United Kingdom: In the western part of the county of Yorkshire was a flood

July 31, 2013. Excessive rainfall that hit the west Yorkshire, have caused flooding in the Calder Valley and Todmordene. On the territory of Todmorden to Brayhauza adjacent to the River Calder and its tributaries, announced a warning about the flood highest degree of danger, because here in two hours received almost 460 mm of rain, that is half of the monthly norm.

In York already flooded about 20 homes, where at the peak of the flood water came up to his waist. Several buildings and a railway platform in Uolsdene also flooded. Dozens stood on the street car plunged into the water, and suffered another property The yard Yorkers, as well as several miles of pavement. Now working at the scene rescue teams engaged in drawing up the plan of treatment interventions and assessment of damage. Medical care provided to 51-year-old man, who carried the water flows about 15 meters down the hill to the railroad tracks.

On the other hand, the cyclone brought considerable relief from the heat wave mid-month as in Worchester, Manchester and a few days ago. Under the influence of heat waves remain south-east and east of England. Forecasters do not rule out that the heat wave will be back in New York, but for the nature of such mood swings weather is not going to benefit. Mass of warm air will arrive from Spain. Due to the July heat wave this month found the warmest in the history of the British meteorological forecasts, which began documenting since 1659.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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