Why hampered modernization of Russian army?

Modernization Russian army is still the subject of heated debate. On one side are the people who believe that the unprecedented funding dedicated to upgrade military-technical potential of the country and a sharp increase in foreign exchange allowances for military personnel — is an unbearable burden for the Russian budget. On the other hand — the people who directly linked the degree of national defense property with real investments in this branch.

Why hampered the modernization of the Russian army?

One of the most active supporters of the idea that it is still not ripe for the modernization of the Russian army in severe scale, was and continues to be the ex-Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, which sure that plans for reform of the Armed Forces should be supported by strong growth of the economy. Kudrin himself at one time more than once expressed the idea that the trillion-dollar investment in the modernization of the Russian army can practically bury the Russian economy. This is the most of his position and is quite open criticism of senior managers and Russian were the reasons for dismissal sovereign Kudrin from his post.

Yesterday on "Military Review" has been wound up talking about the activities of Alexei Kudrin, in today's time, on the order of some unusual case study of revolutionary sentiment in Russian society, and some readers said they had no reason to consider behold the activities of the individual sovereign Kudrin. Outlook, of course, fascinating but difficult to design its name. Why? Yes, as soon manifested noticeable activity on the part of the former Minister of Finance, who is outside a political niche, thanks to which it is seen by many as a likely "returnee" in one or another sector of Russian power. In other words, in one form or another Alexei Leonidovich, which in some circles called, whether it is sensitive, no money gurus may return to the slopes of the political Olympus.

If so, then what is that of "comeback" can turn out for the Russian Federation as a whole and modernizing aspirations of power in terms of development of Russian army viz. The fact that Kudrin — is not just an economist, which separately snatched from some political context. By the word "Kudrin said," it is worth understanding the collective image of the economic special regime, which for a long time held in his hands the levers control the monetary system. In a couple of years, this "collective image" led the Russian economy in one scenario: what would be the positive tectonic shifts in the Russian money cortex were observed, "KUDRINSKAYA" economists advocated for the fact that coming into tangible dimensions economical means of egg capsules were stored in a stabilization fund. It would seem that it is not bad: Financial airbag have to play a positive role for Russia in the case of new waves of acute cash crisis. But the whole problem of the fact that these same economists, by some unusual coincidence of events that forms the "safety cushion" for an overwhelmingly large percentage of zabugornyh currencies (dollar and euro). With all of this in the pre-crisis period (2006-2007) when the recruitment to the state treasury reached truly impressive values, "KUDRINSKAYA" economists continued to fill salt away Stabilization Fund only banknotes that are in huge quantities in the form of unsupported by anything, gave the presses in the European Union and the United States.

Presidential aide Sergei Glazyev says that when the minister Kudrin money asked about why the Stabilization Fund is, in fact, investment in the South American economy, he posted about the subsequent: consulting experts are convinced that the dollar — this is a safe investment. This affects the response, the very small, two positions of any curious as consultants in general it is, and how you can trust investments in the South American financial system when the prince was already beginning saga cracks in the banking and insurance sectors, the United States, when the zone of mortgage lending in the United States began to be filled up on its side. It turns out that either Kudrin he did not take any decisions, and listened to instructions from some outside professionals, or, if perceived, then, for some reason, specifically to higher losses for the Russian economy. On this question, by the way, meets all the same Sergei Glazyev. In his view, Kudrin at the time was the best money Minister of the Russian Federation on the basis of the opinion of the United States of America.

Of course! It turns out that the money that could be used to pre-crisis ruble went to obscure transactions for investments in the South American economy. Of course, in the United States applauded the actions of economists' Kudrintsy "that all the forces trying to slow down the country's military modernization. Let us not forget that such activities "the best minister of finance," observed particularly at a time when the metal democratic rink began his "triumphant" asfaltoukladku the open spaces of North Africa and the Middle East.

By the way, the words of the ex-minister's capacity to finance the modernization of the army:

Tactical choice for the modernization of the armed forces is appropriate only when there are obvious military threats in the coming term (get frisky, but relatively Short term effect). In this case, the reform of the army should be specifically aimed at preparing for a confrontation with a certain opponent, at a certain theater.
Of course, the last minister of all the powers given to understand that the Russian Federation at this stage there is no opponents. Agree that very much resembles the thesis of early Yeltsin era, when a metal push off nuclear submarines, strategic bombers, small cannon, and enriched uranium directly distilled in the United States, because "the terms were some friends." Then the Chechen campaign has shown that the full dismantling of the army apparently rushed … So for what again to step on the same rake? Economy and security — not always the 1st of our kind. The situation in Libya is measured once confirmed.

An idea that the work of "Kudrintsy" was artificial braking declared military modernization, so suddenly Russian army not stood in the way of full democratization of the American way. In general, the emperor minister really did everything expected of him sought "consultants", but, of course, neither he nor themselves "consultants" could not imagine "the best minister" in the near future would be unemployed …

For obvious reasons, for the same West Kudrin as opposition leader is not as entertaining as the role of the person who holds the levers of money are a big country. That's why Alexei Leonidovich, but quickly found himself in the middle of the zealots opposing views as gentlemen Navalny, Nemtsov, Kasparov, Udaltsov and others. That's why in the near future Kudrin himself explicitly gives to realize that he is ready to return to power, but if that power is not his brain offender Dmitry Medvedev …

And if you come back, then we wait for the final transformation of the economy only in the petrodollar field from which at least some, even the most overdue municipal project, if it will be financed, it is only just to the extent that will satisfy Western "consultants." And if now we have to be certain Reformed slippage in terms of financing the m
odernization of the army, then when you return to the "Kudrino" model of economic reform in general will have to put the fat cross.

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