moisture in the body.

The organization of the Red Cross, as well as New Zealand and Fiji provide thousands of liters of drinking water. Australia also provides assistance in the form of desalination plants, water and money to pay for transportation. United Church of Australia believes that in the near future to address the issue of moving people from the islands of the Pacific, the most prone to drought (Tuvalu, Tokelau, Kiribati)

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