Video of the Day: The Earth at a distance of more than 160 million km


Not every day you can see the Earth at a distance of more than 160 million miles of space. At the same distance from Earth, not so long ago, a comet flew PanSTARRS. The spacecraft STEREO-B (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory was able to capture this amazing phenomenon. 

On the above picture above Earth is a prominent bright dot in the center, and the bright lights in the near corner — it is the tail of a comet PanSTARRS. In head happened to be the famous image of the Earth «Pale Blue Dot», reminiscent of the last mission of "Voyager 1". Video and photos obtained through the block formation of heliospheric imaging (Heliospheric Imager), whose main task is to study the physics of coronal plasma emission mass from the surface of the Sun. At the time of the passage of the comet the spacecraft was on the far side of the Sun. The solar wind and coronal mass ejections can be seen with the naked eye on this video:


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