Ukrainian ufologist, On Earth, there is an unknown intelligence


According to the Ukrainian ufologists — scientists who study UFOs — aliens once visited Ukraine in 1198. The last time — March 17 this year. All such cases, it is known from eyewitness accounts. A study them including native Irshavschiny Jaroslav Sochka.

About all that is connected with unidentified flying objects with him talking to Alexander dolls in the newspaper "Transcarpathian truth" (article published at the end of March 2013).

"UFOs can be a time machine or the secret development of intelligence"

— Jaroslaw, where did your passion for ufology?

— Since 1989, when I first saw a UFO. I was 12 years old. Winter, about nine o'clock in the morning. I went to school and saw in the sky a bright yellow object in the shape of an inverted crescent horns up. He floated slowly over the horizon. The vision lasted 15-20 seconds. Since then several more times acted as a witness unidentified flying objects, but arranged the first meeting priorities in life — forced to join the ranks of ufologists.

Now I absolutely do not care what is flying over our heads, as other witnesses tell because he was convinced — in the world there is an unknown intelligence! Who is it — extraterrestrial intelligence, or any other earthly culture, or an unknown life form? Actually, these questions looking for answers for years. In 1993, he graduated from the school in non-traditional fields of science and technology "Basis" for "Soyuzufotsentr" specialty "ufology."

— You were one of the first to have sought the UFO witnesses. How to do it?

— In fact, the collection and processing of UFO information in Ukraine began in the 1970s. The state was interested in security, military — the new technological opportunities, the public — are we alone in the universe? Baton to the collection and processing of eyewitness UFO volunteer I have supported in the late 1990s, leading the UFO club UFODOS. Mainly, the data on UFOs in our archive received and received from our staff: scholars, enthusiasts and researchers, journalists … But the main asset of the organization — witnesses themselves of unidentified flying objects.

Personally, I am looking for a lot of like-minded people from different parts of the country, corresponded with them, shared information. All the facts are fixed. Now, by the way, in Ukraine, there are dozens of informal associations and thousands of UFO enthusiasts. But their job nobody coordinates, there is no single central organ, a single data file. And in the media due to a lack of the very problem of anomalous phenomena, unfortunately, are often limited to dilettantism, charlatanism and superstition.

— What does your organization now established UFODOS?

— We continue to the collection, storage and processing of UFO information. Now it comes with the territory of Ukraine through telephone, electronic, print and other lines of information gathering. And this is not some kind of inside information, and a public, open source project — UFOBUA. All the information is available online at: Convenient interface of the site will find a database of any episode of the UFO over Ukraine, to filter out some form of UFOs, follow the flight path, to study temporal activation, historical analogies, etc. Here, in fact, a large space for statistical work! We are working to identify the mechanisms of UFOs and their monitoring in near real time.

— Communicate with like-minded people from other countries?

— Of course, the exchange of information, experiences, discuss joint projects. UFO phenomenon is international. Explain it in different ways, and yet many in this country and abroad considers UFO vehicles of extraterrestrial civilizations. This is one of the key hypotheses, but hard evidence that this is the aliens do not exist. You might as well be a UFO or secret time machine intelligence developments.

Favorite UFO regions — Kyiv and Crimea

— Recently there have been many cases when people confuse conventional flashlights or other modern fireworks with UFOs. How to tell the difference?

— Clearly, the ordinary observer is not an expert in the identification of aircraft. Moreover, it is difficult even for the military, armed to control the airspace special tools and features. That is why it is often confused with UFOs certain astronomical phenomena or technology. I want to emphasize that about 70% of the information coming into the archive of our club, is rejected at the initial stage of its consideration.

Generally unsuitable recognize more than 90% of arrays, and only in some cases, you can talk about these, where there is a high probability of "true UFO". As for the "Chinese lanterns" that identify them is very simple: they have a blinking color (from yellow to red), flying in the wind, mostly a few balls at the same time — a weekend or holiday, the time of their "life" — no more than 30 — minutes.

