Why did the Russian soldiers are killed by the cold?

Why Russian soldiers are dying from the cold?

Not so long ago, as part of raising the profile of our army conducted another event, launched with the light hand of our valiant presidents — the release of the latest odezhki to what the men would be comfortable waging war. It was decided to abandon the natural materials (cotton, flax, and others) in favor of synthetic. Many "experts" from the President and the Secretary of Defense in one voice shouted that the brand new synthetic odezhka will be significantly more attractive and more comfortable than all the "stuff" that was worn previously. And in the desert fighter is not hot in that uniform, and not cold in Antarctica. Well, the men really got new uniforms. Rapidly enough from his uniform of named Yudashkin. As he said himself dignified genius who created this form: "In the modern form used unique materials — fabric with a membrane made according to modern nanotechnology."

After this phrase a lot of people, well versed in military gear, had a few hiccups and nervously walked to the market, bought quite antiquated and useless form — as long as it has not yet become a rarity, which can not be bought for any money.

Brand new form of tests took place in the past 10 months. According to reports, it was made a few improvements to the 10-s, that the Russian fighter has always felt comfortable and safe, defeating the enemy, at least some one of its external appearance. Well, the first "baptism of fire" new girl form was held at the parade, held in 2009 on Red Square. Obviously, to stand for several hours in the square and march a couple of minutes it does not the fact that in the months to feel cold in the trenches. But that still showed a "baptism"?

The soldiers complained that over the several hours they are very chilled. As it turns out, on the side of the new tunics are omitted because of what the frosty wind enters the chest, promorazhivaya entire body. Well, apparently the Emperor Yudashkin forgot that makes the form for the army, and not for the … women of the respective behavior outfits for which he used to sew.

At first, scientists have new girl "nanoforms" also proved to be not very much. As reported to the office, to send a reconnaissance to look for a conventional enemy, camouflage scattered across 100 meters of crawling on the grass and bushes. Well, this is completely justified — is a modern soldier has to crawl? Fu, even ancient fool who did not know how to wage war and only a miracle defeated in wars crawl. A proud soldier putinomedvedevskoy Russian Federation will not stoop to such.

Maybe this is just one element of a bad outfit? After all, winter clothing, made with nanotechnology stately Yudashkin, will be able to save the most ferocious fighters from frost! As it turned out — not at all. At -15 degrees fighter begins to shake and bounce, to somehow keep warm. Well, at -20 he just happy to wait for the enemy, so he shot him, freeing the pangs of freezing to death.

How did it happen? Just breathtakingly! Why not assist the new technology and the best synthetics?

Indeed, surprisingly. But after all this stuff! Most importantly — how these characters look great on parade! But the most important thing. Already during the fighting somehow shells. In the latter case — the form will be removed from a dead enemy. And most importantly — what's new form cost surprisingly cheap! If the equipment of an old soldier uniforms cost the already impoverished in 40 thousand rubles, or just something new costs in the 95-100 thousand rubles. Is not it a trifle?

That's just the men do not realize is that the government, by the president and even the Yudashkin fussing about them! They manage to get sick, and even breathe.
Not so long ago, in the Voronezh region of pneumonia was observed in a certain number of fighter. And here the data are strong sprawl. The Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and the fighters themselves say they fell ill with pneumonia 600. Generals calm — but only some 40 people.

But the fact remains — many gave up burdening inflammation, resulting in two people died.

Where did inflammation? Hail to the low side of the form, unable to perfectly cover her breasts.

What's all the same thing? Even if the number of fighter who have received for performing the sacred duty of the credit in the form of pneumonia, is not six hundred, and only 40 man. Someone can only laugh — well, that is, 40. A little more than a platoon. Trifle! But it is necessary to take into account — it came out in peacetime. When a fighter can warm up in the barracks, and three times a day to get a hot meal. What does happen, if the same fighter put on the form of the majestic Yudashkin and go to the front? At least from December to February. At the same time a week for two or three temperature drops to -40 degrees. What will happen? Ancestors will kutsee letter — died in the defense of the motherland. But in fact the young man just stiffen from the cold for a few hours turned into a frozen corpse.

The question arises — what genius has entrusted the ready form for the Russian army man which used to create evening dresses for a "socialite"? And who received the results of his labor? Already, these names can be easily entered into the list of traitors, that impose the death penalty.

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