What is the U.S. number 1 in the world?

1Private prisons United States, as commercial projects in need of free labor (slaves). The justice system in that it does not fail. Index of awards prison termsandthe total number of prisoners.The U.S. population is 5% of the world's population and a quarter of all prisoners in the world — it is the Americans. In U.S. prisons is 2.3 million people (1.6 million in China) — ie sits every hundred adult citizen of the United States.

2 The number of car thefts

3 The number of obese people

3 The number of obese people

4 The consumption of sugary carbonated water for 1 person. On average, every American sucks in the day about 0.5 liters of soda

5 Production of fast foodIn 2000, U.S. consumers spent about $ 110 billion on fast food, and in 1970 a total of 6 billion

628 hours — the time that the average American spends watching TV per week. Here the first place while the U.S. shares with Britain. There is much to aspire to.

7 The volume of credit card fraud27% of the total amount of money stolen from credit cards in the world occur in the United States. $ 3.56 billion for 2010.

8 Number of singles holostyachek26% of the total number of households in the United States are represented by only one person

9 The divorce rate4.95 per 1,000 people, but if you bring statistics to the number of marriages, in the first place would be Belgium — almost 60% of divorces 100 weddings.

10 The number of teenage pregnanciesPercentage of young women who become pregnant under the age of 20 years.

11 The infant mortality rate associated with abuseOver the past 10 years, American moms and dads have killed more than 20 thousand of their children. Of the total number of deaths of children 75% are not lived up to four years, and almost half to 1 year. For this indicator, the U.S. outperforms Canada 3 times, 11 times in Italy.

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