U.S. to resume the creation of stratospheric interceptors

U.S. to resume the creation of stratospheric interceptors
The United States will again create interceptors land-based warheads that destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles before they return to the atmosphere.

The American company Raytheon said it won a contract in the amount of 636 million dollars for improvements to combat stage missile GDI, which is a trans-atmospheric interceptor kinetic act Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV).

The company does not report the full amount of interceptors that it must make under the contract, «Interfax».

ABM Agency U.S. Department of Defense last year stopped the purchase of missiles EKV right behind with 2 bad tests conducted in 2010. Because of problems in the system of targeting, which was revealed during the flight of cosmic space interceptors could not hit the training warheads. Total for the creation of trans-atmospheric interceptor program there was only held eight successful tests.

According to representatives of the Agency’s defense if the tests missiles with improved combat stage, which will begin in the fall and will last until spring, to be successful, their design and implementation on alert resume.

Missile of early versions of issue resolution installed in silos at bases near Fort Greely in Alaska and Vandenberg AFB in California.

The main objectives for the interceptor EKV — warhead intercontinental ballistic missiles before returning them to the atmosphere. Fighting stage missile equipped with infrared homing to detect and target the midst of other objects, namely the infidels.

Interceptor also has its engine control units and communication bortovik with this method of assessment objectives and deciding on the interception target for a few seconds before the collision with it.

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