Why I do not like the Dagestani

Why I do not like the DagestaniMany people think that I do not love their own countrymen, Dagestan. And that, in a certain extent, true. Dislike extends far at all, but the vast majority, and so have their premises, which can be connected in three global features state mentality:

Excessive clan of mandatory and need to have a "connection."
Predisposition to a cheap Ponte. I do not think it is genetic, faster, resulting from the first, burdened with 2 decades of mayhem — first of thieves, and now Cop.
The desire and love for bribery and "Podmazov" anything and everything, if not in terms of foreign currency, then all the other "arrangements" in circumvention of the law, conscience and honor.

Regarding the first Fri everything is clear. If some shit breaks up, it begins to move after an own kin, while all without discrimination. Does not matter, they are smart or dumb as plugs (almost always), will steal or do not, not even so important, whether they are committed to their own patron saint. This manifests itself in the same clan neproshibaemoy belief that all things must be for you, that is Doubar you need to pull through and help. For the majority of Dagestani norm of behavior is gregarious overcrowding and the presence of "connections" define luck. For example, if suddenly committed a sin and require police intervention, a rare Dagestani score 02 — on the contrary, it will start to find friends, relatives have any friends, relatives work in the bodies or know someone who works there, to contact, directly, with the "need" a man. The same is true if necessary go to the health center — 03 or hospital is unsportsmanlike — you need to find a "proper" and go to it. And it's true, sometimes what doctor / cop / attorney / referee, etc. lift a little finger of his left foot, if the case does not concern a) own or b) these things "wiggling" will not be rewarded tribute to this (see paragraph 3).

Ponty is a separate issue on which you can write a thesis. It's just not the main motivating factor — that uttered about you, what you done / Viewtiful / athlete / Superman. Dagestan, in the mass of its own, at the time of making any decisions evaluates them with the attitude that "for him utter the boys."

Much time and effort is given to "shell." A person can be a complete jerk, but will attach themselves to form "solidnyaka." "Anti-Semitism" can open a discussion for hours some cloth or shoes or sunglasses. I personally know several unemployed (due to its own natural laziness) horsemen, who for the last means either, finishing with relatives / friends (see paragraph 1) taking the most expensive phone, usually "Nokio" and could not make up his own account, but simply walked with him through the city and flaunted without a penny in the account. Men often wear with a special cloth (so called "the Marochkov"), which rubbed his shoes to shine, a couple of times a day, ie go for yourself on the street, and then lift up his hoof to the near curb, take out the "Marochkov" and with views of the ruler on the hunt, clean their boots. These citizens can spend the whole evening in the stupid, stupid "Khabar" about anything or discussing any goats. Normally telling a fable about who, how many times and under what sauce "flunked" that or other "chick."

Dagestani girl a song. As I am enraged tuporylye chickens — dagestanki just walking to class or institution heels, wearing skirts with slits up with a ton of assholes and evening make-up on their faces, with all this with malehankih handbag, in which almost can fit a notebook with a pen. And that's not the joke — such 99%, ie woman will not wear comfortable odezhku or not put up their books and notebooks in the pack, as study did not give her hell — the main purpose of the visit of the Institute — to get married. "Married" is a different story for most (not all) dagestanok "marriage" is a religion, it is how to achieve nirvana — the ultimate purpose of their existence. To this, they systematically prepared, starting with elementary grades, it does not matter for whom, and how, most importantly faster. Day of transition to a new quality to them is the most basic of days of life, and according to their own religious cult, they celebrate it with the greatest pomp, which are capable of, and if can not, then rack up debt for life or posodeystvuyut relatives for whom this is also a "sacred" duty (see item 1).

To make it clear what I'm talking about, here are some facts about the Dagestani weddings. A wedding for 300 people, it's sooooo small wedding — usually 800-1,000 guests. Take a wedding dress for one day rental cost of 100 thousand rubles, purchase of two hundred. For comparison, in the days of the LAN at work came across an ad — woman realizes the wedding dress of the famous English designer, never dress up (as I realized the wedding was upset) for £ 1500 (that's 70 thousand rubles). Cousin got married last summer, so to save, they took the dress hire in Derbent (I think 70 per thousand), it is with the mind poshodili. Banquet rooms (of which more weave throughout Dagestan, Makhachkala, and a few 10-s) must be booked well in advance, at least for the next six months, and they cost from 100 thousand rubles per day. And what an orgy going on at weddings — it's a nightmare. "Stars", "Stars" and "Zvezdulka" Dagestan stage, shaking their cries whole banquet hall and neighborhood. Guests poured into a fiery centners water and guzzle as bestial. Master of ceremonies, holding a vodka stoparik young lust "so God gave them plenty of kids" (not enough words to describe these scoundrels). And all this orgy continues for at least day or two.

