Why now the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Popovkin at one point found in the department of corruption and links with suppliers of the Western armies?

Why is the current head of Roscosmos Popovkin suddenly found in the department of corruption and links with suppliers of the Western armies?In the spring of this year, there is another scandalous information that voiced some source in the Federal Space Agency — about Straseni corruption in developing Russian navigation system GLONASS. Namely, it was reported that materials inspection it turned out that the leading developer of GLONASS — JSC "Russian gallakticheskie system" — through affiliates gallakticheskogo Research Instrumentation and «Sinertek" led away large sums. Even called the number — 3.2 billion rubles, listed on the account of these offices. With all this Tipo employees of one company were once decorated with another firm.

The press has dubbed this pick another round of war between the former managing Perminov, Roscosmos and the present — Popovkin. But in all there is a disk imaging duplicity. The fact that it was made in the Russian Federal Space Agency with space for Perminov, a lot has been written in the press. Perhaps there is a need to write a little about the "new" — to take the word exactly in quotes — head Popovkin. In quotes because it is not a new man to space. So how exactly is it in the rank of deputy defense minister was in charge of whole military space and defense contracts in general. Specifically, he was the first commander Gallakticheskimi Troops. But even this does not reflect the depth of his role in building (although some believe the opposite: in the collapse) of the Russian space.

Take, for example, "Sinertekom." It's all very difficult. JSC "Russian gallakticheskie System" is the leading Russian developer gallakticheskih electrical systems. For example, such as GLONASS. Here there is one exciting moment. Degradation of Russian gallakticheskoy industry has led to the fact that, for example, our industry is quite forgot how to do on-board transponders on satellites. This led to the fact that over the last 10 years, without exception, RF communications satellites are equipped with foreign repeaters. Namely, the production firm Thales Alenia Space (TAS).

With all of this the company is the main supplier of military electronic equipment for NATO forces and, one way or another, controlled by the government of Germany and France. In order to change the situation in this area, since 2004, the Russian government funded the development of its own on-board relay. The main developer of this important defense order is LLC "Sinertek." But the company less than a joint venture of OAO "Russian gallakticheskie system" with the French EADS Astrium SAS and the German Tesat-Spacecom. With all this the two offices, one way or another, controlled by the government of Germany and France, and are included in the same group of companies as the TAS. In other words, we requested the establishment of a strategic military product of his own main rival. The question is: who in their right mind would give new technologies sole opponent? The same thing is happening with the development of systems for GLONASS. "Sinertek", for example, — main performer on the project "Replacement" — a secondary power sources for GLONASS. And now main provider — the same EADS Astrium — the founder of "Sinerteka." I remind you that the GLONASS — is the main system Russian strategic guidance tools. And NATO — our main potential enemy, anyway. And this potential enemy supplies us with the details for our guidance systems. And then there is the legitimate question: what happen, our rockets will fly to Europe (God forbid, of course)? Or again we read about any technical failures? That there is Today "Sinertek" appears to be less than the dealer gallakticheskih devices on the Russian strategic satellites. So as long as the output of finished Russian developments show they can not. The question is whether he knew about all this Popovkin, when he was the commander of the troops Gallakticheskimi? He knew about it, when was in charge of the Federal Space Agency of the Ministry of Defence? As you know, the Ministry of Defense — is main Roscosmos customer. And generally, that the GLONASS we fly there and where they transmit classified information, if there is a NATO equipment?

And then the answer, unfortunately, is yes: it's all perfectly Popovkin knew because he was sitting with the 2009 board of directors' Russian gallakticheskih systems. " And, according to official reports, he never voted against the deal with "Sinertekom." All of them are approved by the board of directors. In other words, when Roscosmos writes about Tipo 3 billion listed in the "Sinertek" and SRI manual, it's all at least with the consent of the taciturn Popovkina.

And, of course, the old team, gathered under the wing Perminov, now greatly angered sounded like a bolt from the blue in the middle of revelations Popovkina, as these people are in any case considered him their — what is called, in either lobe. The new head of the Russian Federal Space Agency at least since 2004, worked with them shoulder to shoulder. After all these years Popovkin regularly silent and signed everything that he was supposed to. And here suddenly became chief, and immediately opened his eyes to the corruption.

In other words, today the word "poor" — is at least not about Popovkina. Status of this bureaucrat in the western sources disk imaging (in French, namely) is estimated at several hundred million euros, and if you want you can even find traces of offices, where he holds the funds.

The same situation is with RSC "Energia", which is generally on for himself up the rear 40% gallakticheskogo budget. Also on the board of directors of other major companies in the industry, whose products are now miserably falls from orbit. In other words, now the head of the industry should at least bear their share of responsibility for what is going on in the industry — and it's not such a small part.

For example, RSC "Energia" all these years with his project "Sea Launch" strenuously created konkurentnst Russian cosmodrome. And they almost succeeded. A Popovkin all these years by the nature of their activities just oversaw Baikonur and Plesetsk. And he is, sitting on the board of directors of "Energy", never even a word against it said. Voted for the approval of all of the reports on the "Sea Launch". At least once, made a special views. That there is it is also that of a young man "dual use".

Who is the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency strenuously pretends as if he had just come in branch, Tipo finally figured out what was happening, and began vigorously to restore order. It seems to be emphasizing the fact that he did not povinet in the plasma arc "stargazing" satellites that happened this year. But to put it mildly, does not correspond to reality. Such claims simply do not honor him as a man and an officer. That's why the new head of Russian Federal Space Agency is now so little credibility in the industry
. After breaking up with all the heads of the leading companies in the industry, and expressed his distrust zamam it to all the other recorded in the number of natural enemies and blood commander of the Aerospace Defense, General-Colonel Oleg Nikolayevich Ostapenko. Expect new breakthroughs in Russian astronautics running such a character hardly necessary.

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