Weather Center has sounded the alarm because of the delayed heat

June 28, 2013. Abnormally hot weather will hold for the European part of Russia for at least another week, forecasters predict a meteorologist. According to the head office of Roman Vilfand, the situation has reached alarming levels due to the prolonged existence of a stationary anticyclone. If this situation lasts more than 20 days, then increase dramatically the risk of forest fires.

So far, according to experts, the fire danger situation is not critical — it leveled sufficiently large reserves of moisture in the soil, as well as the short rains, RIA "Novosti".

The situation in the capital region Roman Vilfand called abnormal. Uncharacteristically high air temperature during the night (20-23 ° C), frequent short-term (not more than half an hour) rains that fall only in certain areas — all of this was the result of omega-blocking over the European part of Russia.

Roman Vilfand added that the area of high atmospheric pressure over the Russian surrounded by Europe and Siberia by abnormally cool air masses. In Europe, the cold weather also accompanied by heavy rains.

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The heat will last longer than previously envisioned

Omega-blocking scheme. © Gismeteo

June 26, 2013. High anticyclone, which formed over the northern half of European Russia, continues to grow and remain inactive. The left and right of it are deep and the same slow-moving tropospheric trough. West-east transport in the European sector of the atmosphere is greatly weakened, while the meridional circulation prevails.

A related major weather anomalies with opposite signs observed in the neighboring regions of Europe. In particular, in Western Europe, the temperature does not exceed +15, Central Europe again not dry out in the rain, and in the European part of Russia established the heat.

While there is only the second day of omega-blocking, but calculations show that after 3-5 days the situation in the atmosphere has not fundamentally changed. Over the European part of Russia and all will stand a blocking anticyclone over Europe and Siberia will hang and deep ravines.

For residents of the entire European part of Russia, this means continuing heat wave in the east? dry, in the west and south? wet (with rain showers and thunderstorms.) Almost universally, the index will increase fire risk.

In Europe, will continue to be cool and rainy. Not yet ended flooding can go to a new level. In Siberia will remain a threat to the weak and night frosts in the polar regions of weak snow.

It is assumed that such a model of the atmosphere will operate throughout the first five days of July.

The distribution of anomalies. © Gismeteo

Flammability index (Grade 1 — Green, Grade 5 — red). © Gismeteo

Source: News Gismeteo

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