Why Our homeland is so fond of Arab despots (Strategypage.com USA)

Why Russia is so fond of Arab tyrants (Strategypage.com USA)

Our homeland has used its veto power in the UN Security Council to prevent military aid to the UN Syrian opposition. This predutverzhdaet receiving assistance provided Libyan rebels. Our homeland has lost a lot of money to overthrow the Libyan dictatorship. Have not been paid billions in contracts for the already supplied weapons were also lost future implementation. In the decades, Libya was one of the great instruments of Russian customers. The new Libyan government more will not take the Russian weapons and will not repay the unpaid bills for the last delivery.

Our homeland Syria does not want to lose the same way. Russian veto gives to understand that dictatorship can openly kill their own people and support the tyrannical rule, despite the condemnation of such violations majority of UN member states. If the despot has the support of one of the few countries in the United Nations with a veto in the Security Council, the bloody repression can be carried out without the terror of armed intervention. Most of the world does not like the fact that our homeland is a nuclear power, and that she wants to use the veto power in their own interests.

In the case of Syria and Libya, the enthusiasm of the Russian Federation was the export of arms, which was almost $ 12 billion last year and $ 10 billion a year ago. During these years, almost 10 percent of arms exports were oriented to Syria. In 2009, sales were $ 8.5 billion, which was approximately two percent more, than in 2008 ($ 8.35 billion). But the record sales of 2011 can not be beaten recently. This is because the current political turmoil in the Arab world could lead to massive cancellations of orders, namely, because of the readiness of Russian bribes for contracts and assistance in matters of safety and dictators in power. Libya and Syria were buyers of Russian classical instruments. For instance, Our homeland As before supplying weapons on an old orders to Syria by $ 4 billion and leading talks with her about the additional sales of $ 2 billion

Increase in export sales is a very important task for the government of Russia. At the enterprises of the defense industry employs about 3 million people, representing approximately 20 percent of all jobs in the Russian industry. By the end of the war in tepid defense industry in 1991 was three times higher than at present. And the large size of the defense industry has played a significant role in the bankruptcy of Russian Union. The Soviet Union was never entirely sure (cost accounting was not beloved communist occupation), what fraction of GDP devoted to military spending, but it is believed that it was more than 20 percent. This is more than four times more in comparison with Western countries.

In the 1990s, Russian defense companies quickly realized that export sales are what can save them. And it worked. By 2007, the Our homeland exported tool $ 8 billion in year. Two years earlier there were hopes that the implementation may reach $ 10 billion in 2008 to the year. Russian arms exports grew rapidly during a certain time. In the 2005's Russian portfolio of export orders weapon was 6 billion dollars. In 2004, the year of Our homeland sold the gun for $ 5.6 billion to $ 6 billion in the year of 2005 and $ 7 billion in the year 2006, despite the fact that in 2003 and it was they amounted to only $ 4.3 billion The reason for such a huge growth is the rapidly developing economies of 2-Huge Russian clients: India and China. Also, a significant increase in the price of oil increment international arms market with $ 29 billion in 2003 and it was up to more than $ 60 billion in the current time. Oil-rich countries, especially in the Gulf region, seeking to acquire more weapons to protect their assets.

Tasks with 2 naikrupneyshimi customers, China and India have begun to today's Arab revolutions. Over the last decade, about a third of Russian weapons exports went to China. But now the volume of exports to China decreased significantly, while Russian manufacturers are trying to fight the Chinese with the stolen technology. In the near future the Chinese behave quite cheeky, copying Russian military hardware, and then producing their own versions without paying anything for these technologies. Moreover, the Chinese are now offering these copies for export. Our homeland is trying to work out a licensing agreement with China, but progress is limited success. The Chinese claim that their generals are unhappy with how our home sells Chinese technology possible opponents such as India. Our homeland with this statement does not agree, saying that they are selling tool India is already in decades. Our homeland is afraid that the Chinese have just decided that they no longer need to buy Russian technology or equipment, and may already have stolen everything that they needed.

India is also unhappy with Russian negligence in dealing with bolshennymi projects such as the reconstruction era aircraft carrier cool war. This project was a monetary disaster for India. What is even worse, India currently buys more Western (Israeli, Euro and South American) weapons, noting the differences in the properties of technical and maintenance. The Arabs have always been more patient, at least, more than China and India. But if our home will not be able to change really quickly many of their habits of old, its thriving military exports just melted.

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