U.S. surpassed Hitlers Germany

The world situation is worse now than it was in 1938-39. Stop the war can only Russia

June 22, we remember the tragedy. We mourn for the dead. We are proud of those who took a swipe at him and answered, — as well as the fact that, after receiving this terrible blow, the people rallied and crushed him who struck. But all of this is drawn in the past. And the society has long been mindful of the thesis, which is 50 years of keeping the world from war — "Forty-first year must not be repeated", and not kept repeating, and practical implementation.

Sometimes even quite pro-Soviet oriented people and political figures (not to mention those who think themselves as citizens of other countries) expressed skepticism about the overload of the economy of the USSR military spending, ironically about the "doctrine Ustinov" — "the Soviet Union must be ready to conduct a simultaneous war with any two other powers "(meaning the United States and China), and assert that it is following the doctrine has overstrained economy of the USSR.

Nicked, or not — the big question, because up until 1991 in most sectors of industry output grew. And that's why at this store shelves are empty, but at one time filled with food for some two weeks after it has only been allowed to arbitrarily raise their prices — that is another question, and to other people.

Ustinov really championed this approach. But it is not formulated it: in world politics as a great country has long been defined in terms of the ability to conduct simultaneous war with any two other countries. Ustinov know why he defends him: because 9 June 1941 he took the post of Commissar of the USSR arms and knew what it takes to equip the army, when she was forced to fight a war nedovooruzhennaya. And with all the name changes position he remained in it until then, until he became defense minister — until 1976.

Then, in the late '80s, it was announced that Soviet weapons are no longer needed, that the Cold War is over, and now we is not threatened. The Cold War has a very important advantage: it is not "hot." But as soon as it ended, in the world, and now in Europe began just "hot" war.

On Russia, so far no one has attacked — the number of independent countries and directly. But first, it has been repeatedly attacked the "small military actors" — on the counsel and support of large countries. Second, large not attacked mainly because Russia remained the weapon that was created in the USSR, and, with all the expansion of the army and the state of the economy, this weapon was enough to repeatedly kill any of them individually and all together. But after the creation of the position of the U.S. missile defense will be gone.

Moreover, the current situation in the world is not much better, or rather, is no better than the current situation as before 1914, and before 1939-41. Talk about the fact that if the USSR (Russia) will cease to confront the West, disarm and renounce its socio-economic system, the threat of world war will disappear and all will heal in peace and friendship, can not be considered even bewildered. This is an outright lie, aimed at the moral capitulation of the USSR, in particular, because most wars in history have been no wars between countries with different social and political systems, and between countries with homogeneous systems. In 1914, Britain and France were not much different from Germany and Austria-Hungary, Russia and monarchical fought on the side not the last monarchy, and the British and French democracies.

In 30 years, one of the first called for the creation of a system of European collective security to reflect the possible aggression of Hitler's fascist leader Benito Mussolini of Italy, and he went into an alliance with the Reich only when he saw that England and France refuse to create such a system. And the Second World War is not a war of capitalist countries with the socialist Soviet Union, and on the conflicts and wars between capitalist countries. But the immediate cause was the war between the two is not just capitalist, but the fascist countries — Germany and Poland.

To believe that the war between the U.S. and Russia can not be because they are both now, say gently, "non-socialist" — is just being in captivity aberrations of consciousness. By 1939, Hitler was not so much a conflict with the Soviet Union, but with him socially homogeneous countries, and these conflicts were less than those in which the United States is already deeply involved.

Hitler then sent troops into the demilitarized Rhineland, are, however, in Germany itself. Carried out the Anschluss of Austria, formally — by peaceful means on the basis of the will of Austria itself. Torn, with the consent of the Western powers in the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia, and later captured and Czechoslovakia itself. And was on the side of Franco in the Spanish Civil War. Only four of the conflict, including armed itself — one. And all recognized his aggressor, and said that the war on the doorstep.

U.S. and NATO today:

1. Twice committed aggression against Yugoslavia, dismembered her apart, torn away part of its territory and destroyed as a state.

2. Invaded Iraq and toppled the national power and occupied the country, having established a puppet regime there.

3. Then did the same thing in Afghanistan.

4. Prepared, organized and launched a war against the regime of Saakashvili Russia and took him into the open defense after a military defeat.

5. Committed aggression against Libya, subjected her to a barbaric bombing that toppled the national authorities, which killed the leader of the country, brought to power at all barbaric regime.

6. Unleashed a civil war in Syria, virtually participate in it on the side of their satellites, prepare a military aggression against the country.

7. Iran threatens war sovereign.

8. National governments toppled in Tunisia and Egypt.

9. Overthrew the national government in Georgia and established a puppet dictatorship there, and in fact occupied the country. Up to the deprivation of her right to speak their language: now the main requirement in Georgia for admission to the civil service and in the preparation of the diploma — native language of the United States.

10. Partially implemented the same or attempted in Serbia and Ukraine.

Total 13 acts of aggression, and 6 of them — direct military intervention. To four, including one armed, Hitler by 1941. Words are different — the actions are similar. Yes, the U.S. can say that in Afghanistan, they acted in self-defense, but Hitler could say that in the Rhineland, he acted to defend the sovereignty of Germany.

As if the ridiculous to compare the democratic United States with Nazi Germany, but that the Americans killed Libyans, Iraqis, Syrians and Serbs that does not help. On the scale and number of acts of U.S. aggression long and far surpassed pre-war Nazi Germany pores. Only Hitler, ironically, was a much more honest: he sent his soldiers into battle, sacrificed their lives for the sake of it. United States is basically sending their mercenaries, and themselves inflict blows almost around the corner, killing the enemy aircraft from a safe position.

United States as a result of its geopolitical offensive made three times more acts of aggression, and unleashed six times more military acts of aggression than Hitler in pre-war period. And it is in this case is not whether one of them is worse (although Hitler looks almost moderate politician against the non-stop U.S. wars in recent years), and that the world situation is worse than it was in 1938-39 . The leading and tending to the hegemony of the country has carried out more aggression than a similar country by 1939. Hitler's acts of aggression were relatively local, and concerned mainly surrounding areas. U.S. acts of aggression are common throughout the world.

In the 30 years in the world and in Europe there are relatively few centers of equal strength, which in the best of circumstances could prevent and stop the aggression of Hitler. Today, there is one center of force, striving for hegemony, and many times superior to the strongest military power almost all the other actors in world politics.

The danger of a new world war is greater today than in the second half of 1930. The only factor that still makes it unreal — Russian deterrent capabilities. No other nuclear powers (their potential for this is insufficient), and Russia. This factor will disappear in a few years when the U.S. missile defense system will be created.

Maybe war is inevitable. Maybe it will not. But it is not only when it is Russia ready. The whole situation is very similar to the beginning of the twentieth century and the 1930s. There is a growing number of military conflicts involving the leading countries of the world. The world is going to war.

Russia has no choice: it has to prepare for it. The economy on a war footing. Seek allies. Re-equip the army. Destroy the agents and the fifth column of the enemy.

June 22, 1941 does not happen again.


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