U.S. nuclear burial could explode at any moment


Drain on the country's largest repository of radioactive waste has not yet been liquidated


The cemetery Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the United States, which recently has been a large leak of nuclear waste could explode at any moment. Trapped in the storage of hydrogen risks to react with oxygen and then can not escape the tragedy, admitted to the Council on the safety of nuclear facilities in response to a request of Democratic Senator Ron Wyden. Thus, the people of the city Hanford in Washington state is in serious danger.

For the first time that the burial ground at Hanford has leaked radioactive waste, it became known in mid-February. The authorities reported that the damage is limited to one of the 177 tanks, and it implies an average of 150-300 gallons per year (approximately 500-1000 liters) of radioactive substances.

After the state governor Jay Inslee said that in disrepair are not one, but six underground storage tanks. Although the official and called the news "very disturbing", he assured that the leak poses no danger to the environment as well as radioactive waste has not yet reached the groundwater, and it can take a long time. On the possibility of an explosion at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, he said nothing.

Hanford complex in Washington state has been built during the Second World War as part of the American atomic project and covers an area of 1.5 thousand square meters. kilometers. In particular, it was there that was produced plutonium for the atomic bomb, "Fat Man" dropped on Nagasaki. In the following decades, the complex continued to operate until it is converted into a burial ground for radioactive waste storage. Hanford, according to the TV channel CNN, the most radioactively polluted city in the Western Hemisphere.

In the past, Hanford burial ground leakage has occurred, as the tanks for storage of waste has long exceeded their service life, which is 20 years. The U.S. federal government annually allocates $ 2 billion to address Hanford, most of this money is spent on the construction of a special plant for processing waste. He has to earn in 2019.

Kirill Rozhkov

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