Wandering the city


10.10.03, the


Once in the press flashed a message about the strange pictures transmitted to Earth via satellite communications with the American interplanetary space station. Lens are caught in the frame of the city, wandering … in outer space, as if he alone went for a walk! Known mirage, phantom picture of life on earth, known as transferred to a different space, and even at other times, but that happens on Earth. Here — the open space. And the picture is as real as it is unthinkable. By all signs, wandering in space city (or rather, part of it) — is clearly of terrestrial origin. But he, even in this earthly form, he found himself in such a remote corner of the solar system? Scientists, as usual in such cases, there is no conclusive answers. Such urban landscapes, hung, for example, over water, or fragments of other witnesses scenes of earthly life, as already mentioned, was observed more than once. Once I had witnessed this phenomenon, called mirage. It happened in the summer of 1981 on the Yamal Peninsula in the village of Stone Cape. Our MI-6 took the dose-editing. The day was unusually hot for the North. Weather at this year stood in the southern sultry and windless. And local residents and airport attendants pointed us to the sky with a mirage, regularly, day in and day appeared over the Ob lip. Indeed, in the air in front of us could see a piece of the city, perhaps the U.S.. High-rise buildings. The streets are filled with cars scurrying. Streams of pedestrians. I remember a monument on the square with the outstretched hand man. The vision was quite clear, though through it slightly, and made its way blue sky. Oval shape. The edges are gradually dissolved. It is a pity that I do not admire enough distance. We were invited to a special flight landed. Never again will I have not seen a mirage. An intriguing sight! Here, it seems to me there was a "failure" in the space-time field of the Earth. Therefore, a ghostly double of a true materialized over the Ob lip. I do not see anything supernatural. Normal teleportation earthly object to the inaccessible height of a man. That's all.


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