Well done the Russians! — Bravo, Russian!

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Spread-eagled against the wall and marched off single-file: How Russia deals with illegal immigrants

How Russia deals with illegal migrants

Summary of the article:

The police and migration officers raided a market in Teply Stan (Moscow)

They detained dozens of suspected illegal immigrants

It's part of the austerity measures that have been taken in respect of four million illegal migrants in Russia

Tom Kelly (TOM KELLY) on July 31, 2013

This is not a joke: immigration officers and the police to identify illegal immigrants, yesterday raided the market in Teply Stan in Moscow. The arrested person is standing at a police bus

Humiliation: After they were searched suspected illegal immigrants were constructed chain and taken to a police bus

Tough: Pending orders from the police, the men had to stand with his hands behind his head


I do not think that Mr. Putin would want to lead this fucking country, but that would be?
— Happy Whammer, London, 31/7/2013 9:27

When they finish the deal with their illegal migrants in Russia, could not they come here and throw our? Please
— GnosticBrian, Canterbury, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 9:25

Hmm ….. It's a shock ……… Something that I admire in Russia ……. Now, Mr. Cameron … That's what you should do with parasites …..
— Mike, West Midlands, 31/7/2013 9:24

They laugh, probably because until they just realized that they can now go to England for benefits for free housing, free health care and for free education, free for lawyers if they need them. It's time to spit on Europe and begin to take control of our country.
— HippyChic2, South England, 31/7/2013 9:25

If only we could get all of our left / liberal and do the same.
— Golum, Wirral, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 9:24

Clear reasonable response, fully justified and a great deterrent. No mamby pamby (?) Weak response from the crowd our lives completely divorced from the judges — most of them seem at all does not understand anything. If they are here illegally — to send them. And for those who destroy their papers on arrival — automatic prison, as a torus until they can be identified and returned to their country of origin.
— Zumbugga, Luton, 31/7/2013 9:21

Pay attention to Britain, it is really easy. Throw out all of their mattresses of the barns, turn out the homeless from vacant houses, clean parks and tunnels. I'm sorry that home countries of these people are so desperate that they prefer to live in poverty / begging here, but it's not our problem. We need to go away from here before, our country would be as backward as well as their country. Once the illegals leave, check here all the "Legalov," why should we have on our taxes "British" beggars who actually come from Europe or the Commonwealth.
— plain english, Norwich, 31/7/2013 9:20

UK — pay attention!
— Mark, England, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 9:11

Does this country more respect when drawn with illegal immigrants as human beings? I think — no.
— B Crockets, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 9:11

Urgently send officials UKBA (Border Agency and UK immigration controls) To Moscow to study there and let them zatyryat copy of the textbook.
— Mr Knowall, Basel, Switzerland, 31/7/2013 9:06

Oh, how I wish that the UK is as hard to solve this problem as well as Russia.
— Old Geordie, Geordieland, 31/7/2013 9:03

That's how to do it. Do not allow any person to hide scarves or jackets.
— cynicalar, Bucks, 31/7/2013 9:02

Russia — it's still a man's world, and we are feminized, and PC (?) Zakorrektirovan unconscious. They defend themselves and are absolutely right. Well done.
— reggie, ipswich, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 14:07

UK, do you see it? IT — how to do! UKIP (Party for the Independence of the United Kingdom — Great Britain demanded the exit of the European Union, holds conservative views)
— wkdmarty, Reading, 31/7/2013 8:58

When they did the same here in the UK, the country would be a much better place to live. Throw them all.
— Gatekeeper, Looking for the Keymaster, United Kingdom, 1/8/2013 7:00

This is — what you need to Britain ……. do not need to be a genius to figure out how to get rid of us all these ….
— venusvenus47, N Devon, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 16:38

Well done. Our country is constant coffin clowns that allow to come here every parasites, religious sects of the Stone Age, and other types of human waste.
— grahamw48, York, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 11:42

We need to learn from Russia.
— x45caliber, Sweeny_TX, 31/7/2013 14:30

It would be nice to do the same here
— victor, liverpool, 31/7/2013 9:08

In Russian, at least, there is the ridge, not that our pacifiers politicians who think only of themselves
— Ed from England, England, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 12:21

