UFO in the sky over Texas were paper lanterns


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Over the weekend in the night sky over the state of Texas (United States), many people have seen unidentified objects like meteors or flying saucers. But, to the disappointment of the witnesses and UFO, extraterrestrial nothing in the sky really is not observed.

Saturday night in the local emergency call witness, speaking about the "red meteors flying across the sky." Who left the call the police and other witnesses did see four orange balls that are slowly floated across the sky. With the help of special devices police found out that these objects — no more than a very small balloons without the gondola.

What is surprising — the balls were flying at an altitude of about one kilometer and move almost silently. As we know, no air tool can not fly so low, undetected. Soon, flying objects disappeared from sight. They did not fly away and disappeared as if in the sky. Some witnesses suggested that they flew for a passing cloud, and so could appear at any moment, but it never happened.

But this view is not air over: soon there was a second cluster of strange glowing objects that followed along the same path, and it was gone the same way as the first. Baffled police officers asked the meteorologists in the aviation service, and in other instances, but no one has not been able to shed light on the mystery night.

The mystery was revealed when participants held a wedding nearby told police that flying luminous objects — these are paper lanterns, lit and released into the sky during the ceremony. These Chinese lanterns are made of very light paper, they take to the skies with fire candles — this explains why the radars did not see any aircraft. Each carries a flashlight with a desire, make a guest of the ceremony. Newlyweds apologize to the public for the generated a stir, and the sheriff said that these lanterns to all other would create a risk of fire, and asked everyone in the future to inform the police of objects launched into the sky.

Any luminous objects in the night sky can be mistaken for alien ships or other unexplained phenomena. However, if you do not know what is the source of an unusual light in the sky, it does not mean that lies behind it is something supernatural.


Translation Sergei Vasilenkova

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