Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska

Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska Weather and Climate

Residents of Fairbanks, Alaska, to endure the most extreme cold in the last 10 years. January 29, 2012 International Airport was recorded temperature -51 degree Celsius. At this time, the temperature usually does not drop below 16 degrees. Record low is -60 degrees in 1933. Perhaps this record would be broken if it were not dense ice fog.

Since 1999, this is the second time the temperature reaches or exceeds -50 degrees. In January of this year for 2 weeks the temperature was between -40 degrees Celsius. Prolonged cold in Fairbanks, close to the record-breaking performance by the January, 1972, and most likely in January 2012 will be the coldest month in the history of the city. On January 30, the temperature is still low, but in a thick fog the visibility level is almost 0.

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