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Something wrong is happening with the weather in the European part of Russia. 2003 the weather was all anomalous. Abnormally cold and rainy summer, which ended the first half of a cold and rainy September. But unusually warm second half of September and early October, when even in the first days of October were summer tropical storms and heavy rains have caused a second anomalous trend that we are now witnessing the invasion of hurricanes in the European part of Russia.

Cyclone, who replaced the warm anticyclone came from the Balkans. Such movements of air masses are common in July and August, when the unprecedented heat is often replaced by the arrival of the cyclone, bringing with front hurricanes.

These storms occurred in the past and the year before and well remember many fallen trees and billboards in major cities. The arrival of the hurricane marked the end of a summer heat wave and the onset of cold and rainy days.

But this year there was no summer storms, as there was no heat. So the fronts of cyclones, successive one another, do not bear the high temperature extremes, and, therefore, can not cause a hurricane-force winds. A few warm weeks of July were manifested against the low atmospheric pressure, and also contributed to a dramatic development of atmospheric fronts of air masses of warm and cold air. Their border quickly eroded with stirring heat and cold, is on one level, a high-rise under the influence of almost the same atmospheric pressure.

The heat came at the end of September. This heat was unusually harsh and caused the rise of atmospheric pressure. Came a week ago, a cyclone brought the winds of change that were late by more than 2 months. As a result of this autumn has come just now and the return of warm days is no longer in sight.

All these natural disasters — the beginning of the processes of global climate change. The planet is still adequately responds to the warming, responding irregular cooling. But soon the trend of climate change prevails in the direction of warming and those winds, which seem to us today hurricanes seem to us flowers, compared with those that will come tomorrow.

Source: SciTecLibrary.ru


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