What skeletons are hiding in closets Ikea?

The "Ikea" is not the same brilliant image of what once was. Especially since, as a former assistant to the company's founder, Ingvar Kamprad conversation. Now the furniture giant shakes the scandal of forced labor in the GDR.

Collaborated whether the Swedish furniture maker Ikea in the 70s and 80s of the last century with the dictatorship, and he did not get a profit from forced labor — thereby bringing a collective responsibility for human destiny and tragedy? Since then, the Swedish television channel SVT reported on Wednesday that Ikea battened on the forced labor of political prisoners in East Germany, the Group is faced with a situation of crisis.

Evidence of the use of forced labor are not only in the archives. Dieter Ott eyewitness told the "Handelsblatt", in which the inhuman conditions he had to work at Ikea.

In late 2010, Johan Shtenebo, a former assistant Ingmar Kamprad, laid it all on the company. Since then, the image of furniture giant was tarnished.

It intrigues, surveillance and racism within the company. And Shtenebo, an engineer and economist by training, he knows what he is talking about. After all, he worked for twenty years at Ikea. The company, which he still loves, but which he nevertheless said that it is built on lies.

In November 2009, this book caused a great sensation, not only in Sweden. Johan Shtenebo worked at Ikea 20 years — and now tells all. The book came out in the meantime and in German.

Shtenebo made his way to the level of top management Ikea and even became a personal assistant to Ikea founder Ingmar Kamprad. In early 2009, Shtenebo left the company and began to write his damning book.

Shtenebo confessed that he had quarreled with Peter Kamprad, founder of Ikea's son and crown prince. In addition, the book is not a settling of accounts, "Many who read my book, it seems a declaration of love," — said Shtenebo recently.

From the book, it is clear that the image of Ingmar Kamprad's not quite true. However, many jokes about him, according to Shtenebo were fictitious. For example, the fact that he is a very shy person, and it has a sofa, which 30 years. This stinginess used and portrayed preuvelichnno, but in fact was quite correct. In fact Kamprad ran Ikea «as a sect." The company is not without reason was one of the "most closed in the world."

In Ikea acted "Stasi methods," writes Shtenebo, causing employees suffered greatly. Behind them was shadowed, women were discriminated against. Foreigners are vilified as "niggers" and they were much less likely to make a career than the Swedes from nearby neighborhoods.

Shtenebo goes even further: Ikea relation to the protection of the environment was only superficial. In dealing with suppliers it is too often talked about the price, but the test methods of production often not carried out. Braided rugs «Barnslig» engaged Pakistani children. Concern itself speaks primarily about the "individual opinion" that should not be taken into account. But Shtenebo it anyway paid off. He leads the meantime seminars on corporate governance and lectures.

Kamprad constantly attributed to alcoholism: according Shtenebo, he has been "regularly scheduled periods without drinking," but between them he "drank to madness." Nevertheless, it is much less conspicuous than the alleged rumors. The author of "never seen drinking" Kamprad. Its solutions also Kamprad had never taken under the influence of alcohol. Shtenebo defends his former boss in another respect: in Kamprad's no "neo-Nazi sympathies" and he is "absolutely not anti-Semitic." Other authors argue again and again that this is so.


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