— The first mention of UFOs are very old times …

— There are so-called hypothesis of "paleocontacts", which seeks to answer the question: was the case in the history of mankind, or in its history "clash" of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations with the inhabitants of the earth? What is the impact they have had on the development of mankind and they are not involved at all in the emergence of life on Earth? In support of the hypothesis paleocontacts can serve numerous legends and written monuments of different nations, where in one form or another are referred to the "sons of heaven," "sons of the sun", "flying dragons", "Chariots of Fire" and others.

And the appearance of a UFO over Russia and chroniclers wrote. For example, in the "Tale of Bygone Years" Nestor has a record, dated 1092 year, "was the most wonderful miracle, Polotsk obsession. At night was the sound of something moaning outside, prowling demons, as a people. If someone out of the house, immediately piqued been invisible demons plague and from dying. Then began the day and be on horseback, and was not seen their own, but could see the horses hooves … And there was a sign in the sky — just focus a very circle in the middle of the sky. " Such examples are many: people described at the time what we now call the acronym UFO — an unidentified flying object.

— Which regions of Ukraine are the most popular for UFOs?

— According to statistics from the UFO map of Ukraine leading north and south — respectively Kiev and the Crimea. Perhaps this is due to population density, with specific geographical features. In addition, UFOs are often fixed in Kharkiv, Donetsk region, Odessa region, in Dnipropetrovsk, over Transcarpathia. In our province UFO seen over Uzhgorod Uzhgorod, Tyachevsky, Mukachevo, Hust and Irshavskoye areas.

In Transcarpathia there are people who had contact with a UFO

— Can you remember the interesting cases of UFO sightings that occurred in the Carpathians

— In June 1984 in Uzhgorod suddenly one of three flying UFO broke and fell in Bozdoskogo Park. Have witnessed the park director and caretaker, who picked the debris and took them to the laboratory for examination for Space Research of the National University of Uzhgorod. In the absence of equipment and methodology of research confusing things they were handed over to the Astronomical Council of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

However, there was not any idea what is this stuff, so we were forced to hand the wreckage to another organization, which is also not able to explain their origin. Finally, astronomers in Uzhgorod politely thanked for discovery and at the same time reported that data on such events, both in Europe and in Asia, they have a lot. An interesting case occurred and 17 November 1989. Then Rakhovsky firefighters reported the fire in a farm village of Bogdan.

However, when they arrived, it turned out that it did not fire, and strange celestial fire, like a scarlet cloud, which was flying at high speed. After a while it saw the residents of Hust, Irshavske, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod district and regional center. In March 1991, a resident of the district Irshavske Bilkey told that he saw a bright ball in the sky, he allegedly landed, then people heard some incomprehensible speech. After a few minutes the object began to rise until not quite disappeared from view. And there were many such cases.

— And are you familiar with the people who had contact with aliens?

— Yes, and such a lot of people in Ukraine. I remember in 1989 people had contact with Kirovohradshchyna fifth kind. Today, this grandfather was 70, but his case is still no one can explain. In Transcarpathia as, for example, in 1991 a resident of Mukachevo, seeing a UFO in the sky, found on his body strange images in the form of leaves of the tree. Later she appeared clairvoyant abilities. In 1994 already uzhgorodka claimed that she met with extraterrestrial beings.

— How serious is today in Ukraine developed ufology?

— Ufology in Ukraine, as in most countries of the world, belongs to the quasi-scientific (a synonym for "parascience") — primarily because of the lack of conclusive evidence for the existence of phenomena which are studied. The organization uniting Ukrainian ufologists, is a private, we do not get government support, as in some European countries, and all the work of scholars and lovers kept their enthusiasm.

PS Jaroslav Sochka (pictured left) was born in 1977 at Irshavschiny. In 1998, founded the UFO club UFODOS, author of "The UFO informative dictionary" (1998 — 2004), the book "UFOs over Kyiv" (2011), "UFO. Ukrainian epic "(2011), numerous articles on the UFO subject. Since 2011, the cooperation with GO "Vizhy-3000" promotes the idea of creating a focal point for relations with extraterrestrial civilizations.

In April 2011, Yaroslav Sochka by the decision of the international board "Vizhy-3000" for his significant contribution to the development of ufology, most scientific work on the "UFO phenomenon" and anomalous phenomena awarded international badge.


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