Undercarriage of Vladimir

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The self-propelled four-wheel chassis frame construction "Agromach-50SSH" is intended for use as a multi-purpose vehicle, as well as the basis of a variety of equipment for special work in agriculture, construction, etc.

Structurally, the chassis' 50SSH "as unified with the tractor" Agromach-30TK ", differing from it in the rear placement of the engine and transmission. Installing the hardware platform or the cockpit does not impair visibility, ensuring control of the production work.

The plant also produces samopogruzchik "VPP-30SSH-SP Agromach 50SSH", designed for shoveling snow, debris and loose materials, loading, transportation and unloading in designated areas. The machine is widely used in the construction sector, warehousing, ports, etc.

On the chassis mounted 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, 3.1-liter diesel engine D-130 air-cooled, which develops power of 45 hp at 2000 rev / min. Specific fuel consumption is 177 g / hp-hr. Chassis dimensions — 4190? 1630? 2370 mm Curb weight — 2440 kg. Complement the single cab chassis, equipped with ventilation and heating system equipped with wipers and rear-view mirrors. The operating speed range from 3.4 to 23.9 km / h Load capacity is limited to 1,000 kg chassis, the front of the car is set unleadable bridge gantry. The version with a scoop samopogruzchikom, designed to lift up to 500 kg of cargo. Bucket width — 1800 mm. The height of the chassis with a raised bucket is 2900 mm.

Chassis "Agromach-50SSH" issued Vladimir Motor and tractor plant belonging to the Russian Concern "Tractor plants", whose products have the brand "Agromach."

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