Why Russian hate the Poles?

The answer to the title question — I know he will smile from our professional "Endek mountain" — every child knows, who knows how to count to three: because in the XX century, when the mutation Soviet Russia conquered the world, Poland twice threw her on her knees, won one time military, ideological and other times, leading eventually to the collapse of the USSR and the beginning of the end of the Mongol bastard disguised European.

We can write about the friendship with the Russian people, the Russian people can share the hostile elite and good common people that love us, but this nonsense perceived concerned with a laugh. Russian will never forgive us for 1920 and 1980-1981. Near Warsaw, the Polish Army, filled with patriotism and joy at the return of Independence, smashed to smithereens wild horde, armed with a universal idea of socialism.

This is a surprise and a humiliation Russian revolutionaries can be seen in the booklet Tukhachevsky (published in the tenth volume of the complete works of J. Pilsudski — along with controversy Head of State), analyzing errors that made the Red Army near Warsaw in 1920. Do this humiliation which forced Poland to experience Russia in 1920, the Russian will not forgive us.

I suspect that the murder of Stalin's Polish communists in 1937, Poland was revenge, because by killing A. Varskogo, Faith Kostshevu and their friends, Stalin was killing the spirit of "Poland" that old revolutionaries could not forget. Putin knows that about the year 1920? He knows that Russia was defeated by Poland. What a miracle, by what right?

The second Polish victory was even more spectacular, that Polish workers during a peaceful revolution smash to smithereens apparatus of the communist state, which for decades was killing, torturing, spying on Polish society and the purpose of which was to lead to absolute moral disintegration. In August 1980, the Polish workers were killed ideological principles of communism. This is the victory that humiliated the Russian elite and their even more than in 1920. How so — the spirit is stronger matter? How is it that thousands of our tanks and missiles on what does not suit, it's just a bunch of rusty scrap metal?

Putin, his political philosophy, powered by the humiliation to which the Soviet Union and Russia plunged the "Solidarity". This is the "Solidarity" and Poland — the main enemies of today's Russia. Russian know that they can beat Poland only in alliance with Hitler that if — by some miracle — in the 1939 war between Russia and Poland, it would have ended the same way as in 1920. Total defeat of the Soviet Union. The Finns have proven it in a year. Russia — a symbol of military incompetence.

Russia has always been a symbol of civilization mediocrity. This is the best knowledge of the Poles and Finns. Who even knows the history of Russia is minimal, so the idea that it was her military unit organized a terrorist attack 10 April 2010, — pure nonsense. Such logistical operation is too complex to be able to hold her forever drunk or hungover Russian spies. Russian can arrange the shooting of 20,000 Polish officers, but they are not able to — and have never been able to — to complex logistical operation, which is — according to A. Macierewicz — a terrorist attack against the plane carrying half of the Polish political elite.


Piotr Pietak

Dlaczego Rosjanie nienawidza Polaków?


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