U.S. diplomats have condemned the Soviet Union for the bombing of German troops.

Portal Russian community in Estonia line

The U.S. diplomatic mission in Estonia issued a formal statement in which he said that the bombing in September 1944, Soviet aircraft had been occupied by the Nazis in Tallinn, from a military point of view, is meaningless, and its main goal — the demonstrative destruction, intimidation of civilians.

"This is remarkable both in aviareyd shocking number of victims, and in its ineffectiveness in military terms. As many as 300 Soviet bombers dropped more than 3,000 high-explosive and incendiary bombs on Tallinn, wiped out a third of the city and causing devastating damage to the citizens and cultural sites of Tallinn

During the bombing of more than 500 people were killed and 650 — were injured. Moreover, the vast majority of them civilians.

In addition to the Church of St. Nicholas, in the bombardment and subsequent fire destroyed the theater "Estonia", the city's synagogue and the Tallinn City Archives, which houses a collection of medieval documents. At the same time, the damage done to the German military infrastructure was minimal.

Not at all do not break the spirit of the Estonian people, the raid only strengthened the steely determination to fight against foreign occupation. Today, Estonia is a strong, peaceful and sovereign country that remembers the past, but live for today, preparing for the future "- said in a statement.

It is difficult to comment on such a bastard stuffing, but, unfortunately, this is not a banal trolling, and another campaign in all-out media war. Stalin's repressions, Katyn, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact wine! for the destruction of Dresden — the goal of these campaigns — the recognition of the USSR criminal state and reviewing the results of the Second World War.

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