Why Americans can not be democracy?

In the line of Paul Craig Roberts — economist, Assistant Treasury in the Reagan administration

In Syria, the government is in a secular government, as well as Iraq before the U.S. invasion. Secular authorities play an important role in those Arab countries where the population is Sunni and Shiites. Serve as a kind of secular authorities stopper, which prevents the population from sectarian slaughter.

When the Americans invaded Iraq (which is a war crime according to a set of standards established by the United States at the Nuremberg trials after World War II), they toppled Saddam Hussein destroyed the secular state, after which the Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites went to war against each other. The civil war, marching between Iraqis saved the U.S. invasion. Nevertheless, enough Sunnis found time to fight with American occupation forces in Iraq, in consequence of that, the U.S. has not been able to fully occupy Baghdad, much less all of Iraq no matter what methods are used for the United States to achieve their goals.

The consequence of the U.S. invasion was not the establishment of democracy, or the expansion of women's rights in Iraq, and especially the destruction of weapons of mass destruction (which does not exist in principle, that because of the actions of inspectors, it was known in advance). The consequence has been the transfer of political power from Sunni to Shia. The Shiite branch of Islam — the Iranian branch. Thus, the U.S. invasion of Iraq has taken away the power from the secular state and gave it to the Shiites allied with Iran.

Now Washington intends to repeat its folly in Syria. According to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Washington was ready to enter into an alliance with al-Qaida to overthrow the Assad government. Now that Washington itself is linked to al-Qaeda, whether the government in Washington arrested under the anti-terror laws?

Washington's hostility against Assad is hypocrisy. February 26 Syrian government held a referendum on a new constitution Syria, which sets limits on the tenure of future presidents and canceled the political monopoly of the Baath Party to power.

Voter turnout in Syria amounted to 57.4%, which corresponds to the voter turnout in the elections in the U.S. in 2008, which resulted in Obama came to power. Syrian voter turnout (despite the armed opposition, supported by Western countries) was higher than the nine presidential elections in the United States from 1972 to 2004. The new Syrian constitution was approved by 89.4% of the vote.

But Washington condemns the democratic referendum and claims that no matter what, the Syrian government should be overthrown, that democracy reigned in Syria. Washington's allies in the region, neizbiramye oil monarchies, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have made statements that they are willing to supply weapons to Islamist insurgents to bring democracy (the fact that they do not accept at home) in Syria.

Washington's "democracy" is a weapon of mass destruction. When Washington brings "democracy" in a country, it means the destruction, as in Libya and Iraq. Libya is in chaos, in a nightmare of "human rights" and the absence of effective government d.

Washington has put Nouri al-Maliki as president of Iraq. He lost the election, but remained in power. He said his vice-president, is a terrorist, and issued a warrant for his arrest, he uses the state police to arrest Sunni politicians. Assad in Syria is more democratic leader than al-Maliki in Iraq.

Over the last decade, Washington distorted represented his undisguised aggression as "the establishment of democracy and human rights in the Middle East." While Washington established democracy in the Middle East, he was destroying democracy in the United States. Washington has revived the medieval torture dungeons and self-incrimination. Washington has destroyed due process and habeas corpus. At the request of the Obama Congress overwhelmingly passed a law that allows U.S. citizens to enter the prison indefinitely without trial and presentation of evidence. Warrantless searches and spying is illegal and unconstitutional at the turn of the 21st century, are now the daily routine.

Obama has even endorsed the right to kill any American citizen, anywhere, if so decided by the executive, without providing any evidence that the person is a threat to the U.S. government. Any American citizen can be killed on the basis of the subjective opinions of executive power, which increasingly is the only branch of the U.S. government. Two other "equal" branches skukozhilas in the "war on terror."

Why Washington is determined to bring democracy to the Middle East (except Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates), Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and China, but so hostile to constitutional rights in America?

The rights that Americans have received as a result of a successful revolution against King George III in the 18th century were selected by Bush and Obama in the 21st century. One might think that this story is new, but it is not. Do not expect the Ministry of Truth to say anything about it.

War and Peace


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