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Military Russia and Kazakhstan will create a common defense system. If not prevent policy

President Vladimir Putin has brought to the State Duma for ratification an agreement to develop joint regional air defense system of Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The contract itself on this topic Moscow and Astana preparing long six years and was signed by the defense ministers of 2-January 30, 2013. Does he know that we can now sleep soundly: the threat of air attack on our country from the eastern and southern areas will be less?
What a shame it did not sound, if would be, then, most likely soon. This is evidenced by all the previous experience of trying to mutual defense systems integration post-Soviet countries. In what is actually picking need anyone seems to be convinced it is necessary. Aerospace pogroms that Americans in different years waged in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, to the best evidence. At any cost to push the frontiers of interception of air attack potential enemy from their own top military, administrative and industrial centers — means precious win Minutka for policy decisions on that fateful day.
It all seems so natural that it is surprising why in fact the integration efforts of the former Soviet Union in this direction so far not given tangible result?
Recall first attempt to glue the former Russian heritage in the field of defense was made February 10, 1995. On that day formally made the United States the CIS air defense system «Commonwealth». Spent on the case reams of paper, but in reality as the system was not working and not working. Its gears are stuck in a quagmire of severe political bidding.
The main question is who will directly decide on the winding up another «rustication» or clouds «Tomahawk» if those appear in our general sky? Whose finger presses the button to raise the air mingled now fighters and missiles? Long confer similar cases once.
In other words it is clear that a unified air defense system able to make only a single command. That’s about it until something anyone agree with anyone on the former Soviet Union failed. Even with Belarus, which both have a single air defense system created in 2009. And Minsk, Moscow and promised not to delay the purpose commander of the united forces and means. But it is not until this time.
And this despite the fact that even before the signing of the contract to strengthen the defense of Moscow began Belarusian sky. In 2007 from Russia to Belarus were put additional S-300PS (4 Division, 192 launch container). And at the end of 2011 Belarusian military was assigned first SAM battery close deeds «Tor-2M». But then for the reasons of the true union with Belarus air defense systems can be read with a modicum of significant conventions. How will Kazakhstan?
Founders of the contract with Astana say that the military now 2-states will be able to get on a reciprocal basis (in automatic mode) information about the traffic situation on the territory of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.
In War and the rise of military danger situation both countries retain sovereignty antiaircraft. In other words, have the right to make decisions on the use of air defense assets in accordance with their domestic law.
And further there is something about that stumble similar military cooperation of the Russian Federation and Belarus — mission commander general. His candidacy for president of Russia and Kazakhstan promise to present within three months.
Will it? Certain concession on the part of Russia looks fixed in the contract to stay unified air defense system command in Almaty. The obligation until the end of today, the neighbors put more modern C-300. Kazakhstan also plans to get their hands on the entire line of Russian antiaircraft distant and short-range actions. Among their missile-gun air defense system «Armour-C1.» Also the rest of the country’s air defense system can rely on the renewal of fighter aircraft. Of particular interest in this regard is buying Russian MiG-35, Su-35, and in the future aircraft fifth generation T-50.

Will it be enough, so integration efforts 2-military departments for the first time brought not bureaucratic, and real fruit? This — experts «Free Press.»

Chief of Air Force air defense missile troops in 2000-2008. Lieutenant General Alexander Gorkov recalled that already exists in the CIS Unified Air Defense System.

— Unified system implies a high level of integration. The main question is who is going to lead. Who will be involved in planning and decision-making, and who will be subject to this structure.

«SP»: — What risks will reflect the unified air defense system?

— Our southern borders are practically naked. I note that already exists in Kazakhstan grouping defense. Strengthening defense systems promote security of the Russian Federation in the southern direction. Russian north, recalling the Arctic also needs to cover. Apparently, the supreme commander and the government thinking on this topic. With regard to the creation of a single command, then it is difficult to judge how far negotiations have progressed in this regard. Either it’s already blabbed, or it will be the second step in the process of negotiating certain issues.

«SP»: — What is the role Our homeland in the emerging «anti-trio»?

— Our country stands as a prime contractor military equipment. Yet, the characteristics of the interaction are not yet clear. We have the Central Federal District, there is the governance structure of the Air Force and Air Defence. Next, you need to find where they continue to close, build the entire hierarchy management system.

Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, past military pilot Vladimir Anokhin implies that the heads of Russia and Kazakhstan agreed to more than ordinary military-technical cooperation.

