Villagers saw the sky Newbie secret signs


Victor Gaidukov lives in the village of shiny new (Pavlovsky District, Voronezh Oblast). At the beginning of the sixth morning he was awakened by his wife Galina, who read the book and pointed to the window. On another dark sky above the forest, a large glowing object clavate had joined with him a bright arc, like a rainbow.

From the outside it looked like a giant lantern. He still hung to the south-west of the house Gaidukova. Grabbing digital home "bar of soap" couple time to make a single frame of the window. But too weak for night shooting camera as luck would have discharged without giving take pictures on the street.

"What is it? UFOs? "- In the first few seconds of thought Gaidukova.

Not ever having seen anything like the former military quickly called his friend with a mobile Vyacheslav Udalova on duty that night nearby — in the boiler room of the company, "Thorn Forest". By that time, Vyacheslav and his partner Nicholas Sukhonosov also witnessed this strange phenomenon, having seen him earlier Viktor Petrovich.

— It was something unusual — says Vyacheslav. — Imagine a very bright large disk that is at the center of a black circle with sharp outlines. On both sides of the edge of the circle, symmetrical, depart two bright colored beam shape. And on top of all this stuff is white luminous arc, too, like a rainbow.

In the discussion, an unidentified phenomenon revealed that it was in the sky for long — before first light. Both men saw the object a little differently.

— We did not feel fear, but surprise — say Victor and Vyacheslav Petrovich. — But what was it? Unusual atmospheric phenomenon, or a UFO? Or someone sends us signs that mean something? Be that as it may, nothing like we've never seen.

— Judging by the description, it is seen that men could be optical phenomena that happen from time to time on full moon days. It is possible that they saw a heavenly body — a comet, which seemed for a short time and disappeared with the dawn, — said Alexander Sukhorukov Voronezh ufologist.

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