Why leave the military ranks of the Moldovan army?

Why leave the military ranks of the Moldovan army?Recently time Military experts say are increasingly sinking popularity Moldovan government army in the middle of the country's population. The Ministry of Defense also does not hide the lack of enthusiasm among the people to serve as the contract and on the call. It should be noted and little moral-psychological level military personnel under the contract. Military Administration is active information campaign to correct a similar situation, but as long as the work does not bring positive results.

What did cause the situation in the army? In the true time the training of officers for the state army carried out priemuschestvenno Defense Military Institute "Alexandru cel Bun" (now Military Academy). In addition, many Moldovan servicemen are trained in military schools abroad, first in NATO countries, such as Romania, sporadically, Turkey, France, England, Germany and the USA. Some soldiers were trained in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. But they are not convinced of their own future after graduation. Because of the short-sightedness of Moldovan politicians, military personnel in different time new Moldovan untold stories were cleaning procedures for political reasons.

Prior to 2000, the emphasis was on layoff from the ranks of Russian Armed Forces officers, as bearers of Russian military thinking that did not fit with the personnel policy of the new military administration in the light of the eagerness to join NATO. After 2000, against the background of rumynofobskih sentiment then President Vladimir Voronin, a wave of layoffs officers with a Western education. In this and in the other case it is very knocked on the morale of the officer corps.

For the period since 1992, and up to this day in the army practiced appropriation former warrant officer ranks along clan and a similar sign. This further affected the prestige of the officer's rank, because the natives of this category of military personnel do not possess sufficient knowledge of the military and military culture. Also, experts have noted a tendency to dismissal from the army of young lieutenants. The graduates of various educational institutions massively dismissed from the military service (80 percent.) Without seeing any prospects of any real or career advancement. At the same time Practice has shown that graduates of the Romanian military schools do not possess sufficient powers to Prof. career start.

Since 2004, the Army introduced the institution of the political police, which were engaged in the real persecution of dissidents officers. With the change of control of the country in 2009, the institute of political police in the face of the Information and Analysis (military intelligence MO) changed the vector acts and currently continues to look for the morale of the officers.

An important role in weakening the morale of the army and the military prosecutor's office has played Moldova. On the basis of many small offenses and competent military officers were expelled from the army on trumped-up charges. At the same time sonorous crime control MO remain uninvestigated to real time (example Defense Minister Vladimir Marinuta, who allowed the Romanian intelligence services to the hidden communication channels MO).

Not so long ago on the official website of the Ministry of Defence was published document "Increasing the attractiveness of military service under the contract" containing an analysis of the circumstances of the unpopularity of military service and solutions for the problems. According to a study conducted by professionals of the military department, in the true time 75 percent. sergeants and fighter are conscripts and only 25 percent. — Contractors. With all of this, according to the Defense Ministry's strategic development program there for 2012-2014, 100 percent of the fighter and sergeants must do service on a contract basis. In Office, but fluctuating, that this puzzle will perform, taking into account the current unattractiveness of service under the contract.

Military Reform 2009-2010, carried out by the ruling bloc of parties, also a hell of a real impact on the situation and the military benefits under the contract. One of the main reasons for the negative in this sense, the low salaries privates and sergeants. Nnizhnyaya strap payments set at 2,600 lei and 2,800 lei ($ 211 and $ 227), respectively, and the upper achieves a maximum of 4,600 lei ($ 373).

Another prerequisite is the unattractiveness of service contract cancellation in 2010 of compensation for the military for rented housing. In the same year were canceled, and other social benefits, such as compensation of costs of traveling to the place of rest and compensation for unused sanatorium visits.

A survey conducted in the middle of the military, showed that about 40 per cent. sergeants consider the abolition of compensation one of the most painful problems. Other causes of unattractiveness of the military profession are overloaded work schedule, outdated equipment and of mandatory military conscription.

According to the Defense Ministry, if urgent measures are not done to remedy the situation, in the long run, the lack of state soldier and non-commissioned army necessarily affect the quality of military activities and tasks that must be done army. Defense is not yet ready to solve all of these painful problems because it requires a lot of money to pay for contract and for their training. In addition, the lack of solid, evidence-based personnel policy, in general, determines the low morale of officers.

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