— I think that the question of withdrawal on the level of military command and coordination throughout the space unified defense. This is a fundamental step, as we cover the air space of the Russian Federation directly with the southern and eastern areas. The mere fact of bringing together several defense discourages states encroach on the territorial integrity of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

«SP»: — You are the vector of possible danger, they can be personalized directly?

— First alertness causes activity and potential of China. Among the possible sources of danger Iran. And, of course, never forget about NATO that can go with the «downwind».

«SP»: — Who else would make sense to us to put under the general anti-aircraft «umbrella»?

— I see a practical sense, in collaboration 3 countries. Nazarbayev said in vain that it is necessary to dissolve the EAEC. Members of the Customs Union — Our homeland, Belarus and Kazakhstan to form rod post-Soviet integration. The main question will be in the configuration group of air defense command. It may take the form of a single warning system, coordinating air force and air defense based on a single command on separate fronts. It is possible that management decisions will be similar to the mechanism that existed in the organization of the Warsaw Pact. In other words, the command will be carried out on a territorial basis. For example, if exposed to air attack Kazakhstan, its management takes the decision to repel the attack. With all of this is building up forces at the expense of.

«SP»: — Will the creation of a unified air defense system to the expansion of specific Russian military presence in Kazakhstan? For example, the means of Russian air bases on the territory of Kazakhstan.

— In the preferred case this will be a joint base. The parties also agree on the operational plans in case of emergencies. In other words, each command has its own plans — packages that are opened under certain circumstances. These instructions for previously painted the role of each country, regiment and division. Also the method of their interaction with other parts.

«SP»: — As this is consistent with the geography and categories of threats?

— All hazards are calculated in advance. This is referred to as «potential adversary.» It is understood that it may not seem out of nowhere once. In case of the military-political situation on a particular scenario and elaborates certain options.

«SP»: — What is the benefit for the RF except for expansion of geopolitical influence and the security sector?

— Imagine for yourself what we have large areas of outright camouflage air strike. So Makar, we have a additional tier of protection. Kazakhstan also wins. Since he can count on the power of Russian air defense weapons in repelling the danger outside. It should also be noted that Russian forces missile attack warning will go into the air defense system of Kazakhstan. This means that the country will be more immune to the unpredictable actions of their own brutal neighbors.

«SP»: — From the unified air defense system to the overall missile defense «umbrella» defense «distance tremendous size»?

— It will be a logical step. In particular, if the U.S. continues at a pace to deploy its global missile defense system. Then in a day or agenda will be a question of developing a unified missile defense between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

«SP»: — What are our allies and neighbors could take part in this project?

— Hard to say. Offhand, it may be Kyrgyzstan, but let them to start with Manas will understand.

«SP»: -?

— I mean, we do not need to cover those countries which are playing a double game and very addicted to multi-vector policy. Besides, should not force integration with those countries that are unpredictable based on the beliefs of the internal political situation. I do not see the real contenders for the role of our partners. On the diplomatic level, you can read about anything. But based on the beliefs of the economy and the prospects of military cooperation is unlikely to who else will be able to join us in this project.

The problem of decision making in the framework of a unified air defense — a weak spot in this kind of systems, the director of the Museum of the Air Defense Forces Yuri whip.

— If you remember, last year the plane piloted by Swedish citizens, threw over Minsk 800 teddy bears on parachutes. While I would not read that it justifies the failure of a unified air defense system. Themselves realize shoot down planes in the very heart of Europe, no one will without a special need. Much of the blame for this incident lies on operational duty. As in the case of Rust, he had to make the decision to raise the fighters. To find out what it is all the same for the purpose. And if need be, to try to land it. In case of troubles decision on winding up the aircraft intruded into the air space of the country should take the president himself. Ultimately, «Teddy Troopers» miss the bus all the same.

«SP»: — The territory of Kazakhstan to Belarus many times more, giving more time to make decisions.

— Inclusion of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a single air defense system — it’s the right move. Among other things we are pushing the boundaries of those radar field. After that Kazakhstan will be able to work interceptors against targets that disrupt the airy space of Kazakhstan.

«SP»: — What is the benefit of connection to a place of safety for the Air Kazakhstan?

— If someone tries to deliver a massive blow to our ally, Russian interceptors will help the country to reflect the anger. The most important thing is that the Russian time had a similar system. You just need to reunite the scattered pieces and modernize it.

«SP»: — What can make in Kazakhstan «authorized capital» unified air defense system?

