Why not wait for Syria Russian ship with helicopters?

Why not wait for Syria Russian ship with helicopters?Gradually begins to clear up the situation with military equipment that our homeland has sent to Syria on the ship Alaed. Initially, the South American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as you know, has accused Russia of that is the Tipo supplying the Syrian regime attack helicopters and other equipment that could be used for attacks on opposition marches and demonstrations in the Middle Eastern country.

As the ship Alaed, which came under the flag of Curacao, was to run across from the waters of the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, it was reported that the British Insurance company, Russian ships that served the sea carrier Femco, robbed ship insurance. It turned out that the British government was "recommended" company Standard Club to go on such a step in view of the fact that David Cameron and other British (and not just English) officials suspect that Alaed convey to the Syrian shores of military equipment.

Unusual manner which is independent English company, engaged in insurance of ships, decided to fulfill tips British Parliament, though, by all international standards, there is no need for it was not. Russian side has not once stated that the board really Alaed transported military equipment to Syria, except that the Mi-25 helicopters belong Syria, instead of, and agreement to repair them was signed for another 4 years back. Apart from helicopters on board were and air defenses, which are very difficult to imagine being used against peaceful demonstrators.

It turns out that insurance companies are not that Britain are independent, what are the documents. And as a "suspicion" about their activities appear in the English ministers, so the company immediately take the salute and be prepared to be so obliging as it can be. That's insurer, which one may say that the payment on his part for the insurance foolish to expect, so as a part of its activities and is clumsy to the government intervenes. Yes it is, sorry, not Standard Club, and Britgosstrah some …

In the end, the Russian side, knowing that without insurance the ship and all the equipment that is transported on it, it may be easy prey "interested parties," I had to think about what to do yet in such a situation further. And the solution is not forced myself to expect. Agreed on the fact that the transport of air defense and refurbished helicopters to Syria will have to wait, but instead of turning a cargo ship in the port of Murmansk. This came in handy in order to change the blue-and-yellow flag with a couple of country stars on Curacao flag of, change insurer for self-contained (as it is at the moment in general may be), and after that continue to own the protracted journey to the Syrian coast.

After the U.S. side almost had to withdraw the words that Our homeland delivers new helicopter gunships Assad with a view to "tyrant and murderer," went on his own, his own words, the "tyranny and murder," handy new girl "duck", which re-fueled enthusiasm for the Syrian dilemma and the Russian attitude to it. "Duck" was such, that Tipo Russian citizens began a general exodus from Syria, realizing that the Assad regime is about to fall, and in its place will be the most that neither is on the democratic system, it is very reminiscent of the victory of the Libyan revolution. From that awareness run, of course, may want to, but that's still nowhere Russian citizens from Syria in no hurry to evacuate. Russian Foreign Ministry said that all the words to prepare for the evacuation of Russians from Damascus and other Syrian cities — less than a position that is issuing want for real. Painfully someone hunting to a Syria began excellent panic that will allow to justify foreign invasion.

But honestly, foreign invasion to the Syrian republic had already begun long ago. After all, the news agency not once passed messages that the masks of the Syrian opposition in the country are foreign mercenaries with huge luggage terrorist activities. In addition to the thugs of the "Al-Qaeda" had to "light up" in Syria Special Forces soldiers of Turkey and Qatar. Do not forget that the very severe flow through Turkey to Syria comes instrument for the same opposition. And this is where the most weird way no insurance and scandals border does not appear.

And if there is no scandal in this case, the Russian Federation has long time to construct these scandals also void sumnyashesya as it did Mrs. Clinton "all-seeing eye." It has long been time to say openly that even terrorists, "al-Qaeda" on the countryside Syria enjoy some modicum of support to a number of Western countries. In this case, the West profitably call these subjects fighters for human rights. Well, if you really "Al-Qaeda" and human rights in any of the cases are in the U.S. and other countries identically equal things, then democracy in the world, and the truth is, there was a severe crisis.

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