We all have the chance to experience a quantum leap in 2013


In November, Boris Astafev held in Yekaterinburg, a seminar under the laws of the universe. We met with him and he talked about the times in which we live and how we live such a difficult period of transition.

Boris, everyone is talking about the coming time pass away in the new era. How and when will it happen?

— We are on the eve of a quantum leap. Soon humanity will enter a new stage of development and will be living in a qualitatively different habitat. This transition will begin, according to my calculations, at the end of October 2013. This is quite a difficult stage. Its severity will depend on how a spiritual and creative potential of humanity will suit him. How will this happen no one can say, but in any case it will depend on the general state of humanity at this time.

Is humanity ready for the transition?

— In general, the world is not very favorable background for the transition. Now the world is increasing chaos. This is happening in the world of science, and the arts, and in society. In the XIX century and the first half of the twentieth century was the heyday of science and culture. Since the second half of the XX century, the world is the prevalence of chaos. Culture began to lose clean divine traits. Pop Music, "metal", cubism — they do not reflect the harmony of the world, all it brings humanity into chaos. Man is the highest being in the world. The Creator created all the conditions that a person can live happily on this planet. For him, created nature, plants, animals. We must be grateful for it and use for the benefit of the opportunity. But we are creating chaos.

How much chaos is inevitable in this period?

— Any quantum leap accompanied by the appearance of chaos. It is the law of fractal systems. Our world here on Earth, is a fractal system. Upon completion of a particular stage of development occurs in the system chaos and built a new structure. After the quantum leap is a small number of individuals from the old system: they will be as long as necessary for the development of this new stage of civilization.

In the history of the Earth has been quantum leaps. In their example, we see that in this period disappeared several species of living beings. At the same time, suddenly comes a new species. The Creator knows how and under what conditions certain kinds of living beings can live and develop, as similar systems already exist on other planets. The Creator has already identified the area of their existence and know how they will behave in the world after its transition to a different level. He brings these kinds during the quantum transition

In the material world, it looks like a kind of very quickly turns into another form due to changes in the genetic code. This may be due to the information carried by a neutrino. Neutrinos — it microparticles, their flow permeates our universe. They easily penetrate the entire thickness of the Earth. Information through the neutrino can instantly penetrate into the genetic structure of living beings and to change it.

Man — a being with consciousness and freedom of choice. Can it affect the processes in quantum leap?

— The Creator sends us knowledge of the law. It helps a person to change the process of transition to a new state. In particular, my work that I did with the other changes the conditions for the passage of humanity through a quantum leap.

Knowledge of the law — it is a force that reduces the negative effect of the quantum transition. We're working to make it softer and it was able to overcome more people. In order for a quantum leap was successful for a man, it was necessary to open those laws, to create the system of education that will make a person moral life and able to make the right choices in the way of its development.

What is the point of your discovery?

— I was able to scientifically prove the existence of the Creator and discover the most general laws of nature.

Central Law — The Law of Creation, including the main formula in the life of the Universe — Basic Genome World. This is a general scientific foundation on which to base an understanding of the laws and other laws, their interdependence and mutual influence. As a result of these findings, it became possible to answer the many questions that previously remained a mystery of nature.

I've been doing science 51 years. My discoveries have been made on the basis of all that has been created in the previous period in the development of science and culture. Culture and religion recreate the big picture of life and development of the Earth. I managed to combine the separate sciences knowledge into a single cosmic nature of our Earth science. As a representative of science, given the evidence base that the fundamental processes that occur on Earth.

You scientifically prove the existence of God?

— When people ask me if I believe in God, I say, "II know, he is! "

How to bring your findings to practice real life?

— First of all, it is necessary to know the laws. They can be found in my work. In particular, in the future, and my book, "The Theory of the genetic unity of energy and the creation of the World." It was prepared for printing.

Knowledge of the law already gives a lot for the formation of man's behavior. Compliance with laws — is, above all, moral behavior, and morality is founded in man, in every cell, in every atom. Are acting against morality, therefore, reduces its life. In every atom of man and the universe there is the World Spirit. We are all under the control of God, no matter what we do, it becomes known to him. According to our business and is the selection of people to move to the next level. From the point of view of the Hierarchs is selected, these people deserve to live in a new world, and those not so. But these people as unworthy to overcome the transition can use your chance and start to behave differently. To do this, open and laws, use them in your life, change your life, and they will be able to migrate to a new level, overcoming the difficulties of the quantum transition.

On the basis of my work and discoveries created a system of education noosphere. This system was developed Natella V. Maslov. It's the best education system in the world at the moment.

How do you manage to make fundamental discoveries in such a ripe old age? What is your secret?

— I'm in science 51 years. Now I work at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in the Department of Education noosphere. To maintain the health of doing sports — sports walking.

There is a law of increasing spirituality. It was opened by William Vund, the eminent German psychologist and philosopher. French psychologists have studied the potential of a person and sewn to the conclusion that one reaches the maximum intelligence to the age of 19-21 years, the course of the life level of intelligence for a normal person down and comes to a critical level for 40 years.

Intelligence can be increased with age! If a person is engaged, increases their spiritual level, the level of intelligence is growing, developing creative abilities, while maintaining a good level of health. This happens because a person includes its operations deeper layers of atoms, which are twenty seven layers of power. The most potent are depth are less potent at the surface. Most people use the surface layers. Geniuses are living through the deeper layers from the eighth onward. In this regard, they are not understood by most, because they live on different principles, in other concepts.

Enhance your spiritual level of benefits. The rest will be given. Such a person becomes interested in God and the hierarchy that we are. A person help, providing everything needed for further creative development.

Interview conducted by Igor Governors

Boris Astafev opened Genome World, dozens of the universal law of the world and created a scientifically based theory of energy and genetic unity of the world. Genome.

BA Astafev — MD, Grand Ph.D., Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Noosphere Academy of Science and Education, the International Academy of Telecommunications, the International Academy of Informatization, New York Academy of Sciences, Professor. The author of 12 monographs, two textbooks, more than 220 scientific articles on the creation of the World, the World Organization of life systems as well as various aspects of medicine, ecology, and education.


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