Very close to the afterlife



Very close to the afterlife
12.11.03, the


Next to be not only plasma brothers in mind, but also much more native objects, such as the souls of dead people. Believe in them calling almost all the world's religions, but are silent about the exact location of the underworld. Like, somewhere in the sky. It is possible that he was indeed there.

ROAD TO HEAVEN: goes to heaven

— Wherever you may live, and live and organized plasma, it is only in the ionosphere — the upper atmospheric layer located at a height of 50 to 80 kilometers above the Earth — reflects Andrew Knish, not yet recognized as a representative of the most unconventional science. — There is only enough of concentrated ions and free electrons — plasma elements of life. There's even a zipper is — a giant jet of fire, reaching the 90-km altitude. And, apparently, boils his own life, but much more diverse than the one modeled Romanian scientist in the laboratory. The ionosphere is so great that it will all fit the souls of many billions of people who have ever lived on Earth. Or anywhere else. Even if the Indians are mistaken in the belief in the transmigration of souls.

And by the way, about a possible "population" of near-Earth space. During the Soviet era at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (Troitsk) told me about how the sky looks in the electromagnetic spectrum — the boundless ocean, which are worn by millions of small and large plasmoids that are invisible to the naked eye. And then these observations lead me to a strange and distant from the materialism of thought. And now even more so …


DETAIL YERONIMA Bosch: so in the XVI century, represented Hell

As for hell, then its approximate position — under the earth — can in principle be true. In hell, or in hell, as you know, it's hot. There — hell. But under the Earth is not cold. According to some scientists, somewhere deep inside, too, can be placed plasma — only a red-hot, even fusion. And as far as it is lively, clever and devilishly tricky, long talk physicists who unsuccessfully build fusion reactors.







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