TV-cerial as propaganda struggle for ecology

TV-cerial as propaganda struggle for the environment to save the planet

Executive Director of the "National Energy" D.Robo (Dave Robau) decided to seek investment to start filming a new television series on the topic of environmental protection. Presumably, the project will have the name "Green defender» ("Girls Gone Green").

But the show is not just an environmental subtext. Robo aim is to create a scenario that would convince the ladies that a career in science, technology and related disciplines, and it is accessible and useful. It's so they can not only develop themselves, but to continue to use their skills and talents in the fight against climate change and global warming.
The project proponent expects to collect an amount of $ 31,500 to start shooting. So far, only a few hundred dollars was to subsidize "green" enthusiasts, but Robo sure during agitkompanii in support of the show the necessary funds will be collected and you can begin to work on the script and the production. In the first episode, most likely, there will be 10 episodes of 30 minutes each.
According to the story, some of the series will be more involved in the transition to and maintain an environmentally acceptable way of life, while others will try to provide viewers the most important discoveries and innovations of various sciences related to the environment of the planet. According to the scenario occupation heroines will revolve around how to help the environment and how to achieve sustainable development. The author believes that this approach will attract girls and women of all ages, especially those who are already making progress in the study of ecology and related sciences, and encourage them to choose a profession, aimed at greening of society and life.

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