Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?
David Cameron (right) asks a cramped union of 17 states — members of the eurozone.

London. How can you look into the past, the British have always wanted to prevent the creation of the mainland unit powers directed against them. Specifically, it scares them again in the consolidation of the eurozone in the face of crisis. Disputes between the British and the Germans, and equally between the British and France are getting hotter.

On hearing the words of the English Volker Kauder sound like the order for the Wehrmacht: "Now all the time in Europe spoke in German — not in the sense of language, and taking instruments for which Angela Merkel is so long, and ultimately successful, fought" — rampaged Managing the CDU at the party congress. And even before the tone was set by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said in the address Cameron became his maxim "shut up."

At London it made a subsequent memory: Europe is now in Berlin, it becomes monolithic, and carry the British policy of "variable alliances" is becoming increasingly difficult. Sarkozy clings to the Federal Chancellor to simulate a an impact. Merkel plays along with him in this, to loosen the memory of German dominance.

English Prime Minister asks 17 euro zone countries have closer ties to prevent the worst. Immediately, he is not afraid of anything more than the creation of a new unit, which just split Europe into "us" and "them." England could lead the "outsiders", but the balance is changing in favor of Eurozone. So the European Commission, the guardian angel of the domestic market, loses its impact.

The debate on the tax on financial transactions show the British threatening their impotence. If Cameron, exercise the right of veto, the other 17 states zahochut act without the help of others, without regard to the leading position of English City, the main wealth of the English. Kauder says spells of European solidarity, and behold the British in their only "bullet in the very heart of London" and the enthusiasm Eurozone make their cash.

Eurosceptics in English environment require a referendum on secession from the Union, Labour and shift to a skeptical layers of civilization and called for the redistribution of opportunities, and the Liberal Democrats have not even thought about read about joining the euro zone. Europe threatens not decay into two blocks, moving at different speeds, "… and moving in very different directions "- warns the last EU Commissioner (Trade — prim.per.) Peter Mandelson.

Criticism of the German crisis management

With all this crisis shows how much the British dependent on Europe. Premier criticized the German crisis management, and politely reminded the chancellor that Europe 60 years translating their wealth in Germany, buying its products. He is not angry at this. He's not very much room to maneuver, much less thought, it is under pressure from the economic crisis, and he is torn between skepticism and constructive pragmatism, like all Englishmen.

Cameron necessary commitments that the voices of "outsiders" will retain its own weight, and the English City will be able to defend itself against attacks from Europe. Why exactly at the moment the Chancellor should bother about the English, who themselves do not offer a lot? She has already held for Cameron border: if he will put a spoke in the wheel of the German zeal to reform the contract, 17 states will settle the matter themselves.

But the Germans, unlike the French, the better to remember the position of versatile British as outsiders and their role in European history. Cleverly to do so, marginalizing England and abandoning its foreign weight? How will it in the European defense? Likely to now without the internal market? And what will become of Germany, the rest in the arms of only the French?

The French against the British: "You can not trust people who cook as badly"

"Shut the mitten!" — Nicolas Sarkozy said British Prime Minister David Cameron at the EU summit. The fact that the French are willing to put in the English stud, indicating our sampling of historical quotations.

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

The historical enmity between continental Europe and the British Peninsula and in the past often warmed stereotypical remarks: last French president Jacques Chirac found for English cuisine or 1st good a word, "just can not trust those who are so poorly prepared," — he said in 2005 , the correspondent of the newspaper "Liberation". Was this not a hint of his then-employee at the post Tony Blair? In any case, it is unlikely that would please the subsequent expression of Chirac:

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

"… The only thing that ever brought to the British European agriculture is mad cow disease" — said Chirac.

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

Well, other Frenchmen, of course, never appreciated British cuisine: "The English invented drinking songs discussion, that have forgotten about their food," — read French writer Pierre Daninos.

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

Already in the 18th century, there was no flaws in the thinking of the Anglo-French contrasts. French poet Nicolas de Chamfort read: "The Englishman pochetaet law and contemptuously rejects the authority. Frenchman, on the contrary, respect for authority, and disdains the law. "

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

In England and before the actual day or remain in full force thousands of laws issued prior to 1801. French wri
ter Pierre Daninos clothed few strange awareness of the law by the British in the subsequent statement: "The English reverence for tradition is so far away, it is better to get around law, than cancel it. "

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

"For England, the English Channel is always wider than the Atlantic Ocean" — speak maliciously Jacques Baumel, a member of the Resistance during the second world war.

Why did the British and the Germans do not understand each other?

Also, the last French president Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929) inserted pins island empire: "The English language — it's bad vygovorenny French."

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