Ponty popping up all over — the need to show off is the cornerstone of Dagestani society. The more titles, more honorable. Surprisingly but true, the majority of youth dreamboat is little bureaucrat office, where you can steal (see 3.). Moms almost explode with pride when their daughters are married for "a decent guy working in the state." Number of fake candidates (because the degree opens the way to various ministries) is through the roof. Now is a matter of tribal honor, chip (see 3.) To all "tuhumov" (see paragraph 1) a) to institute and b) to graduate school, and c) in the good position. ALL (!) Municipal (and only) post sale (see paragraph 3.). The exciting thing about that animal, so Makarov who have completed college and to "protect" the master, just bursting at the seams with a sense of its importance. They really see themselves as candidates of science, not an empty place, what in fact are.

Bribery in Dagestan nedavneshnih times turned into a cult. Extortion of bribes at the household level, it is the same rule of life as the sun rising in the east. If we trace the trail of a separate bribery Dagestani, it is necessary to start from the hospital, but no, a women's clinic — where his mother is registered. Doctors certainly necessary "Grease the palm", this is so important — but there is normally bypassed small amounts — up to 1,000 rubles, or a box of chocolates and a trifle. Further hospital — to be given to all (!), The nurse in the emergency room, an aide, nurses and cleaners. If you do not give, then you will be seen as a blank space. Just go to the hospital so do not "grease" right people or not having bonds (s
ee paragraph 1) is impossible. I myself beheld a lady in the waiting room, in which water broke, and she called his wife and asked to bring five thousand rubles, that have accepted it. On receiving childbirth doctor should agree in advance. He / she utters, to whom and how much to give, will determine your tax. That is, actually give birth without an agreement almost impossible. Childbirth can be perceive as something, but no injections, no attendant care and support to more fully correct minimum nobody will get. Even the cleaning lady will not be cleaned under the bed in the ward pregnant woman if she did not give 100 rubles. At the time of discharge to be given to all means, that is a shock for me was that there is a special "pelenalschitsa", which should give a hundred rubles, that she had a baby swaddle, such as for a photo. Next, begin weekdays, the doctor comes to the house look a kid — to be given the means (not necessarily like, but many give). If a child has fallen ill and need to be tested at the hospital — you have to pay money, otherwise "the machine is not working." For 200 rubles, "apparatus" miraculously starts working. Lab assistant should be given that they make analysis and did not write it "from the ceiling."

It is time to go to kindergarten — there is no space for a price, place immediately arise. The latest data is 50,000 rubles for the Caspian and even more expensive to Makhachkala. Since in a group of 30 or more children and one teacher, and occasionally a pair of nurses, they all have to "give" on a regular basis, so for your child watched. You will not give, will go with a dirty asshole or unfed. It's time to go to school — you have to give the director. Without it, or do not take, or pop into the class of "leveling". But who will want my son was trained in the middle of "morons", should be given. The school is a bottomless hole for extortion — to paint the walls, buy desks, gym teacher for a gift, you need to place so klassruku deuce did not set, the director of studies at the jubilee, the curtains with holes in them — you need to change it, you have to pay the cleaner, etc, etc. and no one asks the question, and what happens to cheap funds allocated just for this purpose, apart from a physical trainer and the director of studies.

Young and fast Dagestan, that are accustomed to give and take and all, ends 11 years. Since Professor education system destroyed in complete shit, all completely (!) just have to have a college education. Despite all these nasty exam (hello Fursenko), who just bought, only manage to give money, go to college without funds in Dagestan is virtually impossible. Lying still, surely, we can at specialty Soil or ornithology DSU, which is 1 per 10 seats, and they are not closed to further steal economical means. 99.9% of students in Dagestan receives a bribe.

I feel that out of them really are trained in some places 30%, others continue to take every test and exam. If you can not buy, "teaching", becoming dean or rector at once. After graduating, a Dagestani or go to the army (since going to move up the band of law enforcement agencies), or "come" to graduate school, or sits at home and tupit. Who occasionally starts to move and find a job that monolingual children (remember those 30%?) Can still find, as blockheads. employed relative (see point 1.) with the work of their own and are not controlled they need a singer, which they will pay off the crumbs to steal funds. Usually, if there is no any obstacles, these guys go from Dagestan. After graduating from the Army / graduate school youth, pumped Pontus (see paragraph 2) is buying with family / relationships (see item 1). Bureaucrat or a post office politsionera (yes, no matter what position, even sentry stoplight bought and sold) and starts pulling or bribes, or to cut the budget. It's time zhenitstsa (see paragraph 2) on a chicken (see 2.). And so the circle is already the second generation grows up and is brought up in this corrupt scheme. All excited and happy.

For that I adore and Dagestan Dagestan, with the consent of all that is going on? Dagestani forgotten what honor, conscience, pride. From all sides crept any shit and trash, and presses his own brutish mass balances of the intelligentsia. Why should I adore sheep who are happy with the current corrupt ass and happy to cook it further. That's what I like and do not oppose. Call corrupt bastards (all Dagestani authorities) by their names — read by shit. Tuporylye hens without a purpose in life do not think the ladies, and disgusting pontoshlepov slippers from "Gucci" do not think of people. At least, honest. I have long not proud of what I Dagestani.

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