Why Our homeland until now uses photographic film in its own reconnaissance satellites

Why Russia is still using photographic film in its intelligence satellites

May 17, 2012-the year Our homeland has launched its own eighth reconnaissance M. satellite Cobalt first such satellite was launched eight years ago. 2nd Cobalt M very dramatic fashion was launched in May of 2006. This launch was ever fit, because the only valid Russian spy satellite ceased to exist a month earlier. By the end of 2006, the Russian Federation could run electric reconnaissance satellite, a marine reconnaissance satellite. Our homeland has dozens of on-orbit military satellites, but they are all designed to provide communications and other functions, but not the photo and electrical prospecting. Our homeland As before many uses of satellites developed by Russian (cool war era) technology. This situation changed with the creation of the latest generation of satellites, built by Western standards. But a huge number of old times technology is in operation for the foreseeable future.

Cobalt M satellites weighing 6.7 tons and contains three re-entry device for the return of the film. Yes, after a quarter century after the United States does not have use This way, on some of their own intelligence satellites Our homeland continues use film, not digital photos. The United States last used kitted photographic film Keyhole spy satellite 9 (or KH 9) in the 1984th year. Gallakticheskie-series KH (from KH 1 and KH 9) dumped Exposed photographic film with the highest resolution in special capsules.

Why Russia is still using photographic film in its intelligence satellites

Our homeland has launched its own first reconnaissance satellite with digital photographic equipment in the 1997th year. He was named Akron and was not very successful. More reliable companion Persona (with a highest resolution) was launched four years back. It came 22 years after the start of the first South American reconnaissance satellite with digital photographic KN-11. U.S. like before use satellites of KH-11 (significantly upgraded compared with the original), who own more the highest resolution and reliability than Persona.

Keyhole spy satellite 9 (Keyhole), the first of a series which was launched into orbit in 1971, the year was not merely the latest South American film project spy satellites, and the largest and most capable. Its basic layout was used in the following satellites with digital cameras. KH 9 could cover a huge area with the highest at the time resolution of 0.6 meters. That was more than enough to find and count the number of tanks, aircraft and even small ships. The nineteenth and last KH 9 was launched in the 1984th year. KH-9 represents 13th ton satellite with multiple cameras and 4 or five descent vehicles for the return of the film from orbit for its upcoming developer and analysis. KH-9 satellites were nicknamed "Big Bird." First spy satellite KH 1 with a film camera was launched on 19 th August 1959 year (note "doctor" — its resolution is 7.5 meters). So Makar, for 25 years, and satellites, equipment film cameras, produced shadowing aggressive civilizations.

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