What will follow the demise of the petrodollar?


When will the dance called "gun control", America may soon begin to waltz with another partner, whose name — World War III.

The winds of change blow above all of our once great country of "equal opportunity." Now America — only an empty shell of what it once was. Even a blind man can see what lies ahead. The globalists make their move.

To date, the bankers raked in the United States the greatest possible number of physical assets. It's a race against the clock as the economic bomb Wall Street in 2008, is ready to explode, and the currency is on the verge of collapse. Consequently, driven to desperation America will be dragged into wars of conquest to save what little is left of its economic destiny.

Petrodollar replaced the gold standard

The United States is saddled with ruinous debt, in comparison with which the former Weimar Republic looks consistent. Unfortunately, the United States has long abandoned the gold standard. What keeps our economy from degenerating into barter and trade society as a result of the decline of the dollar?

Good economic condition of the United States is due solely to the fact that the world should use the dollar or the petrodollar, with purchases of oil each country, and this is the only source of support for the U.S. dollar, the Fed needed to somehow maintain unaffordable debt that the U.S. government is occupied by bankers shifted to the American taxpayer in the form of financial support to banks.

Despite the economic difficulties associated with massive debt — the result of arranged Wall Street Ponzi pyramid of the notorious derivatives, the U.S. economy has been very resilient. But if artificially created the petrodollar system external demand for dollars will disappear, the days of American economic dominance in the world would stop abruptly, and the resulting economic chaos will cause the imposition of martial law for a hungry population. Tens of millions of Americans will die in such a scenario. More and more despair and lack of money, and on the horizon loomed the third world war.

The following video explains why America attacked Iraq and Libya, and how it relates to the current crisis petrodollar. The invasion of Syria is now. Iran is next.


The problems of the petrodollar and the Origins of World War III

Unfortunately for every man, woman and child in America, a day of economic reckoning is fast approaching. China began to buy Iranian oil for gold, India followed suit, Russia also maintains trade with China, bypassing the dollar. Days of the petrodollar as the sole means of support for our dollar, are numbered. Are you and your family to the collapse of the dollar and, ultimately, the disintegration of society?

Like most Americans waking from slumber, I came to the realization that the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is responsible for much of the evil perpetrated in the world, and I personally feel hatred for the organization. Can not but rejoice that time dominated the Federal Reserve Board may end suddenly. However, I would not recommend popping champagne corks, because, whether we like it or not, the economic state of America related to the viability of the dollar, and our dear dollar dies of Asian flu. If the Federal Reserve will fall apart and burn up, with him gone all you earned. If the Federal Reserve will fail during this impending crisis, followed by the economic holocaust, the United States will change beyond recognition, and your personal fortunes sink along with these famous robber barons, who stole feverishly maximum number of mortgages for home robots using schema-signers mortgage electronic registration system (MERS).

The Federal Reserve, the same people who committed fraud with MERS, also engaged in buying up securities backed by mortgages on the house, valued at $ 40 billion a month — every month to get their hands on the lion's share of the housing industry. The Federal Reserve is prepared after the collapse of the currency set feudalism. How would you like to rent your own home from the bankers, who are preparing to steal it from you? It is already in progress in the course.

If you are not aware, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal legalized the right to steal your bank deposits. Banks and the Government of Cyprus (is there a difference?) Are prepared to steal depositors' money, which is a beta-test for a major trophy: personal bank accounts of the United States. Not the slightest doubt that these events are organized by bankers that in this time of crisis, how can zahapat property of the people, and as quickly as possible. Banksters clearly see what is coming, and now they are busy stealing your assets in order to soften the blow of the crash of the dollar. "Golden parachute" will kindly provided them your hard-earned funds.

But of course, has to be something that can be done to prevent a train wreck? Is the United States can not simply apply economic sanctions to bring Iran to its knees? Without the cooperation of Russia, China and India, economic sanctions and oil embargo will have no effect and, therefore, the U.S. can not get the Iranians back to the negotiating table on the sale of oil. The situation is somewhat reminiscent of what happened on the eve of the Gulf War, when Iraq tried to bypass the petrodollar system through secret deals with France and Germany, in which the oil was used for the purchase of euros. Saddam Hussein underestimated the possibility the Federal Reserve Board and paid with his life for this mistake because they do not have the support of strong military allies. Iran — is another matter, as he has friends, very dangerous friends who intend to cause harm to America.

If the United States is working to reverse the trend away from the petrodollar system, war is the only option for the bankers. The logic seems to dictate the use of the military option, and therefore, they only need to toughen rhetoric seize Iranian oil fields and ensure the surrender. In that case, the U.S. will use the old familiar game, creating a false event like the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

Without a doubt, this is what the Federal Reserve wants in a last ditch attempt to save the petrodollar system. However, for the armed aggression need a reason. Thus, you can count on the fact that the friends of the Federal Reserve of the CIA fabricate a series of attacks to justify the impending war with Iran. I predict that we will witness a hitherto unseen fabricated events that will be attributed to fraud "terrorists based in Iran." That's when they involve a presidential decree on the availability of resources for national defense, and Obama mobilizes people and resources in a last attempt to save the petrodollar in World War III.

