Volcanic tremors in the Canary Islands a concern

Volcanic tremors in the Canary Islands are perilous Natural Disasters

Since 17 July 2011, the National Geographic Institute of Spain counted over 10,000 earthquake on one of the Canary Islands El Hierro.

October 9, 2011 were recorded seismic tremors force 4.3. They are believed to have caused the underwater volcanic eruption October 11, 2011 at a depth of about 1,500 meters. In the town of La Restinga, located 5 kilometers from the eruption began the evacuation of over 500 people.

In the city of La Frontera evacuated about 50 residents over concerns of landslides.

In 1793, at the El Hierro was recorded only in the history of the eruption Lomo Negro, rumbling for months. Seismologists do not know whether the lava breaks out at this time, but as a precaution run total air-raid on the island.


Photo: Pablo Dávila-Harris

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