— First, its countryside, and it is well worth it. Automatically we move far boundary detection potential intruder. In air defense is such a thing — the flight time. We have in store there in time. If the boundary is located at a distance of a thousand kilometers from Moscow, and the object is traveling at a thousand miles an hour means an hour it will be near Moscow. As follows, the time for its detection and destruction is only one hour. If the offender is at a distance of three thousand miles from the capital, then we already have three hours. Agree, this is a significant difference.

«SP»: — Vorachivayas to the organization of the command, can we expect that in the case of Kazakhstan will be extrapolated to the experience of the Russian-Belarusian cooperation in this sphere?

— Model must be united, otherwise the system will work inconsistently. With Belarus we have a unified command. In the framework of which is assigned to the person who takes decisions in a crisis situation. This decision should be doing all the participants unified air defense system. This is in case of war or violations of air space daring. Representative of what side this man — it’s heads of state. We can recall the function of decision-making, which was in the Warsaw contract. In each participating country was responsible for its own air defense and the defense minister. But in command was also a representative of the Union of Russian, who was responsible for these same questions. And there was a joint headquarters.

Such a structure is in the CIS, but it does not work. All limited discussions. Our «allies» want to shut off access to the disk imaging with its own radar, wanted to do something else. However, Ukraine’s accession to the EU is almost a step that precedes the integration with NATO. We were obliged to close virtually all its stations of early warning of a missile attack, which were in the Ukraine. The same thing happened in Azerbaijan Gabala radar station.

On the other hand, we are now building a more modern and robust radar on its territory, for example in Armavir. When the U.S. and Israel have produced a training launch of the target in the Mediterranean Sea not far from Syria, we have fixed it immediately. Western countries initially denied this information, but later were required to acknowledge the start.

Vorachivayas to our subject, single air defense system of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan imply an obligation on a highest level and executive discipline. Here opportunity pinned minimized.

«SP»: — What are the technical means Our homeland plans to transfer to allies within the project unified air defense system?

— We give Belarus air defense system S-300. The same applies to Kazakhstan. Hitherto there were armed with outdated systems S-75 almost since the Vietnam War (then it was called «killer B-52»). It is possible that we will build a tracking station in Kazakhstan. In Belarus, already running radar «Volga». Incidentally, there Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It’s not only the launch site, and the object of double predestination. In Kazakhstan, there is a good grouping aircraft MiG-31 interceptor. Despite the fact that it was designed have long, machines such level so far not many who have. Its service ceiling is at the level of 30-35 km. Speed ​​of about 3 thousand unnecessary kilometers per hour. In the end, four of MIGs place closes width of several thousand kilometers. And one of the planes can act as a small team Fri Command takes a decision and with at least some of the aircraft is another rocket launch.

— Yes, Kazakhstan has huge area and if it is built with Russian air defenses, then we obtain a spatial buffer. Inevitable price to pay for such an opportunity will supply military equipment on preferential criteria — the deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin — Kazakhstan itself can not create its proper technique. However, Kazakhstan is a C-300, purchased from the Russian Federation in the 1990s. in exchange for strategic bombers. Also MiG-31, which (excluding the Russian Federation) over no one. Though the Kazakhstan — Kyrgyzstan is not.

«SP»: — What are the prospects of delivery of S-400?

— Our office more than once expressed on this score. This will be when it is satisfied the needs of our armed forces in this technique. Follow queue — Belarus and Kazakhstan.

«SP»: — How the issue is resolved with a single command? In whose hands will be «button» to make decisions in critical situations?

— This is a purely political issue. Most likely, the button will be at everyone. It is clear that the senior partner will be our homeland. I think that Lukashenko and Nazarbayev — pretty close to reality thinking politicians, so be aware of this.

«SP»: — Against which the main threats will target common defense?

— It is necessary to cover the air strategically significant hydrocarbon riches of the Caspian Sea from infringement by third forces. We ensure the security of essentially industrial Urals and south Siberia. The main threat is possible, of course, China. Just severe danger may be Pakistani missiles with nuclear warheads. They can intercept the C-400.

«SP»: — Can we say that the unified air defense (with the prospect of the joint ABM) is a preparatory step towards the creation of the military-political bloc type NATO?

— Military integration is very often preceded by economic and political. Suffice it to recall the story of the creation of the EU and NATO. Likewise, the former Soviet Union on the basis of the Customs Union is necessary to create a real military campaign, more sane than the CSTO.

Vasily Vankov Sergei Ishchenko

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