Why Khazaria was a terrible enemy for Russia — the miracle-Yudoma

Why Khazaria was a terrible enemy for Russia - the "miracle-Yudoma"The history of the Khazars — one of the most mysterious pages of history in general, but specifically realized the premise that prompted Svyatoslav so cruelly and inhumanely uproot this education at our borders, it is possible to understand and following the general course of the history of Russia. To begin quite a distance — from Khorezm VII century, when it was not even a Muslim, and its inhabitants were fire-worshipers, professing Zoroastrianism, as well as the Persians.

At the end of the century in Khorezm was a plainclothes war, relative Khoresmshah by the pope and grandson head of the community rahdonitov (Jewish moneylenders and merchants) in mothers Hurzad revolted in order to seize power. He was supported by his own power and rahdonity sectarians mazdakidy (their banner was a blood-red flag with a five-pointed star). This lie was very similar to the much later Marxism, she claimed that all people are equal before God and therefore all people should be equal on earth, because you need to make the redistribution of allegiance in favor of the disadvantaged. Verbally like all right, but in reality, but in union with rahdonitami, came out very disgusting — in the towns was mercilessly taken terror, the rebels cut out of the crowd at the root of the right and responsible, with all this home lenders and slave rahdonitov not touched. They are in front of the middle of the general chaos and carnage, to be rich in the sight of the little.

Ultimately up whole Khorezm, from generous soldiers to ordinary farmers, the rebels were not spared the terror spawned retaliatory terror. Naturally, the first figured out what it smells like, rahdonity, caravans with good loot crossed the western border and came to the place where there were already well-established connection — on the lower Volga, North Caucasus. Of course, the rich merchants met with joy — the power of the Khazars has increased, the Jewish girl became the wives of the tribal princes (so-called. "Institution wives" in the organization, similar in their ways of the Mafia, was perfectly worked out) negotiators entered the elite of the country. Thus, the military leader of the Khazars (who were a people of mixed origin — in its roots Slavs, Turks, peoples of the Caucasus) Bulan converted to Judaism and married Serah, the daughter of the elders rahdonitov. Just did and his son — Ras Tarhan, a grandson already had the name of the Jews — Obadiah. A century later, Hagan Bey Joseph, a descendant of Ras Tarhan and Obadiah, write to fellow Muslims in Spain, "Obadiah updated and strengthened the faith of the kingdom under the law and rule."

Byzantine, Armenian sources and archaeological data allow to realize how Obadiah "updated" Khazars. In the Khazars plainclothes war broke out: the ancient pagan elite opposed the newest elite, she did not like those orders, which were installed in the country. Apparently, the pretext was the Old Testament hatred rahdonitov and "Khazar" grandchildren to idolatry — the sacred groves were cut down, altars and shrines were destroyed. The war was not on the life and death, its glow says that Obadiah had lost her son to Hezekiah, the grandson of Manasseh, for the throne had to pass to his brother — Chanukah.

The rebels were doomed, they did not have all the advanced technique of Latent intrigue to their oath was a matter of honor, they did not know what to fool intruders meant to amuse their pagan god, and, most importantly, do not know what a full war. For their "new Khazars" were still his, though inferior countrymen. The limit of ruthlessness in the steppe war was to kill all adult men, kids and ladies getting any winners. They did not know that the Old Testament prophets, the Jews tell them to "kill all the male babies and all women …", and in the towns of peoples that the Lord gives to the possession, "do not leave alive anything that breathes", and commanded to destroy all living creatures, even — cattle, sheep, etc. Such fears the world's population in the past experienced a comparable nedavneshnem when Hitler changed the "chosen" people of the Jews by the Germans, and of the Japanese ideology worked in the same way — in the end 10's of millions of dead, from Europe to China and the Philippines.

Town occupied by the troops of Obadiah, were cut out completely, after a thousand years, archaeologists dig in their piles of bones — Pravoberezhnoe Tsimlyanskoe and Semikarakorsky settlement. Solid bones everywhere — on the streets, in homes, yards, guys, ladies, kids, old people. In other words, Obadiah "updated" the kingdom a very peculiar way, according to the covenant Protz: "And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord your God is giving to thee: let not your eye spare them." Own brand-new terror elite Khazar fulfilled by the new forces, it is clear that the Khazars would not have gone this atrocity — one hundred per cent cut their own tribesmen. It was absolutely created a mercenary army that lived on the payroll, a rare phenomenon in that era, usually collected an army of warriors and nobles, plus the militia. They were strangers to the Khazars, many were Arabs, for their nations and were "subhuman."

Khazar nightmare enveloped most of the bow to the latest power of the deliveries fled — to Bulgaria, to the Hungarians, to Russia. A terrible fate awaited and Slavic tribes that were part of the Khazars, because they were pagans. After "updating" the Slavs are mentioned in the Khazar much less often, probably, their numbers were much reduced, and the status fell to slavery. So, out of 9 supreme arbiters Khazars Gentile affairs, including the Slavs, was engaged in only one arbitrator, a small Jewish community — 3 judges, Muslims — 3, 2 — Christians. It was ruthlessly suppressed speech of northerners, who led the prince Lyutover.

There was a mode of existence of a "state within a state": the Jewish elite ("White Khazars") lived in the "elite settlements" under the protection of the walls of the fortress, "Black Khazars" (rest of the population) even go there, under the dread death, were forbidden. Under the modern — a regime of apartheid.

It is clear that such a "neighbor" to Russ was a real "miracle-Yudoma", "snake", which can not be given mercy. It was the government, practically standing on the bones of thousands of innocent victims, are sold in the southern countries, many thousands of our ancestors. Because where there were squads of Svyatoslav, in the words of Ibn Hawqal, "if that is left — so only the leaf on the vine." We stayed only a bitter enemy image of the blood in the epic "Fedor Tyryanin":

Mother Earth Gives Way Cheese
As on all four sides
Devoured the blood of a Jewish,
Jewish, infidel,
King of the Jews.

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