Why cruiser Russia did not reach the Tsushima?

Why cruiser "Russia" did not reach the Tsushima?

It is clear that a squadron of Vice-Admiral Zinovy Petrovich Rozhdestvensky residents of the rising sun found by the balloon lifted from the 1st squadron of Japanese ships. This was one of the main causes of death of the Russian squadron. Why did the Russian ships could not use balloons to detect the enemy?

It must be emphasized that at the beginning of the Russian-Japanese war the Russian navy had no 1st warship equipped Aeronautic means. All requests for the purchase of the War Department for the needs of their navy had been rejected SY Witte. But the position of the Russian army on the Japanese front was critical, because Russian intelligence insisted equip one of the ships on their way to the squadron Christmas, aeronautical agent. But, curiously, the funds in the treasury is not. Then the graph S. A Stroganov donated for the purchase of the ship and its equipment balloon 1,500,000 rubles. With these funds, the company "Norddeutscher Lloyd" was bought by passenger boat with a displacement of 9000 tons kite. Hydrogen is extracted by the electrolysis method of Schmidt. In addition, the ship had and alkaline gas producing apparatus. (Auxiliary cruiser "Rus" aeronaut, N 1, 1905, pp. 43 -45).

Was formed by a team of military aeronautics in the Belyaeva colonel, lieutenant Martens, warrant Dorozhinskiy, mechanical Rosenberg and captain Reinfeldt. Ship enrolled in grade cruisers and dubbed it the "Rus". After that started happening weird action. Aeronautic cruiser had to join the squadron Christmas, but soon after his release from Libau denied one of the boilers. Was produced by a small repair, but from the Navy Department received a quixotic team that cruiser "Rus" have to go back to Libau. Apparently, someone from the top management of the naval forces of the Russian Federation was not interested in increasing the squadron Christmas this intelligence ship, which could warn about the location of enemy ships.

Navy has decided that balloon can not be used. "The ball, which is adapted to the" Rus ", also can not be employed for military purposes and is cargo, which can use only under particularly suitable criterion of the sea is not seen." A report with the following text has been focused chief of the Head of the Naval Staff Admiral FK Avelino from the commander of the Baltic Fleet, AA Birileva. What can you say about this decision? It is unlikely that it can be called a mistake. Russian spies reported that the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun is widely used in the aeronautic facilities for military purposes, including in the military and naval forces. It is logical that in the midst of battle of Mukden balloons — the eyes of the Russian army — out of service because of the shortcomings of materials that produce hydrogen. Although the first January 1905 the commander of the 1st Battalion of the aeronautic AM Kovanko reported to St. Petersburg that urgently need to send additional materials for charging cylinders.

Can I just call the negligence of the fact that in the decisive battles Russian fleet did not have modern technical means of intelligence? Probably not. Someone experienced hand in the senior military leadership of the Russian Federation is confident pushed the country to defeat in the war with Japan to change the political system in Russia.

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