The plan of the globalists revealed

Interestingly, the globalists revealed clues indicating their intent, as well as a hefty part of their game plan. It is clear that shopping centers and stadiums are effective targets for imaginary terrorists to get the maximum number of victims to create the desired emotional response from the Americans, namely, fear and obedience. Especially given the fact that the owner of the largest shopping centers in North America, Simon Property Group, as well as professional sports associations, went into the affiliate program of the Ministry of National Security, "Something I saw — tell." If you take into account the purchase of the Ministry of National Security 7.5 million pounds (3.4 million kg approx. Mixednews) of ammonium nitrate, which was used to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City, does not require extraordinary skills in anticipation of building up relationships or to being prepared to understand the script.

For those not in the know, a false flag strategy has already begun to function as the death of Ambassador Stevens in Libya was only the false flag attack designed to chart a course for war against Iran and neighboring Syria. And why need a destabilization of Syria? Because it is — a way to attack Russia with weapons of medium and long range.

Create a pretext for war, and then successfully persuade the Americans to fight a war is one thing. But to win a war is another. How serious is going to confront the Chinese and Russian imperialist United States? Given the fact that President Hu Jintao, and Major General Zhang Chzhaochzhun threatened the United States with nuclear war in the event of invasion of Syria or Iran. It is prudent to assume that this is a new version of the "axis of evil" now drawn in the sand.

China, India and Russia tied its economic future with the abandonment of the dollar debt and a new economic course for the gold. They're not going to back down.

Acceptable military threats

In defending the collective challenge the petrodollar system, China boasts that may call on the battlefield 100 million people. Russia has more than 1,300 nuclear missiles, and India has long joined the nuclear fraternity. These lines can evoke in the reader interest — whether there will be an escalation of the conflict in the nuclear standoff. It's hard to imagine a situation in which the losing side will not resort to the use of, at best, a tactical nuclear weapon. Ask yourself if the country is facing economic and military destruction, facing the prospect of losing World War III, which is of the losing side, leaving its nuclear missiles to lie quietly in the bunkers?

The Federal Reserve is preparing to survive the impending hurricane

So if the U.S. government is insane, controlled by the Federal Reserve to begin such a dangerous and potentially catastrophic war? It is better to ask what they have to lose? In the past, the Fed created the state at the expense of other people's money. They will apply the same strategy in World War III, as the Federal Reserve will fight this war for your money and risking your older children to perform his latest fanatical mission to preserve the Federal Reserve.

Earlier, India bought $ 12 billion a year for the privilege of buying oil, and our banks are loved India. Unfortunately, India has joined the revolt against the petrodollar, starting to buy Iranian oil for gold. And the situation is even worse, because it seems that China has begun to monetize gold, which could mean the end of paper fiat currency in the United States and Europe. Petrodollar is doomed, and with it the American standard of living, if only America does not force the Iranians to surrender and return to the disused petrodollar system.

Should we sleep with the Fed?

I never thought that I could see themselves on the same side with the Fed, as it is now, because the alternative is extremely unpleasant. On the one hand, we can begin to dangerous war that threatens our very existence. On the other hand, we are confronted with an economic holocaust of epic proportions. And even if we are lucky to survive the coming war, and the economy will not be affected by it, to the people of America will rise prospect acceleration of inflation caused by QE3 and has no money or time constraints.

Of course, we could develop alternative sources of energy, for which the world would come to us, but it does not fit the Federal Reserve, which is linked to the dominance of the oil. There is another possibility — debt repudiation. More than 90% of today's sovereign debt created by a failure of bank fraud to which globalists led national governments to move their debts to the national budget. Therefore, if you do not capitulate to the globalists, the simple answer is to give up the debts that the bandits of all mortgages, credit card debt and student loans.

All debts should be written off, and the Wall Street card thrown to hell.

However, since most of the debt is a debt of Wall Street bankers, led by the Federal Reserve, repudiation of debts can not be accompanied by a full-scale civil war, because the bankers are not going to willingly sacrifice their main cash cow. If bankers want to start a world war, there is no doubt that they kindle a civil war to maintain its key element. So I can see only one answer if we are to avoid the impending disaster, and this is the only sensible answer to our predicament. I'll get to that in Part II.


Meanwhile, the figures are placed on the board for the preparation of World War III. If we as a nation submissive to the will of bankers, tens of millions of us will die. Many people think that the course can be changed if the change of our elected officials. I wish it were true, and I continue to pay attention to it verbally. However, like many of you, I think it's monkey work. The American people need to draw the line, because the stakes have never been higher.

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