Why in Russia was seditious word Russian?

Why in Russia was seditious word "Russian"?In today's ruling ideology, there has been a tendency to drive everywhere word "Russian", replacing it with the "Orthodox". This slovoboyazn in general in our blood: in the Soviet Union, for example, it was impossible to write "rulers", but — "leadership", in the Russian Federation sharp-eyed royal censors blacked out culinary books such "subversive" the words: "And keep in the oven for a free spirit … "

And now recognizable Archangel Russian martial arts curator Alexander Tutov says in his "non-printed" interview:

"We are young guys from the" Russian jogging "met with an official in the regional, she did not like word "Russian", saw it as fascism. If you could be Caucasian or Jewish jogging, prepyadstviya would not appear. Even the "Cossack jogging" — normal, and Russian — Bad … The motto "Russian — means sober" seemed to her an extremist … "

Why is it in Russia has become such a seditious word "Russian"?

Some believe that the concept of Russian civilization before the ethnically vague that it generally can not be used. Scratch say at least some Russian, Tatar otyschesh — etc.. But I would not go into these ethnic cleaning, supplied by another Russian civilization mobile identifier — cultural: the Russian one who reads and thinks in Russian, professes Russian culture — and in the standard and does it. And this civilization with its Slavic majority-yazykotvortsem exactly is in it, without any racial tension include African Pushkin, the Germans Block and Richter, Stalin was Georgian, Jewish Pasternak. It is all those who have made to our civilization is not so small that word "Russian" so far in the world of sound with the color of pride.

And the word "Orthodox" there does not sound in any way — as between the Russian Orthodox and is a basic difference, especially noticeable from the outside. Being Russian proved a real Russian T-34 tank, the Russian word for "satellite", Russian music, ballet and literature. Even if Russia and the insurgency here, stupid and mercilessly, and Russian soul, that "bigger jacket" — all of these are obvious signs of the national. Jewish poet Pasternak in the world is, there is the Russian poet Pasternak — and only now lowered our cultural trousers is lying about a harried his Jewishness.

As for the Orthodox — they have left no trace in the world, both in the sea of the furrow. Christianity — just one of the many different methods of prayer, and the world does not care whether we go to visit the church or in the bath, it is curious that we do at the appointed hours. The Russian poet Misha Svetlova, a huge tongue is, in this respect there is such a joke. Once at the resort bygone writers showed him: "Look mate Inber Faith." "A day or he is doing?" — Asked lighter.

What we are passionate about old days? All over nothing! Hence the thrust of that night and the beyond — because on this side have nothing to boast. But those who have a lot and even qualitatively praying, do not cause a world of respect, respect those who are working a lot and effectively. Because Russia — still pochetaemaya for its old civilization works, and Orthodox — the community no one fascinating archaic worshipers. Russia — is notorious personality, fighters, creators, mischief-makers, space explorers and the deep sea. And Orthodox — faceless demure, devoted their pastors, not create it does not really thinking anything of personal gluttony. Moreover, the insincere soul, unconscious in the shower all of God's illusory — because there are no cases, that it prevented someone to steal and kill. But there is a herd mentality, driving such demure wherever wanders the herd — both before the party and Komsomol.

This inflatable Orthodoxy entered instead of "Russian Truth", more, despite its majestic boost, gives in to all of strongest we Mohammedanism. Because the Muslim other, their dense primitive tribal basis, karma — to win where die merits more superficial in our civilization. Russian stallion on atheistic science learned to build their tanks, planes and cars, deaf as soon as it learned Muslims otymat. But if weaning and lawlessness have become, under the Orthodox cassock including the norm of our life, the more daring in their raids of savages take precedence over the former obsevkami culture.

Why, with all that our government has snapped against internationally respected the word "Russian" in favor, though sounding sweet but fruitless "Orthodox"?

The word "Russian" there is a lot of things apart from the above notation: "Russian do not give up!" "What's great Russian, the Germans perdition!" "Who's to Russia with a blade will come from the blade and die!" And if you give free rein to this word, is not it will just bend in an arc involved therein civilization usual favorites. A zastraschennyh on the subject of "free spirit" of the Orthodox and do not need to bend — bend themselves with embossed under their state soil, proved to be the reference in case of loss of employment and other cultural values.

Because of Russian Orthodoxy — regression and loss of pulse, why they are insincere rolling in it, losing more wholeheartedly standing on the basis of their barbarous savages.

Not Orthodox, and Russian sucked in themselves Tatars, Jews, Germans, Swedes and others, fought off the Nazi invasion and launched the first satellite in the world. And that — that is really what not exceed any of today opportunistic censers.

But now we have more in the course of any fiction: in the elections, the party stands, freedom of the press, not only imperative, and the opposition, an inefficient labor and so on. And the government thinks so or so: that on the basis of such dominion in the country, and to its main population do some fiction. Hence, the installation replaces the obvious Russian substituted by those on the archaic "haze in the clouds" Orthodox.

Someone who is, and our hardware node with its hardware Patriarch knows that there is no God, Orthodox at least, no! On the other, if they have a fear of God, do not spit on the b all his commandments, Do not steal, do not lie, do not collect wealth, walk a bit crowded gates, etc.. She lies, steals, collecting riches, goes with her tuples wide gate — but with all this out of the skin builds a view that God there is. And all in order to topple the military before and working people down on their knees — before the first really beautiful, sometimes to tears, but sunk into oblivion views later in front of him.

That's actually an explanation of this and all our ideological turn of the river from the word "Russian" to "orthodox."

That battle cry "Russian do not surrender!" Has promoted us to survive in the war against the Nazis and in the post-war race for our preservation. A Russian Orthodox, starting with their more specific betrayals in that war, it is now completely surrendered bryuhastym pastors — and still well used up! Now every Russian in Russia, orthodox or not, just see without any glasses that his house has been cordoned off by a cloud of primitive tribal visitors. And after a little time for this bullshit is Orthodox and captured this real horde.

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