What is Pyrokinesis and how not to burn out like a match



In the last decade, the number of spontaneous combustion — the cases of so-called Pyrokinesis — around the world has increased by two and a half times. People for no reason at breaking out like a match and burn overnight, while all surrounding objects and clothes incredible way to remain intact. What seems to be, from the standpoint of modern science simply can not be, is not such nonsense. In the scientific world, there are many hypotheses trying to decipher the mysterious phenomenon.

Clothing is not affected

Ten years ago, in Tomsk burned man, according to witnesses, before peacefully sitting on a wooden bench and who drank from a bottle of vodka. Came "first" and police speculated that the body of the victim was too much alcohol. Here, they say, he broke out of a kind of "foreign source." However, no outside source — cans or cans with gasoline — was found near. The victim caught fire unexpectedly, while the wooden bench fire did not touch.

Particularly heavy fire coming out of the chest and abdomen. "Living fireworks" lasted 5-6 minutes. Save the man failed.

The village Skadovo Kherson region died in mysterious circumstances keeper of one of the local farms. His charred corpse found in the morning. Clothing is not affected. One could assume that the old man was stripped naked and burned, and then he dressed. But there were witnesses who saw him in the very clothes fled the village, covered pillar of flame, and cried hysterically. And his neighbor, then remembered that the watchman has happened in his youth "attacks": the skin is red hot, as if burned, and then throughout the body were blisters.

In Moscow in November 1998 in her apartment burned worker taxis. A taxi driver died at the Research Institute Sklifosovsky from burns over 80 percent of the body. But the furniture, walls and even plywood chair on which he sat during the fire, were not injured.

In the same year on the operating table Hospital of Los Angeles, flushing, burned 26-year-old Emilia Ernavdes. The girl did a mediocre surgery to remove the appendix. Doctors do not have time to do.
The list of such cases can be continued.

What is Pyrokinesis?

— Pyrokinesis — one of the most mysterious phenomena in human history — says PhD Lydia Kozhina. — Wrote about that philosophers of ancient Greece, the monks of the Middle Ages. During the excavations in the Thebes found papyri containing the description of the "transformation of the priest in the fiery torch ascends to heaven." The famous writer Charles Dickens wrote about it a massive work "On the spontaneous combustion of the human body", which in 1851 published a famous chemist von Liebig.

In the former Soviet Union had the ability to cause Pyrokinesis famous psychic Nina Kulagina. From the "forces of sight" of this amazing woman sunbathing handkerchiefs, paper, wallpaper on the wall. And just as she could not stop the fire. She died of a brain tumor. At this illness and doctors have written off the startling psychic abilities. However, a convincing explanation for the phenomenon no one could give either then or now.

However, a variety of hypotheses have accumulated enough. French scientist Pierre Masyas, doctor of physics, says that in all the cases in question, the combustion temperature reaches two thousand degrees! Meanwhile, in order to completely burned down, for example, armored vehicle, it is enough 700 degrees Celsius. When the energy is released Pyrokinesis, comparable to the work of a large power plant. Where does this energy come from?

From what people burned alive?

English chemist John Ronvald Boston University announced that Pyrokinesis — a consequence of the fact that contained in our body chemicals in contact with each other or with air could catch fire, and then the resulting net phosphorus reacts with oxygen and explode.

Another explanation — "candle effect": that the people who received burns to two-third degree, experiencing shock and faints, and while they are unconscious, fat slowly beginning to smolder. Gradually, "oil is added to the fire", and the body breaks. No wonder, they say, the victims Pyrokinesis often found themselves full of people.

Renowned Russian astrophysicist Professor Nikolai Kozyrev came to different conclusions:

— As is known, the human body in its composition is not flammable material. It comprises two thirds of water and incombustible fabrics. To burn it, requires special conditions — the temperature over a thousand degrees and a long, time is measured in hours. Even a direct hit by lightning is not able to completely burn a human. Burning — a chemical reaction of oxidation and oxidative reactions in our body are different from the flames of the fire only slower pace.
What if this pace spontaneously changing? Scientist to your question himself and says:
— With the rapid rotation of the centrifuge medical workers Cosmonaut Training Center was recognized by the strange chronal change: failures in the hours, slow physiological reactions. During long-term rotation test as if separated from his body and begins to see himself from the outside. It was believed that this is merely a consequence of emotional and physical stress. But it is possible that it is not so. Rotating masses, like the twisted electromagnetic field can have a real impact on the course of time. And this effect can be manifested not only in laboratory, but also in natural conditions. Chronal disturbances occur in the so-called anomalous areas — where there is a bend of river channels, underground streams, faults.


And that often leads to surprising phenomena.
Famous Russian Academician Treasurers, director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, suggests that the cells of our body are some unknown energy processes that are equal in their capacity cold fusion.

Close surgeon Professor Gennady Petrakovich held a series of unique experiments and came to the conclusion that the basis of cellular energy are fusion reactions, and the cell itself — it's a real nuclear reactor.

It's no secret, our body is able to create itself it needs the chemical elements. And when this mechanism fails, "cellular reactor", in the language of physicists, "runs away", and begins an uncontrolled nuclear reaction. If it is a chain, it is accompanied by a huge surge of energy that can burn, turn to ash and bone tissue cells of our body.

The reason for these failures may be the Earth's geomagnetic disturbances. In the American National Institute of Meteorology and Oceanography is passed the information on changing magnetic fields. So, we found that spontaneous combustion of people very often coincide in time with the sharp increase in the intensity of the geomagnetic field of the planet.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon, the cause of which is still unclear, impossible to fight. It remains to comfort themselves with the thought that the probability of spontaneous combustion, each of us according to statistics is less than one-thousandth of one percent. What is much less than, for example, the risk of a direct lightning strike.

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