United States decided to write off the burned house painter nuclear submarine

The U.S. military has refused to restore the nuclear submarine "Miami", which in 2012 set fire to a house painter who worked at the port. Cost recovery submarine was 450 million dollars, and the leadership of the fleet decided to write off the "Miami" for recycling. Details results Defense News.


The cost of repair of the submarine has reached 94 million dollars. Familiarization with the new leadership valuations reconstruction led by a decline in military spending (it was recently announced that the U.S. can reduce the number of aircraft carriers from 11 to 8 or 9) to the cancellation of repair. APL, seriously damaged by fire in 2012, sent for recycling.

Surveyed ship the commission came to the conclusion that because of the heat the metal of the submarine is made, cracked, and therefore to resume operation will have to change most of the pipelines. A fire destroyed the post actually control the torpedo room and damaged the missile launchers. Even optimistic estimates "Miami" could not be repaired until 2015.

The fire, which occurred on the afternoon of May 23, 2012, began working for the civil-painter Casey Fury, who on that day decided to leave work early. Fury was arrested and subsequently sentenced to 17 years in prison with the payment of 400 million dollars in fines, and had to put out the fire within 12 hours with the involvement of more than a hundred firefighters. During the fighting seven people injured, including a firefighter who broke his ribs when falling into an open manhole.


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