U.S. President raised his leg over the precipice

Fr. Lev Semenov

Political heavyweight of the Western world took a step towards the abyss. If you believe the post in the release of radio, and then confirmed in the press, President Barack Obama made the first public statement that he supports the legalization of same-sex marriages.

One can only sympathize with those citizens of this country, who keep the Christian faith, imagining that they must feel when he heard a statement by the head of state …

A lot of the Orthodox in the U.S. (I could see this during his internship at New York University in 1999, meeting with the clergy and laity of four Orthodox jurisdictions), and I think that they are not happy President's statement.

In connection with the shocking news of natural questions arise: how could this happen and what will follow?

It seems clear that destroys every reason to traditional morality and family values willingness leader of one of the world's major powers to recognize same-sex marriages in the scheme of things, its distant origins rooted in the process of secularization, which began to gain strength even at the threshold of modern times.

Now it has become a vertex: universal manifestations of the West's fascination with heroes such as the notorious "political correctness" and "tolerance" — in this case as interpreted wrong, resulting in defiance of all common sense is put on its head: the right person comes back to the person causing irreparable damage to his freedoms, including freedom of conscience. No need to look far for examples.

"Old Europe" has long been practicing in the stoning of records of the very political correctness. And then it started to catch up and the New World.

Clearly declared itself secular trend extrapolation started on the historical past, exemplified by attempts to silence the very place of Christianity in the history of European culture. Thus, contrary to the huge role of Christianity in its formation and development of the centuries-old, legislators modern European community is known to have eliminated from the Constitution of the European Union the very mention of the Christian roots of European culture.

Instead of ensuring respect for human rights in the field of freedom of conscience, people are actually deprived of the right to even quite low-key manifestation of their religious identity. In Italy, the court addressed the question of the admissibility of the presence of crucifixes on the walls of schools. The UK re-release of the next school dictionary «Junior Dictionary», intended to expand the vocabulary of students were eliminated the word "abbey", "altar", "bishop", "baptism", "monk", "monastery", "novice" "saint", "chapel" and a number bibleizmov and British airline stewardess was dismissed on the grounds that the neckline of her uniform was visible Christian cross. In the United States expressed serious intentions, for reasons of political correctness in relation to non-Christians, officially replaced the concept of Christmas and Easter in the "winter" and "spring" holidays.

The outbreak in Europe some time ago and now perekinuvshayasya epidemic in the United States of breaking a cardinal existed millennia of traditional family threatens the moral health of society, the strength of the monogamous family, the interests of children growing up in families.

It would be interesting to hear from the finished form, so to speak, marriages of homosexuals and lesbians, often expressing the intention to get hold of these "families" of children by means of adoption of orphans, which will raise unhappy children in such "families" if same-sex marriage will be legalized ?

And we are ready to democratic societies of the West to the prospect of mass reproduction in the near future, resulting in a similar "families" of entire generations of parenting with a similar sexual orientation?

It is naive to believe that the bit between their teeth in a mad race for the destruction of the traditions of Western society at this stop. Elementary logic suggests that, following the rejection of the commandment "Do not commit adultery," it will take for the violation and the other commandments, and then surpassing the horrors of Kafkaesque absurdity comes to a denial of the commandment "Thou shalt not kill." And it is easy to imagine how the "civilized (ie, secularized) humanity," want to get rid of as useless too burdensome because of its perverse ambition burden of Christian moral values, will hear one morning as a U.S. president would vote in favor of the implementation of the "inalienable" right of everyone to … to kill his own kind.

God grant that this nightmarish dystopia never took place! But the obstacle to its implementation can only put loyalty to those traditional religious foundations on which the whole world has grown culture.

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