"If any of you are so impressed by the Russian regime, why do not you go and live there and do not like to see YOU there will relate." — Lynn, West Midlands =============== I lived in Russia and in the West Midlands and I can say that Russia — a lot better. Russia has health care that really works just as well as their infrastructure — in any weather, no matter what happens. I felt much more secure in the Russian city than in the West Midlands. And Russia is still recognizable Russia, it does not become a Bombay slum.
— GnosticBrian, Canterbury, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 13:42

Send a copy of [articles] every British policy, please send a copy to each employee Border Agency, with a postscript — "doing my job"
— Peter Marton, Middlesbrough, 31/7/2013 23:46

It seems to me that President Vladimir Putin is more popular in Britain than our own Prime Ministers
— Prophet, Riga, Latvia, 31/7/2013 14:32

Bl … perhaps we should create something like an alliance with Russia, and not ….
— Dubious Squirrel, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 1/8/2013 7:34

Well, maybe our "border agency" should have taken something as interesting. Sorry Mr Cameron, can I get back to my country?
— Brian Williams, Newport, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 14:35

As I understand it, Russia does not give them an apartment and does not give a weekly check. Well done.
— fatthinslim, bristol uk, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 11:25

This is much better than those soft and hesitant manner, which is protected by U.S. border. Good job, Russia.
— Spence, Wellington FL USA, 31/7/2013 12:53

Let's hire Russian here, as long as they do not teach us how to do it. well that no one complains about human rights
— tiran, faversham, 31/7/2013 16:35

I like the Russian version of "Human Rights" Our politicians should pay attention to.
— woody, Wakefield, 31/7/2013 10:15

I never thought that I wanted to make this country followed Russia! Perhaps we need to steal a leaf out of the book of the Putin administration.
— Observer, Dundee, 31/7/2013 13:43

Cameron, pay attention, 100% of Britain wants to have it done that way
Welshman, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 17:51

Putin knows how to drive, maybe we here need someone such as he
— Philip, Cleveland, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 14:00

Superb! Perhaps we should listen and learn!
— kikimoss, London, 31/7/2013 11:57

Bravo, Russian.
— Derek, Johannesburg, 1/8/2013 3:47

Look carefully at these faces … soon you'll see them on the streets of the UK …..
— The Little Bull, London, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 18:01

[They] should come here and break a few heads, they can start with the politicians and their supporters liberastov.
— Andy, Accrington, United Kingdom, 1/8/2013 6:38

Democrats in America …. Pay attention to how the illegals are turning elsewhere. This is possible ……………
— Doubtful, Oxford, United States, 31/7/2013 12:53

You may disagree with the policy of Russian, but to their credit — it's just voskhitetelno.
— Will, Hometown, USA, 31/7/2013 22:43

This is — a shame that we do not have such as Putin to lead our country.
— bwims, Dover, United Kingdom, 1/8/2013 6:55

Let's do it here. What a shame — UK spineless country.
— MrCommonSense, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 31/7/2013 12:57

Obama — this is for you as a hint. Here it is — a way to deal with illegal immigrants. DO NOT allow them to stay and capture American jobs. Of course, they need the rich, and the owners of farms and factories as cheap labor.
— ftk67, Las Cruces NM USA, 31/7/2013 14:37

— Old Chap, Caribbean, Grenada, 31/7/2013 11:01

Oh, they look so innocent.
— brenda, London, 31/7/2013 15:31

Yes, they look innocent, yet, but once they settle here permanently, they will start to cause problems, giving speeches full of hatred and cutting off the head of the local soldiers.
— Harpreet Grewal, Amritsar, India, 31/7/2013 12:47

They laugh because they know that they are on their way to the UK
— CJSandy, Sandy, 31/7/2013 17:06

This — what we should do in the UK, but alas, we have weak cowardly politicians who are afraid — that will tell Brussels.
— Jim, Norwich, United Kingdom, 1/8/2013 4:48

Putin — in the Prime Ministers
— Mark, Harrow, 31/7/2013 14:52

BRITAIN look — it works!
— sanddancer, UAE, 31/7/2013 12:24

Britain, please do the same here and fast!
— yorkshirelass, York, United Kingdom, 1/8/2013 7:50


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